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Modern Art Gallery Brno
Skořepová, Lucie ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The new building of the Modern Art Gallery in Brno is situated at South side of the hill called Kraví hora, near the city center. The building site is relatively spacious and its location follows on park. Also the whole urban solution concept of the site follows the park idea. The gallery park should serve as an outdoor exhibition space as well as a communication point between two sides of the hill – Náměstí míru and Veveří street. So the main initial points of the design are freedom of movement, passage of nature and to be surrounded by the art. The Modern Art Gallery project consists of the main building and other small buildings used as studios. In the main building of the gallery there is an exhibition place, educational center, library and other services for the visitors. The small studios situated in the garden should be rent to the starting artists. They would have there their hinterland for work and exhibitions, so the public can have personal contact with them. The shape of the building is based on a slightly deformed cuboid. The middle part is taken away, so there is an opening in it. This opening forms a vista through the building and a covered public space as well. The building works with two main views of the city. The first one is through the middle opening in the building and the mass of the building frames it. The second one is from the roof terrace of the building on the Brno dominate – Špilberk castle.
Detached house with shop of cloths and haberdashery in Praha - Libuš
Dvořáková, Hana ; Kučera, Radim (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is a project of a multi-storey detached house with shop of cloth and haberdashery in Prague. The house is designed for two families. The shop is located in the 1st floor and is functionally completely independent of the operation of the residential part. The entrance of the shop is located on the main street. The entrance to the residential part is on side street. The rooms are oriented to the southwest. The building has walls made of ceramic blocks Porotherm, the ceiling and the stairs are monolithic reinforced concrete. The project was worked out in a training version of Autocad, the editions were processed in the Archicad program. During processing the emphasis was on architectural and layout solutions, static requirements and safety in use.
Music Club Brno
Muzikář, Vladimír ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
Based studio study AG35 is processed by the thesis that the study elaborates in grades documentation for building permits and documentation for the execution of the project. The central theme is Music Club in Brno, for which it was entered plot near the Grain Market Square slope below Špilberk. Near the plot is solved square Obilný trh, park Špilberk, Brno University Hospital and building Ombudsman. The land is sloping, which significantly influenced the design. My main idea was to create a project that would include both a monumental building that will meet and represent the function and at the same time that they are in the best compliance with the terrain of the land. Create a public space where people will resort to relax, or walk to the park we were commonplace. Roofs are walkable, offering views of the surrounding area, larger building houses a cafe and music club itself, in a small building with a test, a recording studio and a ballroom. Both buildings are connected to the underground parking. The very architecture of the buildings plays with the principles of the libre and minimalist style.
Family house with a hairdresser in Chomutov
Durecová, Martina ; Vlach, František (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor´s thesis are design and project documentation of a detached house with hairdresser and with two housing units in Chomutov. The building consists of three aboveground floors and basement. Beside the own project documentation a draft disposition of the study.
Mountain guest-house in Karolinka
Skopalová, Vendula ; Semrád, Antonín (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design and process of the construction-technical part of the project documentation for realization of the new building of the mountain guest-house house in Karolina with an accommodation capacity of 36 people. The building is located on a slope, it is a basement, it has 2 underground floors and 3 aboveground floors. The building is roofed with a saddle roof with a concrete roofing. Vertical support structures are made from the Porotherm system. In addition to the project, an architectural study, a fire report and a thermal-technical assessment of the house are also included.
Leisure Time Centre Brno
Machát, Jan ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
Leisure time center is situated in a part of Brno Nový Liskovec. The land is sloping character, it is bordered by buildings of prefabricated houses. The building is composed of one masses with passage in the middle. Passage replicates the terrain slopes, it has two floors where the first is partially embedded in the ground. The facade is designed as a climbing wall. The bearing structure is reinforced concrete frame in the module 5x6m. The frame is lining concrete monolithic perimeter wall. Infill walls is with blocks of YTONG. As the roofing is flat green roof. Establishment of an object is made of reinforced concrete foundations pass and quiffs.
Holiday apartment house in Horní Bečva
Blinka, Jaroslav ; Žalud, Petr (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of the holiday apartment house. The building with an irregular floor plan has four storeys and it is covered with a flat roof with vegetation in the level above 1.NP a gabled roof in a level above 4.NP. The apartment house offers ten separate apartment flats intended for temporary or permanent accommodation. It also includes a public area, including refreshments and relaxation zone with swimming pool.
VILARO Family Winery, Velké Bílovice
Zálešák, Roman ; Semrád, Antonín (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of a project Family Winery VILARO in Velké Bílovice. It consists of two objects. The first is a guesthouse with a restaurant and the second is a production building with a tasting room. The guesthouse is submitted in the stage of building design. Production facility, a winery, is discussed further as the implementation project. The winery is located in a slightly sloped terrain. It has one partially cellared ground floor. The roof is atypical, one part is sloped triple-coated shed roof, second part is flat with stabilizing layer. The support systém mainly consists of brick blocks, ferroconcrete walls, ferroconcrete boards, ferroconcrete beam ceiling and prestressed concrete ceiling panels Spiroll. The project assumes using of typical building materials.
Detached house with bookstore in Haklovy Dvory
Ernst, Oliver ; Vojta, Martin (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with a project of a new building of the family house with a bookstore. The building has three floors with a basement. The building will be located in the village Haklovy Dvory near city České Budějovice. The building will also function for residential buildings. Apartment in second floor is designed for a four-member family and apartment in third floor for a three-member or four-member family. Spaces of bookstore are available barrier free. The building will also slightly contributes to a better environment owing to green parts of the roof. Other roofs are flat designed. Its architectural design and construction system meets the modern trends in civil engineering and architecture and does not interfere with the surrounding buildings.
Modern Art Gallery Brno
Šnerch, Jiří ; Teplý, Vladimír (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
On the basis of the study, created in the subject AG32, it is processed following bachelor’s thesis, which further developed the study to level of Building permit documentation and Documentation for execution of the project. The theme of the work is a Modern art gallery Brno, for that was entered instead of building on Kraví Hora in Brno, Veveří. Near of the solved land is park, located at Kraví Hora, the Observatory and Planetarium in Brno, a swimming pool on Kraví Hora, gardening in the neighbourhood of the northern and eastern sides, and tennis court halls at the southern border of the plot. The land is sloping, which relatively affected the design. My main idea was to create a monumental building for the public, which will represent its function, and at the same time it will be possible in accordance with the morphology of the terrain. This helps the rendering of the façade of the building with a Colonnade on the imaginary postament, formed by the lower floor, public space in front of the gallery with landscaping, and reduction in the northern part of the object with a green roof to ground level. The Gallery has the function of cultural-educational, with the associated functions of the commercial, which represents integrated Café and leasable space Studios. The architecture of the building itself plays with a combination of the rational and the organic concept.

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