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Crimes related to the abuse of addictive substances
Novák, Josef ; Říha, Jiří (advisor) ; Richter, Martin (referee)
Crime related to substance abuse This thesis focuses on the issue of crime related to substance abuse and, in particular, on the issue of relationship between property crime recidivism and drug use. Drug use is widely recognised as a known criminogenic factor. The relationship between drug use and crime in general has been the subject of many research studies and scientific papers in the past. Property crime recidivism in relation to drug use is a similarly problematic issue. The successful reduction of recidivism rate is usually considered as evidence of effective criminal justice policy. Alongside this, property crime represents a significant proportion of total crime. Moreover, property crime is characterised by a higher recidivism rate than other types of crime. In practice, there are often visible signs of a possible link between these phenomena. A closer examination of the issue of property crime recidivism in relation to drug use raises many questions. Is there a relationship between these phenomena? And if so, is this relationship reflected enough in the interventions used to reduce recidivism? This thesis therefore analyses each of the sub-issues (drug use, property crime, criminal recidivism) in order to identify the possible relationship between property crime recidivism and drug use. It...
Measurement of Production Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Žanda, Miroslav ; Novák, Josef (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
The diploma work deals with measurement of Production Overall Equipment Effectiveness in manufacturing company Alfa. Firstly, is processed the theoretical part concerning general production, TPM, lean manufacturing and OEE. After than is described the company, monitored device and technology used by the device. In the final section is evaluated the OEE for January, February and March; analyze downtimes, mistakes and losses and their solutions are proposed. The last chapter is devoted to the economic evaluation of the proposal.
History and use of the helicopters in the Czech Republic
Novák, Josef ; Nastálek, Ondřej (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
Final work concerned with rotocrafts which have ever been used on Czechoslovak region, further especially on region of Czech republic. The work focused on the oldest czech rotocraft aviation pioneers together with accentuating the importance of original czech helicopters. Whole review of helicopters are completed with Attachment 1, which shortly describes all types of used helicopters. Then the work gives in detail using rotocraft by institutions when was looked for historic affairs.
Supplier Quality Management
Novák, Josef ; Húsek, Miloš (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
Great and successful companies are focused more and more on the core business (Marketing, Research & Development, Assembly, Sale, Service etc.). Production of components is usually outsourced to external suppliers. Objective of this diploma thesis is to find suitable approach for Supplier Quality Management in the company operating small batch production. The main target was to find a method for identification of Strategic suppliers for continues improvement activities.
Methods of Reliability Analyses of Operation and Testing Data of Airplanes
Novák, Josef ; Nevrlý, Josef (referee) ; Nejedlý, Ludvík (referee) ; Třetina, Karel (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deals with reliability (dependability) analyses of operation and testing data of the Airplanes. Requirements of airworthiness regulations on aircraft hydraulic systems (with a focus on US FAR-23 and European CS-23 regulations) are taken into account. Mentioned regulations include requirements for the structural design, design of systems, etc. They cover wide range of airplanes from small sport airplanes to 19-seats transport aircraft. Also options for predictive reliability analyses (resources) and reliability tests are discussed in the doctoral thesis. Practical application is done on small transport airplane (currently in the development). The failure report is designed. Expected major contribution of the work is selection and practical application of the most suitable procedures for safety assessment on the field of aircraft hydraulic systems, with a focus on the small transport aircraft. Also the comparison to different data source is shown.
Design of VUT200 TwinCobra landing gear
Novák, Josef ; Horák, Marek (referee) ; Katrňák, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of following master thesis is to design variety of configuration and retraction options of VUT200 TwinCobra landing gear. For each option are a wheel base and a gauge set up by possibility of main landing gear retraction. Next, CS 23 demands and stress analysis are followed. There is a view of twin engine aircraft landing gear disclosed as well.
Integration of Business Intelligence Tools into IS
Novák, Josef ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Stryka, Lukáš (advisor)
This Master's Thesis deals with the integration of Business Intelligence tools into an information system. There are concepts of BI, data warehouses, the OLAP analysis introduced as well as the knowledge discovery from databases, especially the association rule mining. In the chapters focused on practical part of the thesis, the design and implementation of resultant application are depicted. There are also the applied technologies like i.e. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 described.
Noncanonical functions of IL-1α
Novák, Josef ; Pospíšek, Martin (advisor) ; Černý, Jan (referee) ; Brdička, Tomáš (referee)
1α (IL 1α) is a multifunctional cytokine 1α is 1α independent on the receptor sig 1α is responsible for 1α to the plasma membrane. 1α activates express κB, binds to 1α 1α 1α to the plasma membrane 1α to signal 1α is required for membrane 1α exter 1α anchoring 1α 1α 1α with tumor suppressor p53 following genotoxic stress is further described in human cell 1α coloca
Molecular mechanisms in the development of the cochlea
Procházková, Šárka ; Pavlínková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
Molecular mechanisms in the development of the cochlea The cochlea is the primary structure for the perception of sound. A spiraled cochlear duct contains the auditory organ, the organ of Corti, is innervated by sensory neurons of the spiral ganglion. The organ of Corti contains hair cells, the sensory receptors of the inner ear, that are responsible for the mechano-transduction of sound waves into electrical signals. The development of the cochlea is regulated by the cellular and molecular processes, including cochlear outgrowth, cellular differentiation, and patterning. The precise coordination of multiple processes during the transformation of a flat embryonic epithelium into the cellular mosaic of the adult structure requires a multitude of transcription factors and signaling pathways. These regulatory networks dictate cell fate and timing decisions during cochlear development. Interestingly, these mechanisms operate as well during sensory epithelial cell regeneration after damage and during stem cell directed differentiation, making developmental studies instrumental for improving therapies for hearing impairment.

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