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The Topical Issues in Experts Activities
Škoch, Petr ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The Diploma thesis deals with general issues in the environment of Czech expertise from the view of ordinary experts. The study fosuses on a critical analysis of expert activities with special regards to remuneration issues, timing of expert fees, expertise, experts‘ inauguration and dismissal from a post and cooperation with government authorities. The methodology used is an array of reactions by experts to individual and specific points, which are then evaluated and possible methods of solution are proposed. The end of the thesis statistically summarises all problems in a graph and highlights the most critical ones.
Main Legal Issues in the Real Estate Practice
Eliáš, Marek ; Mikulášek, Martin (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
When after 1989 in our country have discovered the first real estate brokers and agents, were more or less a new professions, at times of socialism not existing. Since then have more than 2 decades passed, it will be interesting to compare the current state of the neighboring countries. First I will focus on the close one, Slovakia and then Austria, which belongs to the developed property market. I will look at various options of real estate agents and their functioning in all 3 states. The issue of legal liability of real estate activities will be submitted to the critical analysis and all the lessons learned will bring into mutual comparisons. I will also address the association of Realtors and appraise their position and function in different countries. An interesting part of this work will be determination of public opinion on public awareness of the importance of real estate services, I have made this research through polls.
The Performance of Real Estate Activities
Plech, Martin ; Puchýř, Bohumil (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
This the sisdeals with the problem of the strengths and weaknesses of real estate in area the Czech Republic. It defines the basic terms and definitions as sociated with real estate activities. It analyzes the mistakes of real estate companies. Provides tips for preventing errors. Publishes statistical information about the property market. The data are statistically evaluated and incorporated into the graphics. These obtained datas are intended for practical use for the valuation of yield method.
Institutional Framework of the Real Estate Activity
Kselíková, Tereza ; Švancarová, Šárka (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
Presented diploma thesis deals with concepts from the real estate practice and people, who are employed in this practice. The thesis provides a look at contracts used in the real estate practice and their changes according to the passing of the new Civil code. The thesis is mapping changes in the real estate business as a follow-up to the passing ot the new cadastral act. Focus is also put on new definitions of some terms related to the real estate branch, as the new Civil code stipulates. The thesis studies present level of education of real estate brokers and possibilities of further education in this branch. Within the scope of the diploma thesis a questionnaire has been elaborated, which mapps fundamental issues of the real estate business. The questionnaire is also focused on prepared bill about providing of services of the real estate brokers.
Issues Involved in Real Estate Auctions
Bahenský, Miloš ; Hanák, Jakub (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the auction issue with regard to property in the Czech Republic in terms of particular legislation, but also economic aspects. This theme I have chosen deliberately, because I had a bachelor's thesis on the topic The method of the extorting of the debts in the business legal relations and the success of its using in the practice. Public auction, which is the main chapter of this thesis is a key means of recovery. Legislation auctions is basically divided into two ways by which the auction is carried out, under a law on public auctions and by the Code of Civil Procedure. My task is to explain various aspects of all of the auctions, describe, evaluate their advantages, but also to point out shortcomings. The practical outcome is to analyze and evaluate selected voluntary and involuntary auction and also to consider the possibility of suggestions to improve the auction issue.
The Basic Legal Issues of the Real Estate Practice
Becis, Michalis ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
rea of real estate practice is extremely extensive and real-estate market as a whole conceals and connects many scientific disciplines that reflect and contribute to its functioning. Differentiating market and curiosity, whether existing legislation reflects the current need for real estate market in the Czech Republic, played an important role in choosing the theme of my final thesis. I performed an analysis of adjustments related to business in real estate activities. With a view to these facts has been made establishment, that the current legislation appears to be "totally inadequate". It does not define any criteria that would select those in participating in the property market in Czech Republic. The only solution to this absurd situation of trade law is an amendment or other legislation to ensure the entry of new players on the real estate market, provided proof of professional competence and moral integrity, or the introduction of compulsory licenses in real estate activity, which should lead to an overall improvement in the real estate market - not only commercially and ehically.
