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Teaching sports and movement games at the 1st stage of primary school
Lienertová, Jitka ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The use of movement games and sports games in teaching of physical education at the 1st level of primary schools as a means of educating children from the perspective of general theory and practice from a sample of teachers. History of movement and sports games. Inclusion of movement and sports games in the framework of educational program for elementary education of pupils at the 1st stage of primary school. Characteristics of younger school age and decisive factors for the correct mental, physical, dynamic and social development of pupils. Movement games and their characteristics. Influence and importance of movement games. Division of movement games. The right choice of movement game from the point of view of individual and physical preconditions of younger school age pupils. Application of movement games within physical education classes. Sports games and their characteristics. Influence, significance and history of sports games. Division of sports games. The right choice of sports game from the point of view of individual and physical preconditions of younger school age pupils. Application of sports games in physical education classes. Teaching movement and sports games. Didactic principles, methods and styles in teaching movement and sports games. Proper game management. Division of pupils...
Sport Practicen of Goalkeeper on different Skill Levels
Macák, Jiří ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on training methods of football goalkeeper at various performance levels. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate variations in goalkeeper training across different performance levels. The theoretical section covers composition of trainings, their frequency, goalkeeper's strain and their further preparation. Select few key questions are formulated and then answered in the theoretical section. For research section of this thesis, electronic survey method will be chosen. Survey target group is football goalkeepers from various performance levels including 1. and 2. league as well as lower championships. Hypotheses are formulated, which will be then evaluated using graphs based on the survey. KEYWORDS Goalkeeper, football, training, specialized coach, motor skills
Use of tactical variants of defensive game systems of floorball teams in the highest competitions of the Czech Republic and Finland
Růžek, Adam ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee)
This thesis compares the use of different tactical variants in the defence game of Floorball teams of both Czech and Finnish elite competitions. The aim of the thesis is to map and compare the use of defensive game systems. The theoretical part is devoted to comparing the history and the present of Floorball in the Czech Republic and Finland. In this part, the thesis also deals with sports training, game performance, and tactical training and describes the individual Floorball game systems and the sport itself. In the practical part, observations are used to evaluate, which defensive game systems are most often chosen by the selected teams. The use of game systems was investigated using the method of indirect structured observation and quantitative research. The output is of the thesis are annotated results of the individual matches. KEYWORDS: floorball, defensive game systems, Finland, Czech Republic, Superliga, F-Liiga
Sports massage as one of the posssible therapy methods used in the various sports sectors
Stránská, Veronika ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with using of sports massage as part of regeneration after, before and during sports workout. The sports massage is divided generally into a pre - sports workout, (for the reason of a group's muscles warming up used specifically for the special sports sector (injury prevention), immediately after sports load ( due to an accumulated lactic acid and other waste chemicals wash out) and within 24 - hours duration in the frame of body regeneration. The aim of the thesis is to compare and map the usage of sports massage in various sports sectors. The icey hockey, football, handball, cheerleading, athletics and floorball are determined as sports sectors for regeneration sports club level comparison. The research is based by an author on 5 - predefined hypothesis, which, used by the methods of questionnare research (data are processed by members of icey hockey, football, handball, cheerleading, athletics and floorball clubs) and via testing on the determined and comparable sample in the frame of sport gymnastics, the author verifies in the wrapping up. The research methods used are comparisons and data analysis based on a questionnaire and interview survey. The author was motivated by the need to analyze the real level of regenerative background of top sports in selected sports...
Possibilities of sports activities of younger schoolchildren in Strakonice
Kastnerová, Markéta ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with opportunities of sport activities which primary school children have in the city Strakonice on primary schools, in Youth centre and out of these institutions. The theoretic part of the work shows us the knowledge which is related to the children in primary schools and theirs development and sport. The purpose is to establish the current offer of the sport activities and the offer in the process of ten years. The evaluation is performed on the basis of study of school educational programs, annual reports of schools and collected data are supplemented in the form of an interview with the school management. The tool for evaluating the results are graphs and the results show us how the offer has changed over the years and what sport activities are offered to the primary school children the most. The results also show us the differences that are across these institutions. KEYWORDS sport, sports activity, sports offer, primary school child, Strakonice

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