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Investigation of quantum reaction dynamics using semiclassical method.
Táborský, Jiří ; Čížek, Martin (advisor)
In the presented thesis we study quantum reaction dynamics of H2O- using semiclassical method. Using ab initio quantum potential evaluated on a fine grid we derive analytical formula for potential energy surface, which is used for solving classical equations of motion. A reaction path is analyzed using contour plots with a focus on a saddle point area. Reaction dynamics analysis is focused on properties of interaction probability and cross section depending on impact parameter, collision energy and initial vibrational state of interacting molecule. Final results are compared with experimental data.
Iterative calculation of vibrational dynamics in electron scattering from molecule
Šarmanová, Martina ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Tůma, Miroslav (referee)
The main focus of present thesis is the numerical solution of systems of linear algebraic equations arising from the physical model of a collision of an electron with a molecule. The first third of the thesis introduces the basic concepts used in the treatment of molecular vibrations. The description of the Jahn-Teller model of the vibronic dynamics of the in- termediate molecular anion in the form of the system of stationary Schrödinger equations is also included. Then, we show how this system of integro-differential equations can be transformed into a system of linear algebraic equations represented by a symmetric matix. In the second chapter, nine numerical methods (both direct and iterative), which have been chosen considering the character of the present problem, are discussed in detail. The explanation of the main idea of preconditioning of the problem concludes the theoretical part of the thesis. The last third of the thesis is dedicated to the numerical experiments. The main aim of the epxeriments was to compare the abovementioned methods with the emphasis on the usability within the scope of electron-molecule collision simulations. 1
The Role of France and the USA in Battling Instability in Mali and Niger in the Years 2005-2014
Bakurevich, Aliaksei ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
The Sahel is one of the most unstable and underdeveloped region of the world. In Niger and Mali situation worsened after the year 2011 because of of the political vacuum, emerged after the overthrow of Gaddafi. Among basic problems of Mali and Niger, causing instability, can be named poverty, security troubles (uncontrolled extensive borders, terrorism), ethnic conflicts and misgovernance. This paper is concentrated on the US and French activities in solving those problems. The aim of the paper is thus defining of the basic problems causing instability of Niger and Mali, and analyse military and development aid aimed at solving those problems by the USA and France in years 2005-2014.
Calculations of photoelectron spectra of small water clusters using the independent molecule model
Šklíba, Pavel ; Mašín, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Čížek, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate theoretically photoelectron spectra of small water molecular clusters. This work is motivated by the recent experimental results of Hartweg et al [Phys. Rev. Letters 118, 103402, 2017] which showed that with an increasing number of constituent molecules in the water cluster the asymmetry parameter characterizing the photoelectron angular distribution converges to a universal shape. At the moment there are no theoretical calculations to support this finding. Therefore, we have developed a very simple model of photoionization of molecular clusters based on the use of photoionization data for a single molecule. We have found that the results of our model are sensitive to the different conformations of the clusters. Some of our results for the photoelectron angular distribution exhibit trends observed in the experiment. Nevertheless, the validity of our model will have to be studied in the future with the help of accurate calculations before the results can be conclusively interpreted.
SMV-2020-27: Interferometric system for coordinate measurement
Lazar, Josef ; Hrabina, Jan ; Holá, Miroslava ; Číp, Ondřej ; Čížek, Martin
The interferometric system for high-resolution wafer positioning is a result of applied research exploiting long-term research results in optical dimensional metrology at the Department of Coherence Optics which is in a prototype form designed for electron-beam lithography systems of a company Raith Nanofabrication, GmbH, Germany. Several prototypes have been tested on e-beam writers and will enter production.
SMV-2020-55: ADJ3 standard
Hrabina, Jan ; Jelínek, Michal ; Čížek, Martin ; Číp, Ondřej
The contractual research was oriented towards works on ADJ3-CESNET laser standard:\n- analysis and measurement of actual parameters of the system \n- reduction of electric noise (control system) \n- optical polarization stabilization (beat-note measurements) \n- upgrading of control SW \n- PID control optimalization, verification tests of the system
SMV-2020-56: Electronic modules
Hrabina, Jan ; Jelínek, Michal ; Čížek, Martin ; Číp, Ondřej
The contractual research was oriented towards development of custom electronics needed for the system of dissemination of precise time and frequency signals over optical fiber networks.
Transfigurations of the image of the Czechoslovak Parachutists in Memory and Popular Culture 1945-1989
Špitálník, Zdeněk ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Čížek, Martin (referee)
Práce se věnuje problematice obrazu československých parašutistů ze Západu v poválečném Československu. Časový rámec zkoumaného období je ohraničen roky 1945 až 1989. Úvodní část je tvořena přehledem vydané literatury a pokusem o základní periodizaci vymezeného období. Následuje přehled hraných filmů, které se parašutistů týkají a jejich rozdělení do kategorií, dle prostoru, který je jim věnován. Další část se zabývá muzejním expozicím, které se parašutistům věnovaly. Své místo mělo připomínání parašutistů ze Západu i v československé armádě. Poslední část se věnuje vizuálním připomínkám parašutistů ve veřejném prostoru. Již v prvních poválečných měsících se začaly odhalovat na řadě míst republiky pamětní desky, připomínající narození, či smrt některých padlých parašutistů. Nejvýznamnějším místem pro setkávání parašutistů v den smrti jejich kamarádů byl kostel sv. Cyrila a Metoděje, vždy s účastí veřejnosti a často i vládnoucího aparátu. Cílem práce je vysledovat na výše zmíněných oblastech proměny obrazu parašutistů ze Západu a jejich zasazení či vytěsnění z kolektivní paměti.
Mobilization of the Austro-Hungarian Army during the Great War in the Czech Lands
Jordán, Roman ; Čížek, Martin (advisor) ; Velek, Luboš (referee)
During the entire Great War, Austria-Hungary mobilized more than one and a half million men in the Czech lands. Out of service in the Austro-Hungarian army, a third never returned home. Czechs and Germans - the greatest nations represented in the Czech lands of the time - fought and suffered side by side on the Great War fronts. Yet only part of them were honoured at the end of the war. The newly created Czechoslovakia built its existence on a new, legitimate image of the Great War, as a struggle for the freedom and independence of the Czechs, represented by Czechoslovak legionaries. In addition, the grief of the bleeding of an entire generation of men was obscured by the joy of the disintegration of Austria-Hungary and the newly formed Czechoslovak state. The fate and suffering of most Czechs and Germans serving in the Austro-Hungarian army, in the army of their homeland, have been downplayed by the depiction of these soldiers as "Švejkové" or deserters. That is why this work deals exclusively with the experiences of soldiers from Czech lands in the Austro-Hungarian army, by the introduction of their war life, mobilization. The introductory theoretical part introduces the Austro-Hungarian army, including the entire mobilization mechanism, and outlines the development of the Austro-Hungarian...

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