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Framing of alcohol in the Czech press and its comparison in the period before and during COVID-19 pandemic
Andresek, Šimon ; Nečas, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on how the topic of alcohol consumption was framed in the Czech press in two subsequent periods: 2018-2019 and 2020-2021. The emphasis is put on comparing the findings from both research periods, both in terms of frames and other variables studied, such as the topic, the source cited, or the relationship between the sex of the protagonists and the narrative(s) present. The theoretical part of the thesis discusses the influence of media content on public sphere, through the description of the phenomenon of agenda-setting. Then the framing itself is presented, both through the perspective of the agenda-setting theory (as a subset of it), but also as a completely autonomous phenomenon. Different perspectives on framing are presented which are then illustrated with several spatiotemporally distinct studies that address the media framing of alcohol use. The analytical part consists of two methodological components - qualitative and quantitative content analysis. First, qualitative content analysis is used in order to find and describe issue-specific frames at the forefront of the generic conflict frame. Subsequently, the presence of the described specific conflict narratives in both research periods is quantified and the findings are compared. The results suggest that alcohol...
The Everyday Life of British Society in the 1930s from the Perspective of Agatha Christie
Wojnarová, Daniela ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
The thesis explores the everyday life of British society in the 1930s, which will be examined in two ways. One is the construction of everyday, ordinary life using academic and scientific literature. The second source of information is the image of British society during the period in question through the lens of detective fiction from the pen of British writer Agatha Christie. The thesis juxtaposes these two perspectives, compares them, and looks for similarities and differences. The text of the thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part aims to introduce the study and the nature of research of everyday life, to outline the nature of the 1930s for the British people of the time, and to introduce the life and work of the writer Agatha Christie. The introductory chapter attempts to briefly describe the theme of the research of everyday life. Through a broader lens, the thesis looks at the historical context of the period in question. It then examines the social phenomena that influenced and shaped the society-wide mood and atmosphere of the 1930s. The key chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis then looks at interpersonal relationships, the fulfilment of leisure time, working hours, personal hygiene and grooming, shopping, eating, housing, transport, travel, culture and fashion in...
The media image of the second round of the presidential election on television
Tomková, Aneta ; Chrenčík, Roman (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the analysis of the media image of presidential candidates in the second round of presidential elections in the Czech Republic in January 2023. The aim of the thesis is to examine, through quantitative and qualitative content analysis of pre-election presidential debates, how individual candidates were presented on public and private television stations, and whether the principles of objectivity and impartiality were adhered to by the moderators. The first part of the thesis focuses on explaining key terms related to the subject matter, such as direct presidential election, media image, political communication, and the difference between public and private media. The presidential candidates and their political backgrounds are also introduced. The main part of the thesis is devoted to the analysis of the pre-election presidential debates. The quantitative analysis provides precise data on the extent of airtime allocated to each candidate, the number and nature of questions asked, and other relevant factors. The qualitative analysis allows for a deeper examination of the course of debates, the moderators' approach to individual candidates, and the identification of possible violations of the principles of objectivity and impartiality. The results of the analyses...
Media education through the lens of the professional teaching community
Píšová, Denisa ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The aim of the thesis entitled Media Education through the lens of the professional teaching community is to identify the issues and topics that appear in the discourse on media education in the Czech Republic, especially from the perspective of teachers and experts dealing with this issue. Using theoretical foundations based primarily on the framework curricula and surveys from recent years and content analysis of online discussions under news articles, the state of media education in the Czech Republic will be investigated. These findings will be subsequently verified and questioned through in-depth interviews with stakeholders from the school and educational institutions environment. Thus, two qualitative methods will be used in the analytical part, which will increase the reliability of the research results. A secondary purpose of the research is the possibility of further testing the resulting hypotheses or questions, for example through a questionnaire survey. Thanks to in-depth interviews, it is also possible to gain a broader insight into the issues of contemporary media education, which has been the focus of few studies or surveys in the Czech Republic in recent years. This is also important because of the forthcoming revisions of the Framework Educational Programmes, which should improve...
Reporting of and during the first wave of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic
Kejhova, Natalie ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
Covid-19 did not only take over the lives of citizens in 2020, it also took over the media worldwide and the Czech Republic is no exception. Journalists always held the responsibility of portraying information to the public on major events. However during the first wave of the pandemic in particular journalists were seen as having a new sense of power which was that their words could influence the public's opinion on policies issued by the government like whether to wear a mask or not. The findings of this thesis showed that the publication Mladá fronta Dnes overall published articles that were informative and matter of fact whereas the publication Hospodářské noviny resulted in being more critical to the regulations that were issued by the government resulting in more of a discussion. Overall this thesis looked at how media frames are used by journalists in articles to portray particular ideological standpoints. Keywords Pandemic, Coivid-19, Media, Media Frames
Youtube as a space for modern English language learning
Gregor, Rudolf ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled "YouTube as a space for modern English language learning" deals with the characteristics of a successful YouTube channel dedicated to English language learning. The goal of the thesis is to identify specific elements that are typical for a successful video of a given focus using the method of quantitative content analysis of a selected sample of reactions of users of a given media message in the form of comments under the most watched video. Prior to the actual research part of the thesis, it offers a reflection on the origins of communication and its development through media to mass media and new media, it also discusses the use of media and new media in education through a mixed perspective of media studies and pedagogy, and highlights several disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarly works exploring the issue in the context of the use of different types of new media in education. The chapter on the origins of the social network YouTube, in the language of numbers and statistics, also mentions the current enormous reach of this media space and precedes the research section, in which the thesis already describes the most watched video for three popular YouTube channels dedicated to English language learning, the channels under study in general and, in particular,...
