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Effect of lower limb length-bike rime size relationship on psychophysilogocal response of the organism
Sukovič, Richard ; Brtník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
VLIV VZTAHU DÉLKY DOLNÍ KONČETINY A VELIKOSTI RÁFKU NA PSYCHOFZIOLOGICKOU ODEZVU ORGANISMU Cíle: Cílem této práce je posoudit vliv délky dolní končetiny (DK) na psychofyziologickou odezvu organismu při jízdě na horském kole s odlišnými velikostmi ráfků. Metody: Soubor probandů tvořilo 20 mužů ve věku 26,4 ± 4,2 let. Jednalo se o experiment. Psychofyziologická odezva byla stanovena na základě výkonu (zajetého času), tepové frekvence a subjektivním hodnocení jízdních vlastností horského kola a vlastního vynaloženého úsilí hodnoceného na Borgově škále. Ke kontrolní analýze při testování byl použit přístroj MetaMax 3B. Testovány byly tři velikosti ráfků o stejné šíři plášťů. Jízdy byly realizovány na 800 m dlouhém okruhu. Testované osoby absolvovali každou jízdu s individuálně zvoleným fixním převodem v poloze v sedle s maximálním možným úsilím. Výsledky: Při jízdě na různě velkých ráfcích jsme u skupiny č. 2 (85 -90 cm DK) shledali velký rozdíl (P = 0,016) v dosažených časech při jízdě na různě velkých ráfcích. U skupiny č. 1 jsme shledali významné rozdíly v průměrné tepové frekvenci (P = 0,010), který činil 3 tepy a u subjektivního hodnocení vlastního vynaloženého úsilí pomocí Borgovy škály jsme se pohybovali na hranici významnosti (P = 0,060). Skupina č. 3 (97 - 101 cm DK) se pohybovala na hranici...
Attitudes of UK FTVS students to summer camps for children
Procházka, Petr ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
Title: Attitudes of UK FTVS students to summer camps for children Objectives: The main aim of this work is to find out what was benefit of children 's camps for UK FTVS students and what they are currently attitude. Methods: The research was divided into two parts. In part A I used the method of questioning followed by analysis. In testing were 175 participants. I interviewed students of the Charles University FTVS and it took period from June 2018 to July 2019. The data were subsequently evaluated using classical statistical methods and interpreted by graphs and frequency tables. Part B conducted semi-structured interviews with 9 probands who were selected as a representative sample based on Part A interviews. The data were evaluated by basic statistical methods, exactly by using the frequency table and Likert's scaling method to determine the level of attitudes among respondents. Results: In part A we find out that only 7% of the individuals in the sample had never participated in a children's summer camp. It was also found that fourteen respondents of the whole sample had a negative attitude to the camps, equivalent is 8%. Participants of one or two camps reported a negative attitude in 28% (ten of twenty six). In the second group, three to six camps, it was 5% of cases (three of fifty three)....
Winter orienteering training in a gym
Voborníková, Alena ; Brtník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
Title: Winter orienteering training in a gym Objectives: The main goal is to create a book of orienteering games and exercises for pupils and adolescents, which lead both to improving orientation skills and improving physical and mental fitness during winter training in a gym or in a club house. Methods: In this thesis I used the method of literary research, which analysed methodological documents of Czech and foreign orienteering federations. I also analysed bachelor and master theses and created a collection of games, which I also enlarged with my own games. I then tested these games on children attending orienteering trainings as their free time activity. Results: The main outcome of this thesis is a collection of games, which also includes printable material. Keywords: orienteering, training, games, winter training, gym
Cycling - The use of power meters in a race
Schuran, Michal ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title of the study: Cycling - The use of power meters in a race Study aim: The aim of this study is to prove power meters usability during races which are full of variable conditions and to find out in which situations it is suitable or unsuitable to follow this data. Methods: This study is based on quantitative research. We used a questionnaire with open-ended questions. Results: The study confirmed the usability of power meters during races. Power meters are used especially after post-race analysis (92 %). 79 % of all respondents use it for the informative purpose during the race and 67 % ride the race according to the data given by power meters. Power meters are mainly used in time-trials or longer performace, such as climbing or breakaway. The results has shown a significant difference between amateurs and professional cyclists. 83 % of amateurs stated that they often ride according to their critical values when riding more than 15 minutes whereas professionals regularly ride beyond their critical values. Conclusions: Cyclists using power meters while practicing use them also during the races. Amateurs use them especially during races because of more frequent solo ride. Getting data from this questionnaire by World Tour riders would be very interesting as we would be able to compare the results...
The Recumbent bike as a phenomenon in the world
Müller, Martin ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The Recumbent bicycle as a World Phenomenon. Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to map the situation of recumbent bicycles abroad and then to compare it with the situation in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the key differences are discussed. Methods: The thesis uses the method of quantitative data collection. The collection of data was done primarily and through half-structured questionnaires. In addition, the method of interview was applied as a supportive one. The Results: According to a qualified estimate there are about 550 - 600 thousand of recumbent cyclists. The biggest differences of both groups lie in the following aspects. Cyclists abroad possess of 21,7 % of recumbent bicycles of their own construction less (2,5 %) than the Czech cyclists do. 70 % of foreign cyclists ride their recumbent bicycles from 2 to 3 times per week or every day, the Czechs like these are of 36,4 %. 59,5 % of foreign cyclists state as a reason to ride their recumbent the health prevention. The Czechs do that only in 33,3 %. Conclusion: The research shows interesting connections between the Czech and the foreign cyclists of recumbent bicycles and, at the same time, some differences. The most interesting is the perception of the recumbent bicycle as a mean to strengthen one's health. The future...
