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Current first-aid teaching at Czech elementary schools from the perspective of teachers and contemporary literature
Zehlerová, Lucie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
First aid has always been and always will be an important topic, therefore, this thesis focuses on the issue of first aid in elementary schools. It has two parts. The theoretical part deals with the first aid in elementary schools from all important perspectives, e.g. the development of the subject, the subject today, legislative framework, the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education, teachers' professional development, first aid methodology, and first aid in literature for educators as well as pupils. The practical (empiric) part comprises an analysis of the questionnaire research targeted at elementary teachers. The teachers were asked about the importance of the first aid, their first aid education, what materials they know and use, what subject they implement it in, and their ideal concept of first aid education. All the teachers agreed on the importance of first aid education. The rest of the results generally turned out according to expectations.
Satisfying of children's needs in preschool facilities
Švihálková, Monika ; Havlová, Jana (advisor) ; Opravilová, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problem of satisfying needs of preschool age children in preschool facilities. The theoretical part of this work provides an insight into the curricular reform in the Czech Republic and a view of perception of children needs by the society. Furthermore there is has been research into the contemporary trend of coordinating a family life with an employment. This was one of the reasons for founding of business kindergartners. A summarization of current legal conditions of establishing of business kindergartners is included as well. Furthermore, the theoretical part includes a relation of curricula documents and satisfying children needs in the kindergarten. Important sections of this work are summaries of various models of needs and list of means of satisfying the needs in the kindergarten. The aim of the practical part of this thesis is to do a qualitative survey in differences between business and state kindergartens in satisfying needs of children. The result of the survey show that are differences in surroundings created in order to satisfy children needs while approaches for the satisfying of children needs were similar.
Role of parents and grandparents in pre-school child education
Machová, Dana ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
- English version The dissertation "The role of parents and grandparents in pre-school children education" is processed as the follow-up of the Bachelor study named "The influence of the family on child personality development", which was defended in academical year 2007-2008 on South Bohemia University in eské Bud jovice. The key focus of this dissertation is the issue of parents and grandparents cooperation in education of pre-shool child. The theoretical part is concerned with the family, family system and consider as well the historical view towards the family. Further it informs about the key family functions: biologically-reproductive, economical, emotional and educational. The table with "The Model of Nine concepts of family educational styles" is the part of "The Family educational styles" chapter. The theoretical part of the dissertation tackles the internal and external elements which influence the family as well. The chapter No. 5 deals with roles of parents, the child's position in the family and the question of grandparents influence on the child's education. The mutual relationships of parents and grandparents are the key content of the chapter No.6. It gives notice about the transformations of these relationships within the life, it demonstrates grandparents as the guides through the...
Leisure activity preschool children (taking account of conditions in full and single-parent families).
Čedíková, Petra ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis maps the access families to cosine the activities of preschool children according to chat thein social status, value orientation and educational life style. Focuses on the differences in approach and in term sof komplete and incomplete families. Based on the findings of research points to the possitilities for kindergarten parents to offer advice and consultation in the interest of children.
Influence of the natural environment on the development of motor and cognitive abilities of preschool age.
Havířová, Martina ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
This work deals with the effect the natural environment on the development of motor and cognitive abilities of preschool age. The aim is to determine the effect of education in the natural environment to the level of motor skills and knowledge of preschool children. The theoretical part describes the characteristics of preschool age. Acquaints with the development of motor skills and their training in the natural environment. It also deals with the cognitive component of the preschool child's personality and the possibilities of its development in the countryside. Zooms problems of education in a forest environment, types of learnin and methods of training in the various components of the child's personality just in a forest. The practical part is a qualitative research method used is a questionnaire survey among kindergarten teachers to determine the most commonly used educational environment, the method standardized test for 4-6-year old children to determine the level of motor skills of the children, and the method of diagnostic interview, which examined the effect of natural environments on children's knowledge. Results in agreement with reported literature confirm the positive influence of education in the natural environment for the development of several components of the child's personality.
Respecting development specifications in present kindergarten
Štrausová, Jana ; Havlová, Jana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on development specification in pre-school children with emphasis on respecting its needs in present kindergarten environment. The thesis observes development specifications and individual needs of present generation of pre- school children. Main aim lies in observation, searching differences and distinctions in individual needs and specific demonstrations of children. The thesis on one hand looks for potential causation of possible phenomenon and on the other looks for possibilities how to fulfil the needs of all children in the present kindergarten. It tries a deeper insight to the basis of examined events, looks for possible background and connections in present time as well as in historic resources.
Function of Fanciful Motives in Present Czech Literature for Children
Havlová, Jana ; Brožová, Věra (advisor) ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (referee)
In my thesis paper entitled "The Function of Fanciful Motives in Present Czech Literature for Children" I begin by theoretically exploring the problems of fantasy literature and fantasy motifs. I then discuss the lives and work of various authors and focus on an analysis of their literary works with child heroes and fantasy motifs. I have selected texts for interpretation on the basis of the following conditions: the books are specifically intended for children and adolescents; the stories have a realistic level and the fantasy area is somehow part of this; the fantasy world is logically incorporated into the fictional world corresponding to our everyday experiences and this imaginary world therefore applies to real life; the fantasy motifs serve a specific function; and the fantasy motifs appear as an equal element to the realistic ones. The following works in particular are examined in this thesis paper: Emma and the Magic Book by Petra Braunová, Gabriela's Magic World by Pavel Brycz, The Enchanted Classroom by Ivona Březinová, Lenka and Nelka or AHA by Daniela Fischerová, The Magic Saturdays by Miloš Kratochvíl, Ghosts from Nerudova Street by Ivana Vostřáková and the books Wednesday Tastes Good, The Main Victory, The Owl's Song, Jožin goes to Africa, Eliáš and the Grandma from the Egg, Where has...

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