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Evaluation of Organizational Culture in Business Ethics Correlation
Domogatskaia, Maria ; Pokorná, Markéta (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The subject of this Master's Thesis is organizational culture and its correspondence with organizational changes. The work defines the most basic terms concerning organizational culture - the components, types, functions and diagnostic methods of organizational culture; further it explaines the term of BPO and its characteristics. To analyse the present state of the organizational culture, written question form and personal interviews were used. The main target for the Master's Thesis is to suggest a solution of conflicts between the culture and changes being prepared. This will also contribute to improvement of organizational culture and efectivity of the whole department.
Managerial Competencies in Small Enterprises
Novák, Petr ; Szarková, Miroslava (referee) ; Mohelská, Hana (referee) ; Tomšík, Pavel (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The dissertation thesis dealt with the managerial competencies in the small manufacturing enterprises in the Czech Republic. The research aimed to examine the current level of these competencies on the sample of top managers of those enterprises. The chosen topic is topic of current importance due the competency development for enhancing the managerial performance. The thesis elaboration was based on the detailed literature review of national and international publications in the respected scientific journals, and on the in-depth analyses conducted through the primary researches. The main objective of the dissertation thesis was to detect the competency level of top managers in the small manufacturing enterprises in the context of business management and to identify the key variables influencing the discovered competency level and on the basis of research findings provide recommendations for further competency development. The main objective was supported with four partial objectives and five research hypotheses. On the basis of results of executed pilot research on managerial competencies the model of managerial competencies was established, and further verified in the author’s primary research. Within the data analysis and data evaluation, the competency level was formed. The dependences of competencies on examined variables were tested empirically. Those variables were sex, length of current and total practice, age, ownership and education. The aggregated research results were compared with the literature review and based on this comparison, the recommendations for further managerial competency level improvement were provided. The conclusions and further research aims form the integral part of the dissertation thesis.
Business Ethics in Banking
Dočkalová, Dagmar ; Březina, Petr (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma work addresses the application of ethical code into banking. It deals with business ethic and ethical code of Československá obchodní banka, Inc. The thesis analyses the original ethical code of the bank and engages in the implementation of the new ethical code which includes, among others, “The Whistle Blowing Policy”. The diploma work brings a cross-sectional survey of the employees of Československá obchodní banka, Inc. about their awareness and ability to fulfil the principles of the ethical code. The bank was recommended possible solutions based on the results of the survey.
Establishment of the Small Company
Slavíčková, Marie ; Putnová, Anna (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (advisor)
The Diploma thesis is focused on creation of business plan proposal for establishment of small company. The first part of thesis examines theoretical basics of business plan development. The second part of thesis analyzes current situation of business sector. In the third, practical part of thesis, business plan for small company establishment is proposed.
Motivation System in the manufacturing Company
Peterková, Barbora ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the motivation system in a manufacturing company. It focuses primarily on improving the current situation, where a questionnaire survey is used for analysis. The outputs of this thesis represent recommendations for streamlining the current remuneration system and thus increasing employee satisfaction. The proposals are focused primarily on tackling the company's problems, i.e. the acquisition of high-quality personnel.
Business Ethics as a Part of an Insurence Practice
Vránová, Eva ; Novák, Jan (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The main aim of the master´s thesis is the analysis of the activities of insurance brokers in terms of adhering to the principles of business ethics in the Insurance practice. Using the questionnaire will found attitudes clients insurance brokers to the issue and still views and opinions of the insurance brokers. The result will be the proposals for streamlining and improvement of intermediary activities in insuracance for company ABC, as and FAOL, a.s. and recommendation for itself Insurance Brokers.
Internal Marketing as a CSR Strategy Within the Company
Puttnerová, Žaneta ; Petříčková,, Iva (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the application of the concept of social responsibility in business practise of the companies Sanofi-aventis, s.r.o., MSD IT Global Innovation Center s.r.o. Heineken Česká republika, a.s. This application is based on mentioned theoretical foundations and qualiative research. The thesis also analyzes and evaluates the implementation of CSR strategy of internal marketing in chosen companies. The aim is to suggest activities to effective application of internal marketing strategy for these companies.
Comparison of the Approach to CSR of the Parent Company and the Subsidiary Company
Bočková, Barbora ; Cebáková, Andrea (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The thesis deals with a comparison of the approach to corporate social responsibility of a parent and a subsidiary company. This thesis analyses and evaluates the level of socially responsible activities of the parent and subsidiary company and makes a comparison between them. The thesis includes recommendations for the expansion of the subsidiary's corporate social responsibility activities.
Design of the CSR Concept in the Company Management System
Macháčová, Zuzana ; Slavík, Jan (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of the CSR concept in a selected company. On the basis of theoretical knowledge together with a suitably chosen methodology, the main part of the work follows, where the level of corporate social responsibility in the economic, social and environmental areas is evaluated. The results are followed by a design part, which contains ideas and measures leading to the creation of the company's concept.
Proposal to Change the Company's motivational System
Klašková, Kristýna ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on improving the company's motivation system. The theoretical part presents the basic theoretical background, which is related to the concept of motivation. The analytical part describes the current motivation system and a questionnaire survey is conducted. Based on quantitative research, proposals are made to increase employee satisfaction and motivation.

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