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Ethics of Political Influence on World Sport
Mach, Matěj ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
The thesis deals with the political influence of modern sport and its ethical aspects. The author of the thesis aims to criticize actions in world sport with the help of basic ethical ideas about correct decision-making. He follows the controversial question of whether politics belong to sport and whether it is possible to separate these industries. In the first part, he presents the basics of ethics and its goals, which are supposed to help determine the correctness of actions in the world of sports. Following on from ethics, he then points out the connection between ethics and sport, where he proves the correctness of practicing sport with the help of professional literature. In the second part, he describes the process of emergence of sport as such, as well as the manifestation of the influence of world sports events by politics on specific cases and their impact on sport overall and society. At the end, the author answers the ethical questions that arise from the issue of the topic. It is based on the collection of information from professional literature and publicly available periodicals, where he gets to the result that the separation of politics and sport is not possible.
Preparation of applicants for admission procedures in physical education for the field of physical education and sport at the Faculty of Pedagogy of Charles University
Sedláčková, Lenka ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the preparation of the students of the Faculty of Education of Charles University for the talent exams in physical education. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the students of Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University are prepared for the talent exams in physical education, whether they are prepared at all, for how long, or under what guidance and in what sports. In the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the introduction of the Framework Educational Programmes for Physical Education in different secondary schools and a comparison of their differences. Furthermore, it focuses on the description and characteristics of the physical education talent test at universities, including the different disciplines and sports that are included in the talent test. The theoretical section also concludes with an analysis of the role of physical abilities and skills as key determinants of sport performance and their impact on success in the talent test. In the practical part, a questionnaire survey among the students of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in the field of physical education and sport in the first to fifth year is used to investigate whether the students are prepared for the talent exams, in what form and which sports they focused...
Comparison of the table tennis serves of top ten men and women according to ITTF ranking.
Onderka, František ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
1 ABSTRACT This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the effectiveness of different lengths of serve in table tennis and their effect on scoring points, depending on whether the opponent receives the serve with a forehand or a backhand. The methodology of the thesis was based on the observation and analysis of videos available on the WTT and YouTube websites, where the serves of the top ten men and women from the current ITTF world rankings were watched. Recordings from 82 matches and 300 sets were analysed to identify factors of successful serve. The results of the research showed that the success rate of a serve depends on its length and the type of reception of the opponent. For men, the highest success rate was recorded for half long serves received with the forehand, while for women, half long serves received with the backhand were the most successful. The research also showed consistencies between the genders, for example, the success rate of long serve with forehand reception was low for both men and women. This work provides valuable information for coaches and table tennis players seeking to optimise their serve and improve their game strategy. The results of this work offer practical recommendations for both professional players and the general public interested in this interesting and...
Comparison of the level of balance-oriented coordination skills in fifth, seventh and ninth graders
Kučera, Jakub ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the level of coordination abilities of pupils in the 5th, 7th and 9th grades of elementary school, i.e. in developmentally very diverse periods. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of coordination abilities and their division, further compares the period of prepubescence and puberty and presents test batteries that check coordination. The research was carried out using the Iowa-Brace test, which was used to verify the level of general coordination abilities of pupils. The methodological part describes the course of the testing (including a description of the preparation) that took place in two elementary schools in Prague in a total of nine classes. The measured data confirmed a statistically significant increase in coordination skills between 5th and 7th grade students, while between 7th and 9th grade their increase was less than 5%. These findings are in agreement with the theory of Prof. Karel M kota, CSc. (M kota and Novosad, 2005). Furthermore, girls showed better coordination skills than boys in all grades. Pupils engaged in individual sports also achieved higher results compared to pupils engaged in team sports. KEYWORDS Coordination, Iowa - Brace test, balance training, development, older school age
Volleyball in physical education classes at primary school
Králová, Hana ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
At the beginning of my research, I will conduct a survey based on which I will find out how 9th grade girls master the game of volleyball, whether they have played it before or not, or how often they have played it, and how they are doing with individual volleyball skills. The initial investigation includes a questionnaire for female students in two selected classes and their volleyball skills testing. Based on the information found, I will prepare the lessons. I will have prepared one method of teaching volleyball for female students of one class - teaching individual game activities. I will teach them all volleyball skills, train with them and practice everything. E.g. two-handed uppercut (fingers), two-handed lowercut (digger), serve and attack stroke. And for the second class, I will prepare a different method of teaching volleyball - teaching free play. I will play mini volleyball with them. From the easiest yellow mini volleyball to the hardest blue mini volleyball. In yellow mini volleyball, only team players throw the ball to each other. In orange mini-volleyball, you catch the ball and then pass it to your teammates by hitting it with both hands with the top (fingers) after your own pitch. In the red mini- volleyball, it is possible to perform an intermediate rebound with both hands with...
Ball games for overweight elementary school-aged children
Saglová, Tereza ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on ball games for overweight children. Its aim is to propose a set of enjoyable exercise units used by physical education teachers, coaches and parents. The work was conducted in collaboration with the national program BF24, which aims to prevent obesity in children. The theoretical part addresses the diagnosis of obesity and overweight, describing measurement methods and recommended physical activities for overweight children in the early school years. It also emphasizes the importance of play and the inclusion of balls in sports activities. Based on the theoretical foundation, the practical part selects suitable ball games for overweight children in the early school years. I have developed 15 exercise units, which are categorized by focus into 4 categories - ball handling, throwing, and catching, hitting the target and coordination skills with the ball. They all have one common goal and that is the motivation for regular sports activity for overweight children. Ball games are divided into individual parts - introductory, main, and final. The entire exercise unit is spread over 45 minutes. Each exercise unit includes objectives, recommended age range and number of children, location, and necessary equipment for implementation. The preparations were designed to be...
The use of plyometric exercises for badminton players
Palán, Václav ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players. The theoretical part consists of two main parts. The first part is dedicated to the general characteristics of badminton, from its history to all the sport components represented. The second part characterizes plyometrics from historical, physiological and methodological perspectives. The objectives of the thesis include an analysis of the literature on plyometrics, a search for relevant studies on the use of plyometric exercises for badminton players and their summaries, a search for adequate plyometric exercises with a plyometric box on social media, and finally the compilation of a set of plyometric exercises with a box and on court. We achieved these objectives by researching the literature on badminton and plyometrics, entering keywords into an internet search to find expert studies, creating tables and graphs to provide an achieved sporting results, and were inspired to create a set of plyometric box exercises by the available literature and public posts on social media. Exercises with the box and on the court are also accompanied by photographs. The result of the work brings the claim that plyometric training has a positive effect on the dynamic strength of the lower limbs of badminton players and on...
University hockey in the Czech Republic from the point of its participants
Šimková, Anna Marie ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
In my work I try to map university hockey in the Czech Republic through the personal experiences of its players. I describe the organisation and function of university hockey competitions played or played by Czech clubs, as well as the organisation of ice hockey at the Academic Championships and Universiade. In order to gain insights, I mainly used interviews with personalities from the ranks of players, coaches or management in the field of university hockey. This is because I wanted to capture their opinions and experiences on the issue in order to shed light on it in the most authentic way possible. KEYWORDS Ice Hockey, University League, Academic Championships, Universiade

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