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Development of coordination skills in tennis
Sadirov, Vladislav ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
6 Abstract Title: Development of coordination skills in tennis Objectives: The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is the theoretical part, the objective of which is to inform about the distribution of movement abilities and fitness factors. The objective of the second part of the thesis is to create a stack of exercises for the development of coordination in tennis for the age group 6-15 years. Methods: In the practical part, I first conducted a research and studied the available sources dealing with this issue. I tried to analyze not only literary or internet sources, but also videos on social networks and training units of top tennis players. From this knowledge I sorted and selected suitable exercises for my work. Results: The result of this work is a battery of exercises that relate to the development of coordination skills. Keywords: coordination in tennis, technique, battery of exercises
Visual constrains and feedback in the badminton serve
Ďurčo, Dominik ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
Title: Visual constrains and feedback in the badminton serve Objectives: The aim of this thesis was to investigate the effect of short serve feedback constraints in badminton players. Methods: The data were experimentally collected. Twelve players underwent measurement of backhand serve. Every player performed four series of 20 serves. First and fourth were played with occlusion, second and third in normal conditions. Their results were recorded on a video camera and then evaluated by indirect analysis. Results: Overall, the players recorded an average distance of the shuttlecock impact point from the service line in the occluded conditions of 40,7±22,2 cm in the normal conditions of 25,2±17,9 cm. These results showed a significant effect of occlusion on short backhand serve t(9)=4,98, p<0,001 and with a strong effect of d=1,44. Out of 960 total backhand serves, 63 were ruled out. Players played 11 outs in occluded conditions, 52 in normal conditions. Keywords: visual perception, occluded vision, motor skills, proprioception, game performance
Anticipation sources and interaction during the softball batting
Joska, Marek ; Pravečková, Petra (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: Anticipation sources and interaction during the softball hitting. Objectives: The objectives of this diploma thesis are to explore what kinds of anticipatory resources elite softball players perceive and which ones they take into consideration when hitting against a pitcher. Methods: The data used in this diploma thesis were obtain by qualitative type of research specifically a case study. The sources of information for this case study are personal interviews between me and group of eight elite Czech softball players. The interviews had eight open questions and take from 25 to 40 minutes. The interviews were analysed with aim to gain some new knowledge that could be apply to similar cases. All of eight requested players are members of the Czech national team or Czech national team under 23. They are active players in age 25,5  3,5 years. This information is valid as of 2021. Results: In this diploma thesis were selected and described anticipation information sources, that provide a valuable information leading to anticipation of further pitch. The players were considering which anticipatory source is the most important for them. In addition to the sources of anticipation, contextual information sources that affect the batsman's tactics in the box and his reasoning were also described during...
Early career termination with performance tennis players
Pěničková, Dominika ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
Title: The reasons of the early career termination of high-performance tennis players. Objectives: The aim of this diploma thesis was to find out and analyze the causes or reasons leading to the involution in women's performance tennis, especially to their early career termination, while their goal was to reach the top level. Method: In this diploma thesis, I used a qualitative type of research. Chosen was a case study variant. Information was collected through semi-structured interview and document data analysis. Results: The survey results prove that there is not one main reason for the early termination of the career of high-performance female tennis players, but several voluntary and involuntary combinations of reasons that led to the termination of the career. Female players end their careers early mainly because of not reaching the required level and the related voluntary focus on studies and future profession. These reasons are a combination of long-term sporting failure (psychological reason) and free choice to leave (personal reason). Other reasons for premature termination are physiological problems, most often injury or illness, which forced female players to stop active activity. Key words: Sports career, reasons for termination sports career, early termination
Stack of exercises for tennis training
Baumová, Tereza ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
Title: Stack of exercises for tennis preparation Objectives: The aim of the thesis was to create a stack of exercises for four parts of tennis training: technical, tactical, psychological and fitness. Methods: Based on the analysis of the literature, internet sources and using my own experience, a stack of exercises was compiled to serve as a possible inspiration for tennis coaches. This was a deliberate selection of exercises according to my own experience and discretion. The stack included simple exercises for beginners as well as more challenging and less traditional exercises for advanced and more mature players. Results: The exercises in the stack are arranged progressively from the least challenging to the more challenging in each component of preparation. Each section contains at least 10 examples of exercises that focus on a selected issue. For each exercise, the title and objective are given, the exercise is described and explained, and for selected exercises a note, an example, a variation or an illustrative picture or photograph is included. Keywords: tennis exercises, technique, tactics, psychology, fitness
Management and Marketing of Men's Softball World Championships 2019 in Prague and Havlickuv Brod
Klempířová, Tereza ; Pravečková, Petra (advisor) ; Štědroň, Jakub (referee)
Title: Management and marketing of Men's Softball World Championship in Prague and Havlíčkův Brod in 2019 Objectives: The main objective is to evaluate the organization as a component of the management and marketing and promotion strategy of the Men's World Championship 2019 in Prague and Havlíčkův Brod. On the basis of the performer analysis, also propose opimization tools that would lead to an improvement in the quality of the organization, which would increase its competitivness. Methods: The first method is the in-depth interview method. The interview was conducten with members of the sports event's organizational team. The secon method use dis the analysis of documents, both internal toCzech Softball Association and publicly available. Next, the method that was chosen is the method of comparative analysis, which was used to compare the real course of preparations and the World Championship event itself with theoretical starting points. Results: Based on the analysis and evaluation of the organization as a sub-component of management and marketing, it was found that the quality of the organized event was at a high level and there were no major complications that would disrupt the fullfillment of events's goals Even so, there i room for improvement, which is why a list of recommendations has...
Injuries and their prevention among ice hockey players
Štefka, Matěj ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
Title: Injuries and their prevention among ice hockey players Objective: Description of the injuries and their prevention situation in czech ice hockey. Methods: I used the questionnaire method to obtain data. The data were analysed with mathematic and statistic methods. I used basic program MS Excel for the data comparisment. I also used basic statistic values typical for such studies as for example: injuries per 1000 player games in ice hockey. The data comparison was made with some other statistic values. Results: The result from the questionnaire was that among the monitored players the most often injuries are those in the body area of head and neck (25 %). These injuries are often caused by the colision with another player, hit by stick, colision with the boards or hit by puck. Another frequently occured injuries are the injuries of knees (21 %), where majority of them are ligaments and specifically inner collateral ligaments. Among the injuries of shoulders (20 %) we record mostly ligament injuries again. The most common prevention elements are helmets with damping foam, muscle strenghtenening and regeneration. Key words: ice hockey, injuries, czech leagues
Comparative analysis of selected muscle groups function in the specific kinds of softball pitches by means of the surface electromyography.
Brabec, Jiří ; Süss, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
 Title: The Comparative analysis of selected muscle groups function in the specific kinds of softball pitches by means of the surface electromyography.  Purposes: Goal of the thesis is to measure involvement of selected muscle groups at different stages of a softball pitch and then compare this activity for different types of pitches.  Methods: Surface electromyography analysis and a simple kinematic analysis.  Results: The results show differences in a technique for the different types of pitches.  Key words: Softball, softball pitch, fastball, raiseball, dropball, change-up, curveball, electromyography 3

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