Special influences affecting the price of real estate
Kulil, Vladimír ; Mikš, Lubomír (referee) ; Abraham, Karel (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The subject matter of this dissertation thesis is a proposal for a method of valuation of special effects that with impact on real estate prices. It deals with proposed procedures for valuation of intangible assets, and definitions of such property. Special effects are in particular name, historical value, design, quality of layout, security aspects, accessibility, conflictful groups of inhabitants in or near the property, and location. The value of special effects can be calculated as the difference between usual value and the material value of such property without coefficients of merchantability. For appraisal by official price, the thesis suggests to amend certain provisions and sections of the Act on Property Valuation No. 151/1997 Coll., and the implementing regulation of this Act, as amended. Part of the methodology is a general proposal for a method how to divide the assets into tangible and intangible part. As concerns the concrete procedure when calculating real estate prices, the thesis specifies procedure for special effects valuation. A form of cumulative matrix comprising all such effects has been drafted. Prices in single methodologies for assets valuation has to be adjusted by reasonable quantity of impact. For real estate on the territory of the Czech Republic will be used also coefficients of merchantability Kp in accordance with the price regulation considering their development in historical statistics.
Risk Analyse of the Expertising in the Czech Republic
Složilová, Lenka ; Růžičková, Michaela (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with risk mapping and investigation in the expert activity. To obtain further information, the questionnaire survey will be addressed to the experts from the Czech Republic as a supportive material of the diploma thesis. The part of the thesis will be focused on analysis and comparison of expert activity in neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic. The identified risks will evaluated based on the analysis of expert activity current state. The outcome of the thesis will be assessment of the situation in the Czech Republic and suggestions of measures leading to elimination of the risks as well as to reduction the occurrence probability or mitigating the impact of risks realization.
Hanák, Jakub ; Mařík, Miloš (referee) ; Fiala, Josef (referee) ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The thesis analyzes an expert in social (institutional) relations that constitute the organizational and institutional background of Forensic Expertise as part of forensic engineering. The work explains the terminology and definitions used, with the greatest attention is paid to the analysis of the conditions for the exercise of expert activities from different perspectives (in particular legal and economic). Is discussed in detail in particular the status of expert institutes, and in all contexts: both in terms of expertise and its guarantee, as well as in terms of responsibility processors appraisal institute. Further describes the work of existing associations and experts estimated their future development. An important part of the work is a comparison of the conditions for the exercise of expert activities (advantages and disadvantages) in selected European countries: Slovak Republic, England and Austria. Based on the findings in the final section are designed and justified by changes in the conditions and rules for the performance of expert activities and other related aspects.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Legal Regulations of Reality Estate Practice
Rajmicová, Kateřina ; Mikulášek, Martin (referee) ; Telec, Ivo (advisor)
The goal of my thesis is to assess the Real estate market in terms of law. I chose this topic because I take an interest in it both as a graduate of The Faculty Of Law and as a student of The Real Estate Engineering. There is no such thing as legal regulations of the reality matters in an integrated lex so far; the regulations are divided into several laws and ordinances. In the routine practise there often occur cases that are not governed by law at all. My task is not only to explain some problems and situations that may arise in this area and consider main advantages of the up to now legislation within the Czech Republic, but also to point out the main deficiencies and suggest a possibility of legislative changes. In the first chapter I explain several basic concepts that often appear in my thesis. The second chapter concerns the realities and the Real estate markets, where I put forward the legal regulations and also furnish information on the realities abroad and in Space. In the third chapter I deal with Real estate agencies, their importance, origin, structure, sorts and also other organisations that are connected to Real estate agencies. In the fourth chapter I describe the Real estate business, meaning juristic services of a Real estate agency and selling and leasing a real property. I also present contracts related to the Real estate business and the tax matters concerned while dealing with realties. In the fifth chapter I explain the work of a Real estate broker, his certification, professional education and at the end I explain what an ethical codex is. The sixth chapter sums up the whole thesis and evaluates individual parts.

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