Media education in Prague high schools from the perspective of students and teachers
Navrátilová, Tereza ; Odstrčilová, Klára (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
The aim of this master's thesis was to inquire into media education in Prague's high schools using the qualitative methods from the point of view of its two main participants - students and teachers. The main reason for focusing on these students was that they achieved the highest scores in media literacy among their peers from Czechia. For the purpose of the analysis, data were collected using in-depth semi-structured interviews with teachers from Prague's high schools, a focus group with second-year students from Gymnázium Na Zatlance, and an online questionnaire that was completed by 55 students from several high schools in Prague. The data were subsequently analyzed using the open coding method and thematic analysis. The results indicate that despite being classified as cross cutting topic in the Framework Education Programme by the Ministry of Education, more than half of the respondents reported receiving no media education. Furthermore, the results reveal that inclusion of media education in lectures depends mainly on the teachers and their personal motivation to incorporate it. On the other hand, teachers feel that they lack sufficient space and support from the school management. When media education is present in schools, it is mainly treated as a cross cutting topic rather than a...
Media education in secondary schools and vocational schools for civic participation of disadvantaged youth
Römer, Lucie ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee) ; Vrabec, Norbert (referee)
Mediální gramotnost se stále silněji stává předpokladem plnohodnotné občanské participace. Ta se zejména mezi mládeží přesouvá od tradičních forem k nekonvenčním, viz např. Fridays for Future. Možnosti a schopnosti zapojit se do veřejné debaty však nejsou distribuovány rovnou měrou. Jedním z nástrojů k zúžení této "participační mezery" může být podle řady studií mediální výchova (MV). Tato práce předkládá participativní akční výzkum zkoumající možnosti MV pro rozvoj občanské participace znevýhodněné mládeže. Těží především z tříměsíční intervence na středním odborném učilišti (SOU) v Lounech, do níž se v roce 2019 zapojilo sedmnáct studentů ve věku 17 až 19 let. Objem empirického i teoretického výzkumu v této oblasti roste, avšak v kontextu střední Evropy jde o minimálně probádanou oblast, pro česká SOU pak tematické studie takřka neexistují. Práce je unikátní i v kombinaci on-line a off-line aktivit s fyzickou účastí studentů na veřejné občanské akci a v důrazu na propojení školního a mimoškolního života. Výzkum mimo jiné prověřil sadu rysů výukových metod MV doporučených předchozími studiemi a dospěl zejména k doporučení holistického přístupu, dlouhodobých projektů a k narušení školní rutiny. Zatímco mediální kompetence studentů intervence rozvinula, růst občanskoparticipativních dovedností...
Media image of war in Ukraine in a children's program "Zprávičky" on ČT :D
Panchártková, Zuzana ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the media image of the beginning of the war in Ukraine in the program Zpravicky on Czech Television :D. It will describe how the current topic of the war in Ukraine was presented to child viewers and how this news differed from the news for "adults". Primarily, the thesis examines through content analysis the news that conveyed up-to- date information about the war to children. It will examine the frequency of news about Ukraine as well as the form in which the news was conveyed. Depending on this, the theoretical part of the thesis will look at media perspectives on child audiences, research on children's relationship with the media, etc. CT :D will be described with an emphasis on the news - the children's programme Zpravicky. The author assumes that with the escalation of the situation in Ukraine, there has also been an increase in news reporting on Ukraine in children's news and the news has been reported in a certain way according to the children's broadcasting code. The thesis map how much news were included in the broadcasts and and what form they were in.
The media image of Queen Elizabeth II's death in selected Czech news websites
Dolenská, Klára ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The thesis examines the media image of Queen Elizabeth II.'s death in two of the most visited Czech news websites. It analyzes articles published in one month's time horizon starting from the day of the Queen's death on September 8th 2022. The selected news servers are as a representative of a more reputable media and as a tabloid media. The thesis goes through the theoretical foundations of the problematics, briefly describes the life and circumstances of the Queen's death and explains used methodological procedures - quantitative content analysis and qualitative analysis performed using the grounded theory method. The results of both analyses then reveal what topics the selected servers focus on and serve to compare the constructed media image of the Queen's death.

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