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The Innovation of Order Management in the Company
Volná, Tereza ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of a new innovation in a predetermined company. The theoretical part deals with concepts related to innovation and information systems of companies. The analytical part is focused on basic information about the selected company and the current state of awarding contracts. In the last part, a new system of awarding orders is proposed, which should help to assign tasks more efficiently and at the same time better organize the company's schedule.
Recruiting new IT Empoyes in the Labour Market
Zichová, Aneta ; Koráb, Vojtěch (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is a proposal how to improve the process of recruiting new employees in the field of IT in the personnel agency RTSG, s.r.o. The bachelor thesis consists of theoretical, analytical and proposal part. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the concepts in the field of human resources and also the basic concepts in the field of IT. The analytical part contains information about the company and its operation. A questionnaire survey was used for data collection, on the basis of which specific recommendations were proposed, which should improve the recruitment process.
Performance Assessment of the Selected Company according to Model Start and Proposals for the Improvement
Verner, Pavel ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Veselý, Josef (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the terms and methods of measuring business performance in the theoretical part. The analytical part also deals with the evaluation of the performance of EMKO Case a.s. according to the START model, identifying the strengths of the company and opportunities for improvement, based of which specific suggestions for improvement are elaborated in the proposal part, which are the output of the work.
Performance Assessment of the Selected Company according to Model Start and Proposals for the Improvement
Míča, Pavel ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Veselý, Josef (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the performance of a selected company using the START model. In the first part I explain the theoretical basis, which concerns the field of multi-criteria models. The analytical part introduces and evaluates, based on the START model, the current state of the selected company, then identifies the strengths and opportunities for improvement that the company should target in its future direction. In the next part, for some opportunities for improvement, there are proven solutions leading to increasing the performance of the company.
Staff Training as a Tool to improve Travel Agency Services
Leščišinová, Nikola ; Konečný, Štěpán (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of employees education in the field of tourism. Thanks to the questionnaire review, this bachelor thesis is able to analyze the current state of education in the researched area. In my work I used a questionnaire survey and created a SWOT analysis. In the analytical part based on the analysis I made proposals and economic evaluation, which lead to the improvement of services in tourism.
Comparison of Innovation Activities in Selected Countries
Soukupová, Marie ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The bachelor thesis brings comparison of three selected countries, the Czech Republic, Canada and Poland, from the perspective of six indicators – innovativeness of companies, corruption perceived by citizens, engagement of stakeholders in forming legislation, female representation in the parliament, skills and abilities of students and future quality of life. The thesis includes thorough analysis of dependence among these indicators and provides recommendations derived from them that would increase the quantity and quality of innovation within Czech companies.
E-commerce Expansion Management
Sojka, David ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
This master thesis pursues a business model of an online store's international expansion in Europe. According to theoretical backgrounds, it evaluates the state of currently used methods of today's expansion strategy. Further, a management plan for systematic expansion is being proposed along with risk mitigations, stabilization of current international operations, and a proposal of a technological-information solution for data science.
Internal Communication in a Selected Company
Konečná, Dana ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on internal communication in a selected company. The first part of the thesis defines the concept of communication, its function and division. It characterizes internal communication and problem communication in company. This knowledge is further used in the practical part, which is supplemented by an introduction and description of the company. The analytical part examines employee satisfaction with internal communication. Based on the theoretical and analytical part of the work, real recommendations are proposed to improve the level of communication in selected company.
Motivation System of the Company
Kuklová, Klára ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with a motivation system of the company. Theoretical part defines the motivation, reward of employees or their evaluation. The questionnaire survey helps to the analytical part examines the current motivation system of the employer and employee satisfaction. Based on the survey, options are proposed that can improe the motivation system, which lead to increase motivation and safisfaction of emploees.
Improving the Motivation and Satisfaction of Employees of a Manufacturing Company
Vencálková, Monika ; Koráb, Vojtěch (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The thesis is focused on improving the motivation and satisfiction of emploees of manufacturing company. The first part focuses on the theoretical basis to the issue. The second part focuses on the selected company and describes its current motivation system. Based on the results from empirical research and hypothesis testing are in the last part contains suggestions for improving the current motivational system of the company

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