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Analysis of foot arch structure in female sports and fitness aerobics competitors at different competition levels
Stará, Nicol ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Jandová, Soňa (referee)
This thesis focuses on the foot arch condition in female sports and fitness aerobics competitors at different competition levels. Our aim is to analyze the condition of the longitudinal plantar arch based on plantographic measurements in a group of female athletes differing in performance and competition category. The work consists of two parts. The theoretical part deals with the description of sports and fitness aerobics by its definition and rules, then it describes the anatomy of the leg, the deformities of the plantar arch and last but not least the methods of plantogram evaluation. The practical part of the thesis deals with the analysis of the foot arch structure in selected female athletes at different performance levels. Specifically, in female athletes of the first performance class, where the number of probands measured totalled 44, and in female athletes of the second performance class, where 46 probands were measured. Subsequently, the total population (N=90) was compared to the general sporting population. The practical part of the study included additional questions for the athletes in the form of a questionnaire regarding the duration of participation in sports aerobics and fitness, performance class, frequency of training blocks, special exercises for the foot arch and the use of...
Preparation of applicants for admission procedures in physical education for the field of physical education and sport at the Faculty of Pedagogy of Charles University
Sedláčková, Lenka ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the preparation of the students of the Faculty of Education of Charles University for the talent exams in physical education. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the students of Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University are prepared for the talent exams in physical education, whether they are prepared at all, for how long, or under what guidance and in what sports. In the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the introduction of the Framework Educational Programmes for Physical Education in different secondary schools and a comparison of their differences. Furthermore, it focuses on the description and characteristics of the physical education talent test at universities, including the different disciplines and sports that are included in the talent test. The theoretical section also concludes with an analysis of the role of physical abilities and skills as key determinants of sport performance and their impact on success in the talent test. In the practical part, a questionnaire survey among the students of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in the field of physical education and sport in the first to fifth year is used to investigate whether the students are prepared for the talent exams, in what form and which sports they focused...
Assessing the Synergistic Effects of the Selected Consolidated Entity
Hájková, Jana ; Kubovic, Pavel (referee) ; Rajchlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This diploma thesis is aimed at assessing the existence of synergistic effects of the selected consolidated entities in the Czech Republic. Using specific financial metrics, the objective of this thesis is to identify the synergistic effects which occur among five consolidated entities operating in the area of property. Measurement and evaluation are performed pursuant to analysis of financial statements as well as qualitative data and are supposed to lead to assessing the existence of synergy in given sphere of national economy.
Comparison of IFRS and Czech Accounting Legislation in Fixed Assets and Provisions
Hájková, Jana ; Basovníková,, Marcela (referee) ; Beranová, Michaela (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is aimed at accounting procedures comparison of International Financial Reporting Standards and Czech accounting legislation. The objective of this thesis is to identify important differences in field of fixed assets and provisions accounting and to assess how the application of IFRS influences the productivity image of particular corporation. In terms of practical part of this thesis it is assessed whether the convergence of Czech accounting legislation to IFRS would be beneficial.
Comparison of movement abilities of gymnasts and teamgym competitors
Selix Hlaváčková, Eliška ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Panská, Šárka (referee)
TITLE: Comparison of motor abilities of artistic gymnasts and TeamGym competitors AUTHOR: Eliška Selix Hlaváčková DEPARTMENT: Department of physical education SUPERVISOR: PaedDr. Jana Hájková ABSTRACT The aim of the thesis is to compare the motor abilities of gymnasts and TeamGym competitors. Artistic gymnastics, TeamGym and their brief historical development are introduced in the first part of the thesis. Furthermore, motor abilities are described here as well, which are gradually developed in both sports. Girls aged 12 and 13 took part in the testing. For my research, I have chosen gymnasts from Sports Club Hradčany, Jojo Gym and Sokol Vyšehrad. A total of 20 girls participated in the research. In the thesis I used UNIFITTEST battery (6-60) along with a comprehensive motor test - Jacík's test. Furthermore, the research was supplemented by a controlled interview with gymnastics coaches and TeamGym. The participants of the research filled out a questionnaire. Based on interviews and questionnaires, information was added that could have an impact on the results of the survey (number of training hours per week, other sports activities, etc.). The research part shows that gymnasts achieved better results on average in four out of five tests of motor abilities than TeamGym competitors. The biggest difference...
Case report of a patient with hip dysplasia
Buršová, Denisa ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hájková, Jana (referee)
V ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE: The bachelor thesis deals with the problem of congenital hip dysplasia. It is a case study of a patient with this disease. The main aim of the thesis is to describe and describe the congenital developmental disorder of the hip joint and to record the development of the disease from birth to the current state through case studies of individual patients and then to compare them with each other. In addition, to gain insights from a healthcare professional that could be of benefit to both patients with this type of condition and parents of patients. The bachelor thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part is devoted to a detailed description of the disease. The description includes definition, division, occurrence, manifestations of the disease and methods of treatment. The practical part deals with the analysis of the disease in a particular individual. The research was conducted primarily through the medical reports of two patients. The patients were further compared with each other. Based on the information from the theoretical part and the medical reports, I then compiled interview questions for the physiotherapist. From the interview I tried to find out mainly information from a practical point of view, which is not given in professional publications but is central to...
Threats and opportunities in motivating senior workers in education with experience in further education.
Hájková, Jana ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the motivation of managers in the field of further education. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out how kindergarten principals with practice perceive their own motivation to continue their education, or to identify a certain key critical period during their career as a kindergarten principal. Attention is paid to the characteristics of managers, their motivation, personal development and further education. Issues related to the burnout syndrome, possible factors causining the resigns of a manager, fundamental obstacles in motivation and critical moments of managers in their careers are also elaborated. The thesis includes qualitative research based on personal interviews with educational leaders, which took the form of semi-structured interviews. Qualitative research was chosen on the basis that appropriate methods could be used to achieve the stated aim of the thesis. A research sample was selected and specified for the qualitative research work. The research sample for this thesis was selected as the headmistresses of kindergartens who have long experience in the position, six years or more. The interviews obtained were then analyzed using the coding method. The coding was divided and identified into five main categories to correspond as closely as possible...

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