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Relationship between smart phones usage and procrastination among university students
Farná, Karolína ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Švecová, Martina (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the problematic use of the Internet in mobile phones and procrastination among university students. The aim of the work is to find out if there is a correlation between these phenomena. The thesis introduces the theoretical basis and theoretically anchors concepts such as addiction, procrastination and digital society. The practical part of the work is processed using a quantitative research method, specifically, a questionnaire survey is used. The questionnaire is distributed among university students online. The results show that there is a correlation between procrastination and internet addiction in mobile phones.
Parents awareness of danger on the internet for their children in school age
Němcová, Natálie ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Švecová, Martina (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out the extend to which parents are aware of the possible risks of the Internet and if they are trying to protect and educate their children in this particular area. The theoretical part consists of three parts - Internet and its risk related to the child, family and its media education and what is the possibility of preventing the dangers of using Internet. The empirical part of the bachelor thesis will conduct qualitative research where I aim to find out how parents are educated about the risky internet use and if they answers differ or not.
Czech relative clauses in translation to English
Švecová, Martina ; Šaldová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Malá, Markéta (referee)
This thesis deals with relative clauses in Czech, particularly with those which have the relative word in the nominative case, and their translation counterparts in English. Czech does not have the possibility of juxtaposition of the relative word and the finite verb; it uses more explicit formulations. Therefore, the translator has to choose either a literal translation, ie more explicit, or a nonfinite clause, or eventually a prepositional phrase. Another possibility is to translate the relative clause by other means, e.g. a coordination. The first part is concerned with the theoretical definition of the Czech and English relative clauses with the help of the respective books of grammar. The second part comprises the analysis of 123 examples of Czech relative clauses and their English translation counterparts. The examples were chosen from three novels by Czech authors with the help of the software ParaConc which enables parallel work with multilingual corpora. The examples were sorted according to the above mentioned criteria, ie from more explicit to less explicit and other means of translation other than a relative clause.
Bedtime story and sleep! Regulating the use of television in raising children under 6 years of age
Švecová, Martina ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The rigorous thesis "Bedtime story and sleep! Regulating the use of television in raising children under 6 years of age", describes the way and intensity of how parents regulate children's TV viewing. However, since a TV set (as an object) in our households is not the only displaying device and television (as an institution) is not the only broadcaster of television contents, this thesis also includes watching TV programmes on other displaying devices such as computer, tablet, laptop and smartphone, which are connectable to the Internet. The chosen target group are children from 0 to 6 years of age. The thesis is based on two hypotheses. Firstly, parents use TV as a babysitter, and do so for various reasons. The second hypothesis assumes that parents do not pay attention to the time and type of programmes that children watch, even at a very early age when children are most vulnerable. The theoretical part consists of two chapters. The first chapter describes the position and importance of a TV set (as an object), television (as an institution) and television programmes (as watched audiovisual contents) in our households, and deals with the influence of television on the socialisation of the child in the family. The second chapter describes both positive and negative influences of media (television...
ELPIDA o.p.s. - Life in the information age - impact of the cycle on graduates
Kottnauerová, Kamila ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Švecová, Martina (referee)
My work is based on cooperation with the non-profit organization Elpida o.p.s, which offers education to the elderly in various fields. One of the areas is media literacy. For the third year in a row, this company has been organizing a cycle called Life in the Information Age, which aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the elderly in today's complicated world of information through lectures led by experts. The reason for choosing the topic of this work was mainly the fact that this comprehensive project in the field of media literacy's education of the elderly is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. The main research question was whether graduates of this cycle are more media literate than the elderly in the general population. To answer this question, I compiled a questionnaire, which in its knowledge section contained questions that examined the orientation of the respondents in key areas of media literacy. Data collection took place in two phases, first I had the questionnaire completed by the graduates of the course Life in the Information Age, then I sent the same questionnaire to the selected elderly from the general population. I then compared the results of both groups and came to the conclusion that the graduates of the cycle answered in the knowledge section of the questionnaire...
Motivation of Employee in a Selected Company
Švecová, Martina ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on employee motivation to work, while also providing an overview of interpersonal relationships within the company. The main objective is to evaluate the weaknesses based on the results of the analysis of the monitored company, and to propose the modification of organizational and communication forms in order to increase the effectiveness of the monitored areas. The theoretical part contains an overview of this issue drawn from sources of specialized literature. The practical part maps the current situation in the company based on its own observation and a semi-structured interview with employees and management. Based on the findings, recommendations were proposed contributing to positive changes in all monitored groups.
Posouzení finanční situace vybraného podniku za použití metod finanční analýzy
Švecová, Martina
Švecová M. Evaluation of the financial situation of chosen company using financial analysis methods. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The aim of this thesis is based on the results of the financial analysis to evalu-ate the financial situation of chosen company, and according to the obtained re-sults suggest appropriate recommendations and measures. The company's situa-tion is evaluated from 2012 to 2015. The Bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. In the first of them, in the theo-retical part, the expert knowledge about the issue of financial analysis is summa-rized. In the practical part, knowledge from the theoretical part is applied, espe-cially horizontal and vertical analysis, indicator of difference, indicators of absolute and aggregate models. The final results are compared with the values of industry, competition and also with the recommended values. In conclusion are suggested recommendations of the financial situation improvement.
Institutions in natural gas trade between the European union and Russia
Švecová, Martina ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Lídl, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims to identify and comprehensively present institutions that enter in the natural gas trade relation between the European Union as an importer and the Russia Federation as a supplier. It analyses the objectives that were set, how these objectives were determined and seeks factors that influence the institutional development path. In the first part, the thesis introduces each actor of the cooperation separately - on the European Union side, it focuses on the construction of a coherent European common energy policy, while for Russia it explains the key role of energies in the redefined state policy strategy. In the second part, the author examines common EU-Russia energy institutions, primarily the Energy Dialogue, which was opened in 2000. Despite certain positive results reached in some areas of this cooperation framework, the progress is rather slow due to a significant difference in the two partners' perception of the policy path towards the mutually formulated goals. The last part specifies and discusses three factors forming the context of the EU-Russia gas trade and, finally, the case studies provide insight into actual events. It has been found that the energy relations are shaped by a noticeable mistrust between actors, which exists not only between the EU and Russia...
Selected auxological aspects of menarche
Švecová, Martina ; Krásničanová, Hana (advisor) ; Zemková, Daniela (referee)
Thesis aims to analyze some auxological aspects of menarche in a sample of peripubertal school-aged Prague girls. Sample PRAHA 2012 consists of 293 girls from Prague within the age ranging from 11,00 - 14,99 years. Ascertained median age of menarche 12,4 years is significantly lower (p = 0,0004) than median of Prague population - 13,04 years, respectively lower than median age of menarche of Czech population - 13,00 years according to data from the last national anthropological survey (CAV 2001). Our investigation suggests a "break off" in long-term stagnation age of menarche (minus 0,6 year) at least in a urban population in Czech Republic. According to our findings deceleration age of menarche wasn't accompanied by increase of average body height or other nutritional characteristics (body weight, BMI, arm circumference, thickness of skinfolds) in comparison with actual pediatrics standards. Though, there is a clearly evidence that participant's body composition affected age of menarche. A comparison of premenarcheal (n = 139) and postmenarcheal (n = 154) girls of the same age showed statistically significant elevated values in body weight (42,5 kg, 47,6 kg vs 56,3 kg, 54,1 kg), BMI (17,6 kg/mš, 18,3kg/mš vs 21,3 kg/mš, 20,7 kg/mš) and percentage of body fat (19,4%, 19,7% vs 24,5% a 23,1%) at...

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