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Development of Physiotherapy Students' Attitude towards Back Pain
Bláhová, Zuzana ; Kavka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Obešlo, Marek (referee)
Background: There is evidence that the beliefs and attitudes of physiotherapists are associated with their choice of patient management. The fundamentals of these beliefs are thought to have been realized during their university studies. Until now, however, no official study has researched how university education influences the beliefs of physiotherapists and how this is associated with their development in the Czech Republic Objectives: To describe the development of the physiotherapy students' beliefs and attitudes towards low back pain and their understanding of pain knowledge in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, to investigate whether or not there is any correlation between these topics. Participants: First-year physiotherapy students, Third-year physiotherapy students, Fifth (the second magister year) year physiotherapy students, and non-healthcare students within the age range of 22 to 26 (control group) Methods: 1) completion of translated and cross-cultural adapted The Back-Pain Attitudes Questionnaire (Back-PAQ), 2) completion of translated and cross-cultural adapted The Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire (NPQ) Results: 251 respondents were included. The mean Back-PAQ score was within the controlled group 107 (SD 8.47) and there was a significant decrease in score in the fifth- year...
Effect of formal and informal nutrition education on the dietary habits of high-school students
Husák, Martin ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
The bachalor thesis focuses on the effects of formal nutrition education on the theoretical knowledge of learners and its subsequent application in their daily meal choices. It aims at students of a selected grammar school and a selected vocational school. The goal was to find out whether or not vocational school learners have better knowledge than grammar school learners and if their knowledge transfers into practice. The research sample of a questionnaire survey consisted of 199 students. According to its outcome, the knowledge of the topic proven by vocational school learners does not significantly differ from the knowledge of their grammar school counterparts. Despite the lack of formal nutrition education at the grammar school, it is the learners of the grammar school who have the better knowledge. KEYWORDS diet, grammar school, specialized secondary school, dietary habits, nutrition, education
Bíla, Martin ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to prepare design documentation for the construction of a kindergarten in Velká Bíteš. The object is designed as a detached, two above-ground floors, and non-basement building. It is located on a fairly flat terrain near the central part of the city. Kindergarten building has four sections for children. Each section is for twenty children, a total of eighty children are designed for the object. The structural system of the object is a longitudinal wall, made of hollow brick heluz. The building is equipped with contact insulation made of EPS (ETICS). Floor structure is solved as a consist of prestressed hollow core slabs spiroll. In the 2nd floor there is a walkable terrace with a growing layer. The flat roof of the object is warm extensive green roof with walkable concrete parts with photovoltaic panels. Part of the work is also an assessment from the point of view of building physics and fire safety.
Analysis of Chemistry tests used in the admission procedure at the Faculty of Science, Charles University
Šrámek, Martin ; Teplá, Milada (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee) ; Kričfaluši, Dana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the prediction of academic success and item analysis of chemistry knowledge tests used in the admission procedure at the Faculty of Science, Charles University between 2016 and 2019. The first part of the thesis focuses on the possibilities of academic success prediction (earning a bachelor's degree within 4 years) based on various factors: (i) success rate in the admission procedure, (ii) study index (modified average of marks), (iii) success rate in each part of admission procedure, (iv) passing exams in selected mandatory subjects for students of Chemistry study programme, eventually (v) based on obtained marks in selected subjects (as in (iv)). Furthermore, a prediction of entering Year 2 was also completed for three of these factors (i, iii and iv). The sample consists of 1,780 applicants for Chemistry study programmes. The results of the analysis proved a medium effect on success in the admission procedure on entering Year 2 (d = 0.52) and a large effect on academic success (d = 0.67). By additional comparison of predictive ability of knowledge tests (Maths, Biology, Chemistry) we proved that the Chemistry test has a greater prediction ability compared to the others - low effect on entering Year (d = 0.22), but medium on academic success (d = 0.40). Additionally, we...
World War I in the History Textbooks before and after November 1989
ROLNÍK, Ondřej
World war I and its interpretation on the pages of history textbooks of the Czechoslovak and Czech communist regime before and the regime after 1989 provides a unique insight into the changing ways in which school system views history. A comparative analysis of these easily accessible materials enables us to notice and describe these differences. The research also involves a description of development of textbooks as a type of media, its physical and didactic attributes.
Providing nursing care to foreigners from the perspective of nursing students
This bachelor thesis focuses on the provision of nursing care to foreigners from the perspective of nursing student. During their internship, nursing students are part of the department's day-to-day operations. It is therefore necessary to provide them with a sufficient amount of information in transcultural nursing. The aim of this thesis is to map students' experiences in providing nursing care to foreigners and thus learn information that could help other students to provide quality transcultural nursing care. The bachelor thesis consists of a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part deals with migration, multiculturalism and transcultural nursing. It also focuses on education in the field of multicultural education. The characteristics and specifics of nursing care for selected minorities and religions are also indispensable parts of chapters. A qualitative method of data collection has been chosen for the empirical part of the bachelor thesis. Data collection has been performed using semi-structured interviews, taken from 12 nursing students. The results of the interviews have been processed into 4 categories, which relate to students' communication with foreigners, current studies in multicultural nursing, knowledge and experience of students in transcultural nursing. The research shows that all students met with nursing care for a patient of a different minority. The biggest problem for the students was the language barrier, as well as the tedious nursing care of this patient or non-cooperation on the part of the patient. According to the answers, it most often occurred in patients of the Romani people. For the students, the Romani represented not only the non-cooperating patient, but also the patient who had the most specifics during nursing care. The results of this bachelor thesis can be used by nursing students in education in this area.
The connection between inner conscience and suffering: an attempt at basic clarification
The presented work focuses on the connection between conscience and suffering and the main basic clarification of the two. This is demonstrated using a specific example from Czech history, on the activities of Charter 77, in connection with the legacy of Jan Patočka. First, the work sheds light on ethical notions such as morality, morals, conscience, and suffering, as well as the ethical categories of good and evil. Then the activity, the meaning of Charter 77, is characterized as a practical example of working with the moral aspects of man. The thesis' major purpose was to uncover and examine Jan Patoka's attitude toward conscience and suffering as a result of fidelity to one's own principles in relation to Charter 77. The conclusion illustrates the importance of man as a human being with its values. Especially when it comes to pedagogical practice. The work is theoretical and in its central part explains the states of conscience and suffering in relation to man.
Analysis of selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice
The diploma thesis deals with the selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localitites of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The objective of this thesis is mapping out and analysing the psychosocial needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The thesis focuses on identifying basic needs of individuals living in these localities, and at the same time it brings an insight into behaviour that we can encounter in these individuals. The survey deals with basic indicators of social exclusion. The thesis is completed by the detected results that were reached using qualitative research. The output of the thesis is pointing to the necessity of focusing on complex work with individuals in socially excluded localities, mainly on the need of safety and security followed by key areas of mututal cooperation.
Autism spectrum disorder and social work
This bachelor thesis deals with autism. Firstly, it characterizes this disorder, introduces the diagnosing and deals with the methods and therapies that can be used in the treatment of people with autism. Secondly, it focuses on the family situation and options of social work. Finally, it presents organizations which work with people with autism spectrum disorder in Tábor, the town in South Bohemia.
History of school in the town Bechyně in the years 1900 1950
The thesis deals with a description and progress of education in the township of Bechyně with regard to historical events in the years 1900 to 1950. Firstly, the text briefly maps out the progress of education in the city. The next five chapters of the thesis present individual time periods. First, they briefly describe the given time period and then focus on life at the school and how the school used to work. By this, the thesis gives us a comprehensive view of the given time period.

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