Quality of water and water touring on selected West Bohemia rivers
Šimice, David ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Doležal, Tomáš (referee)
3 Abstract Title: Quality of water and water touring on selected West Bohemia rivers Aim: The main aim of the thesis was to find out if there are changes of water quality in the most significant West Bohemia rivers as a result of the changing approach to our environment in the past several years. Furthermore, to consider whether the water quality has changed in relation to finished water management projects and whether this change influenced using rivers for water touring. The observed rivers: Úhlava, Úslava, Radbuza, Mže, Berounka and Střela. Methods: The first part of the thesis, discussing the water quality, analyzes available data collected from written and electronic resources and discussions with experts. The gained material mostly within the last 10 years was organized, compared and summarized. The second part brings the evaluation by canoeists who regularly canoe down these rivers and can visually judge the water quality. This information was interpreted from semi- structured interviews with canoeists. Results: Our presumption that the water quality on the selected West Bohemia rivers is improving was proved, which is one of basic conditions for water touring as well. Keywords: West Bohemia rivers, water touring, water quality, pollution
The Project of Educational cycle trail in the protected landscape area in Broumovsko
Urban, Pavel ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Kuna, Petr (referee)
Title The Project of Educational cycle trail in the protected landscape area in Broumovsko. Objectives The aim of this work is to create project of Educational cycle trail in rarely visited areas in the protected landscape area in Broumovsko. The main outcome of this work is a brochure which should be easily accesible in Toutist Information Centres in the area as well as on the Internet, where the tourist are allowed to download this file for free. Method The first part of this work analyzes accessible information found in printed and internet sources and gained thanks to dialogues with specialists working in PLA Broumovsko. Afterwards these gained information and facts were organized and used for selecting material for two educational cycle trail and also the path was defined. In the second part I worked on the evaluation of these two paths in the form of questionnaire, which was distributed to those who rode their bikes along the educational cycle trails. On the basis of dialogues with experts dealing with the protected landscape area, such as people working in the administration of the PLA and people engaged in travel tourism organizations in this PLA, I made an analysis of the current situation in the protected area and afterwards, analysis of a possible contribution of this work. Then two...
Comparation of the Actual Bike Fitting Systems for olympic distance triathlon (case study)
Veselý, Vít ; Kovářová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
Title: Comparison of Current Methods of Cycling Set Up for Cycling Olympic triathlon (case study). Objectives:. The main aim of the thesis is to compare the subjective and objective performance of selected fitting settings. Methods: : In our work we compared three methods of cycling setting - theoretical methodology of calculation and individual dynamic methodology of Retül and Guru Fit Bike. We used the objective performance evaluation Spiroergometric stress test. We have rated the performance achieved at the level of aerobic and anaerobic threshold and then compared the maximum achieved parameters. The pedal technique was evaluated using the Wattbike SW. Comparison was performed using percentage points. Subjective assessment was carried out by means of a controlled interview. Results : We found that proband in the subjective evaluation better evaluated the methods of the Guru Fit Bike and Retül compared to the objective rating in which the theoretical method achieved the best results. Keywords: biomechanics, fitting, effectiveness of cycling, pedal technique, spiroergometry.
The Map for MTB in the southwest area of Prague
Mátl, Jiří ; Šafránek, Jiří (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The Map for MTB in the southwest area of Prague Author: Ing. Jiří Mátl Thesis Supervisor: PaedDr. Jiří Šafránek, Ph.D. Objectives: The aim of this work is to find out options for mountain biking in the southwest area of Prague. Opportunities, which is possible ride a bike, usability existing marked trails, create a map with particular selected locations, their evaluation and create another map with a circular route with two crossings in that area. Methods: In our thesis we used to get information about options of mountain biking in the southwest area of Prague which was done using research from available sources and proper field research. Results: The aim of the thesis is maps with areas and routes with their user description for MTB. Keywords: MTB, Trail, Southwest of Prague.
The Singletrack in the Context of Mountain Biking
Cinkánová, Petra ; Brtník, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šafránek, Jiří (referee)
Title: The Singletrack in the Context of Mountain Biking Objectives: The main goal of the bachelor thesis is systematically to introduce the overview of present knowledge in the cross mountain biking area including the wider contexts. Furthermore through the domestic and foreign literature search to reflect the term singletrack, eventually to create the well-arranged overview of the singletrack regions in Czech Republic and in the world. Last but not least to provide the comprehensive analysis of the biggest area of this type in our territory - Singltrek pod Smrkem. Methods: For the data collection and information acquisition have been used following methods: documentary and comparative observation of the tracked objects (technical parameters), standardized and non-standardized interviews (trail builders, village majors), analysis of information resources (domestic and foreign literature search), marginally comparative methods (CR versus world). The data collection resulted from primary as well as from secondary external and internal resources. Results: The bachelor thesis presented the mountain biking as a full-value and prospected form of cycling, which should be integrated to the model of biking infrastructure subvention in Czech Republic, especially in this nature close alternative to the...

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