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Brno lives on Veveří again
Šardická, Gabriela ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the modification of the city street Veveří in Brno, the urbanistic concept of complementing the existing structure of block buildings and the architectural design of two selected multi-functional houses providing enough space for commerce and housing.
Brno lives on Veveří again
Prokešová, Markéta ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the urban design of the completion of the block on Veveří and the architectural design of two apartment buildings on Veveří Street, the revitalization and modification of streets, the transport and parking in underground garages. It also deals with the public space on the newly created Závodní and Severní streets and life on Veveří within the commercial parterre and public spaces. The goal was to revitalize a dilapidated and unused block almost in the very centre of Brno, to create an adequate spatial design of buildings, which meet the social, economic and environmental requirements of the 21st century.
Sheltered housing at Kociánka in Brno
Ondruch, Matěj ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of sheltered housing solutions for people with special needs on the southern edge of the Kociánka complex in Brno. The aim of the work is not only the design of sheltered housing, but also the creation of opportunities for social integration and clients interaction with the public and at the same time the creation of job opportunities, space for recreation, therapy, self-realization or activation. The main element is the interweaving that is reflected in the entire design, whether it is urbanism, architecture or technology.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Hodek, Pavel ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with the design of a new multifunctional building for a newly proposed development in the city of Brno. The concept explores the possibilities and forms of modern city building should look like and how to approach the proposal with the absence of a context.
New Old Brno Return of living to the city centres
Kuklová, Alexandra ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
Graduation theses is an urban study of city dictrict Staré Brno. A new breakthrough of the old development is planned for the creation of a new avenue in the designed area. The proposal deals with the sensitive completion of the city around the new avenue.
New Old Brno Return of living to the city centres
Heralecký, Vojtěch ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The present thesis deals with an urban design covering area bounded by Křížková, Václavská, Hybešova and Nová Hybešova Streets. It offers a new design of future streets and public spaces because the thesis is an reaction to the architectural competition for the new conceptual design of Mendlovo Square. The thesis develops the area to the east and introduces a new design of the extension of Hybešova Street, new future streets and the Square. A part of this project also contains a detailed design study of the few selected city houses. The main objective is to design a sensitive urban concept aimed at increase housing density and allowing new possibilities for the designed area.
Spirituality Ostrava !!!
Obr, Patrik ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis is the proposal of the Christian community and spiritual center near Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Ostrava Kunčičky. The building program corresponds to the catchment area of Kunčičky and includes an existing church building (conversion for the contemporary liturgy) with the addition of a new parish with a living space, a parish office and a meeting room. The existing building of the parish (adaptation for commercial use, bistro and offices) and the community center includes: a social hall with the necessary background, 2 flats 1 + kk and apartment for collective accommodation, clubroom and classroom for leisure activities, music, art workshop and warehouse. Part of the area is new square as the new centre of Kunčičky, the park and green area "open garden" with a children's and sports playground. The proposal is based on the creation of a new public space in the vicinity of the existing church. The pre-church is widened and creates a new square, the center of the city with the potential of meeting, landmark, festivities, Christmas markets, etc. On the contrary, the community center is behind the church and creates a new public space "open garden". Around it all community events are concentrated. Among these spaces is a "filter" set, as a soothing element of two poles. The complex offers people from this locality also a wide range of the city, a new offer of cultural, social and spiritual activities.
Spirituality Ostrava !!!
Chytková, Alžběta ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The community center in Ostrava - Kunčičky design in reflecting the specific social and material situation of the city. Creates new possibilities for the habitants and helps their integration and interaction. This design endeavors to naturally establish the existing church and rectory, not trying to compete them, but develop them. Important point of this project is also new village center, which is located right in front of the church and gets new definition and soundness. The project also solves the development of public amenities in relation of spiritual, social and everydays needs. It offers an insight into the real solutions to the problems and opportunities of the place in relation to the possibilities of the local parish. The project works with the this units: church, rectory, square, community center, community courtyard, multifunctional hall, house with services, sports facilities and meadow behind the church.
Spirituality Ostrava !!!
Javorský, Tomáš ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction of a new community centre and reconstruction of an existing church and a parish in Ostrava-Kunčičky. The aim of the thesis is to revitalize the area of the potential centre of happenings in Kunčičky and to respond appropriately to the context and character of the place. The design works with objects equally and creates a solid image of the spiritual and community centre. The building complex helps to activate the site itself and its surroundings and brings a new impulse to community life in the area. Community centre and interventions in the existing buildings efficiently and adequately use the parcel. The design strives to use the potential of the place and works with hidden links to the surroundings. The resulting solution is characterized by its multilayer nature. Partial fragments help to create a complex unit with a number of new outdoor areas of different character, scale and utilization. Two-storey compact structure of the community centre includes social and leisure time facilities. The chosen technology of the building is in accordance with the specific social structure in the area and the operational and economy aspect alongside. The main goal in the reconstruction of the church buildings and parish is to build up on their values, uplift qualities and to purify them from inappropriate elements.
Riverside house
Kučírková, Veronika ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The urban design creates a pleasant part of the city near the river in connection with the city center and offers various functions in the location with the river which is now isolated from the city life. The basic idea of the apartment building is opening the facade facing the south, offering various apartment floor plans and putting an accent on connection between the river and housing using the system of terraces.

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