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Pre-school library in kindergarten: action research
Hercíková, Lenka ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis is based on the need to lead children to read at an early age. International research (PIRLS, PISA) shows, that the children's library in kindergarten has an inherently positive impact on the development of reading literacy. The aim of this thesis is to map the equipment of the children's library in the Elíšek kindergarten and to find out for what activities children use the books for. How teachers use them in their work and, also to map the children's home backround and if parents leads children read in their families. The aim of the action research is to improve the work with the book in the kindergarten, to involve in directional activities and build a new reading corner with selected books for children, various secondary activities and equipment. KEYWORDS Preschool age, reading illiteracy, literary award, genres of children's literature, reading corner in childrenʹs group, action research
Work with children's literature on the topic of disability with preschool children in kindergarten
Nováková, Kateřina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with what children's books are suitable for opening the topic of a child's life with special educational needs (SEN) and what methods of working with the book (including reading strategies) to use to convey this topic to children through books. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of children with SEN in preschool education and their education in preschool type facilities; it further mentions work with a book within preschool children. Based on the obtained information, the analysis of framework educational program for preschool education is performed. It also deals with reading literacy, pre-literacy and its development. It mentions the creation of a positive attitude towards reading and how to work with the book in kindergarten. The practical part posed as a problem the development of prosocial behavior of children through work with a book on the topic of life of children with special educational needs. The practical part focused on whether the children's literature mediating the life of a child with special educational needs is used in kindergarten and whether this topic is not very demanding for preschool children. It was done through individual lessons with three books mediating children with disabilities in kindergarten (Madlenka and glasses, Strakáč...
Interpretation of the main characters of The Witcher Saga based on qualitative research
Válek, Filip ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
This thesis explores how upper primary schoolers interpret characters of the popular series The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski. Given their reading experience and mental development, pupils at this age are becoming the series' target audience. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the reader to the world of The Witcher through the life and work of its author. Model character descriptions are also provided. They attempt to complexly explore possible ways of describing select characters from the series through various means of characterization. In the practical part of the thesis, character typology is offered based on some key traits shared by certain characters. This typology is then used in a small-scale qualitative research done on readers who have read the series and are capable of interpreting its characters. Three main types of characters are introduced - protagonists (characters connected by their destiny), antagonists (characters capable of evil acts in the name of prophecy) and other characters who are connected with the protagonists by shared goals and heroic transformation. The aim of this study is to show how works of modern fantasy might be used in Czech literature classes and to compare pupils' interpretations with expectations of how characters might be perceived. Despite the...
Death mediated to pupils through children's literature
Němečková, Kateřina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Komberec, Filip (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of death and its mediation to pupils of younger school age. The aim of the thesis is to find and introduce appropriate literature for younger school-age pupils and to offer ways of conveying a complicated topic through the literature to younger school-age pupils. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the definition of death and the concepts related to it. It also defines the concept of the younger school age and describes the emotional development of the child at this age. The thesis also provide space for the definition of literature for the younger school age and for the characteristics of publishing houses concerned with publishing the books with the theme of death for children of younger school age. The theoretical part also introduces, through brief annotations, selected titles of literary works conveying the theme of death. At the end of the theoretical chapter of this thesis, the background of the RWCT program is described, the methods of this program are introduced, and the three-phase E-U-R learning model used in the preparation of the lessons of the practical part of the thesis is specified. The practical part then defines the objectives of the research, which are: to select suitable titles for the research, to design teaching lessons with...
Form of final assessment of pupils at the time of distance learning (COVID-19): pupils and teachers point of view
Malinová, Zuzana ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis, titled The form of evaluation in the time of distant learning (COVID-19, deals with the form of final evaluation in the time of distant learning, focusing on positives and negatives of individual forms of evaluation and analyzes the preferences of students as well as their teachers from different viewpoints, i.e. motivation for learning. This thesis is divided into two main parts - theoretical and empirical one. The theoretical part deals with the school evaluation and approach to it, its functions, forms, but also its history. A chapter can be found there about pupils' motivation for learning, main principles and methods developing pupil's motivation for learning or the main obstacles in developing pupils' motivation during schoolwork. The theoretical part is closed up by a chapter about a final evaluation on the school report in the time of COVID-19. The aim of the empirical part is to identify whether the change in the final evaluation due to distant learning in pandemic COVID-19 suited the pupils, to describe the opinions of the teachers and pupils of the secondary school and lower classes of grammar school on various forms of evaluation, to describe the teachers' experience with evaluation in the context of distant learning and to subsequently compare the pupils' and teachers'...
Characteristics of the Potential Winner of Magnesia Litera in the Children's Literature Category
Hronková, Barbora ; Smrčka, Jiří (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on contemporary Czech literature for children and youth in connection with literary awards. The theoretical part of the thesis presents basic knowledge of these disciplines, which are supplemented by the characteristics of current literary awards appreciating literature for children and youth. The second part of this work provides an analysis of the books awarded by the Magnesia Litera prize in the Children's Literature Category. Content of the analysis provides a description of phenomena common for ten chosen children's books that were awarded in 2011-2020. The work aims to describe the characteristics of a possible winner of the literary award Magnesia Litera. Crucial finding is that in case of category for a book for children and youth professional jury of Magnesia Litera tends to award books that are richly illustrated and written in prose. As for the main character it is usually a boy or not sexually specified character that is getting to know and is building his/its personality in real space-time. KEYWORDS literature for children and youth, literary awards, Magnesia Litera
Activating methods of e-learning of Czech language in secondary schools during compulsory online learning
Setničková, Lucie ; Martinovská, Klára (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on activating methods in online teaching of the Czech language and literature. The theoretical part includes an explanation of the concept of e-learning and clarifies the context of the start of compulsory distance education in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the thesis deals with activating methods and their division. The thesis divides axtivating methods into debating, situational, staging, didactic games and herustic. The practical part of the thesis is focused on action research. The aim was to find out how it is possible to transform activating methods into e-learning of Czech language and literature. Part of the research was finding resources that can be used to fulfill the various activating methods in e-learning and to examine amount of their effectiveness in teaching. Main research has been provided by active observations and making notes into pedagogical diary. Through observation, the thesis shows specific teaching methods and evaluates their effectiveness in the online environment oin secondary school ArtEcon Prague. These methods were practiced during the 2020/21 academic year. It has been found that all activating methods can be transferred to an online environment, but their effectiveness varies. Staging methods were chosen as the least effective and...

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