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War communicated to children in kindergarten through a story
Zemková, Barbora ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
Master's thesis titled "The Theme of War Mediated to Children in Kindergarten through Story" addresses the issue of preschool children affected by the war situation in Ukraine. The theoretical part of the thesis is based on insights discussing the inclusion of a child with a different native language in preschool education, on children from Ukraine in Czech kindergartens, and on understanding the relationships between Ukraine and Russia. The final section of the theoretical framework focuses on working with books in kindergarten and processing the theme of war through storytelling in kindergarten. Three main objectives are set for the practical part, corresponding to the primary intention of the thesis, which is to verify how to work with selected children's literature within the inclusion of children from Ukraine affected by the war situation in Ukraine. The individual objectives address perspectives on the theme of war and how to work with it in kindergarten from the viewpoint of 80 preschool teachers and three selected experts. Based on the data obtained from the questionnaire survey and individual in-depth interviews, three lessons focused on introducing the theme of war to children in kindergarten through children's publications were developed. The following titles were used for the...
First-year students' perception of the faculty of education and their ambitions to become teachers
Popelářová, Markéta ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis focuses on students of teaching in the first year of their studies at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, specifically on their perception of the teaching profession and the teaching studies they are completing. The paper answers the questions why students choose the Faculty of Education, how they perceive the first year of study at the Faculty of Education and whether they want to teach. The theoretical part presents previously published Czech and foreign findings concerning the factors that motivate students to go into teaching, or how students evaluate studying at the Faculty of Education or what they perceive as the advantages and disadvantages of the teaching profession. The theoretical part also introduces the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague in more detail, because it is where the research part of this thesis was conducted. The research part shows the results of the mixed research. It consists of a quantitative method in a minor part and presents data from questionnaires for first year students. However, the dominant part of the research is made up of a qualitative method, in which the author analysed fifteen interviews with first year undergraduate students. In these interviews, she investigated why students decided to study teaching, how...
Teaching literature in genre-thematic units at the ISCED level in the context of an alternative study programme
Müllerová, Veronika ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis, entitled A case study: the teaching of literature in genre-themed units at the ISCED 3 level in the context of an alternative study program, focuses on a, in our environment, non-traditional approach to teaching literature in high schools, based on a unique study program. The thesis consists of two parts - a theoretical part and an empirical part. The theoretical part includes the definition of the term "literary education" along with its insertion into the context of the educational plan outline for high schools. Furthermore, the definition of the term "alternative schooling" is given, and the terms that are subsequently used in the empirical part - reading and reading literacy, formative assessment, Content and Language Integrated Learning, and tandem teaching - are also defined. Finally, the period of adolescence is described, with an emphasis on the psychological and social characteristics of an individual. The aim of the empirical part was to describe how teaching takes place in an alternative study program at the ISCED 3 level, with an emphasis on the teaching of literature arranged into genre-themed units. From this, the sub-objectives unfolded, which were: to implant the alternative study program into the context of the given school; to describe how the study of the alternative...
Admission procedure to the first grade of primary education. Case studies of admission procedures
Záleská, Zuzana ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on issues of the school admission to the 1st grade of the primary school. Nowadays this topic is more and more often discussed mainly from perspective of the different approach of many primary schools to checking out the school readiness during the school admission. This thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical part. The first chapter of the theoretical part describes the terms school readiness and its particular issues. Next chapter describes the school admission to the 1st grade; there we can find recommended methods of checking the school readiness and organization of the school entry. Next chapter focuses on postponement of school attendance and preparatory classes, which are aimed at those children who got the postponement of school attendance. The last chapter deals with the school entrance and first months spent in the school class, because it relates to the school readiness and school admission and therefore it logically closes the theoretical part. The practical part of the thesis presents case study of the school admission on six primary schools. These schools were chosen to differ in the size, size of the city and socioeconomic status of families whose children attend the primary school. The aim is to find out how much the school...
Children's Library in kindergartens: possibilities, limits and challenges
Švejnohová, Alena ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
My dissertation comes out of claim that the exploitation of library for children in kindergarten isn't systematically processed. But, it is apparent, acording international research (PIRLS, PISA), that the existence of library for children has positive influence to the development of reading literacy. The objective of my dissertation was the charting of the role of libraries for children in kindergarten. The dissertation were finding out how the library for children are used in kindergartens. What we need to build up to the functional library was the next topic of my dissertation. Both main topics were examinated in qualitative research. I used the design of case studying. I closely charted three cases of kindergarten where the library for children is used. It is needed to add relevant literature, interactive books and attractive books (inside and ouside). This way brings perfect and full using of library. Apart of this, it is the same with the appearence of the library. It is essential to captivate with attractive and nice appearence by children and adults too. KEYWORDS Children's library in the kindergarten, preschool children, preprimary education, work with books, books for children, readers, development, reading literacy, methods, case study.
Primary school choice - an important mechanism influencing equity in education
Simonová, Jaroslava ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee) ; Šeďová, Klára (referee)
Primary school choice - an important mechanism influencing equity in education Jaroslava Simonová Abstract This dissertation describes the process of school choice in primary education and the factors influencing it. Using a qualitative grounded theory design, the work builds on data from 41 interviews with parents from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Parents' decision-making about school choice is shaped primarily by the organizational needs of parents and their inner need to be a "good parent". When being interviewed, parents report a number of criteria, which, according to them, are important in school choice. However, for many of them they fail to obtain relevant and reliable information. Therefore, they may eventually make a decision based on criteria other than those referred to as important, although they are rarely aware of this shift and the change in criteria. There are three unavoidable criteria in decision-making: availability, reputation and the emotions that parents experienced at school during their visit. The child's needs are the important intervening conditions. They play an important role, especially if the parents feel that their child has some particular needs. The parents' experience with the education system and their personality characteristics are also important. The significant...
Equity in assessment from pupils'point of view: Case study
Slabá, Monika ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis relates to the grading system during the first five years of primary school. It concerns the various types of assessing students, especially grading, assessment for teaching and self-evaluation. It aims to find a fair way of assessing the school grading system. It also concerns the relationship between the teacher, the students and the parents. The practical part of the thesis relates to the outcome of the research of the case study. The main method were group interviews with the pupils, a semi-structured dialogue with the class teacher and a questionnaire filled in by the pupils' parents. The aim was to find out how the students, teachers and parents perceive the fairness of the grading system. The research shows that the pupils and the parents alike find the assessment for teaching and marks the fairest. The teachers found that they needed specific criteria in order to assess the students whether with a grade or by a written assessment.
Montessori school in a small town
Kelblová, Lucie ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Simonová, Jaroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis describes the role of Montessori schools in a small town. In large cities, the range of educational opportunities is more varied; in a small town, Montessori schools are often the only alternative to regular primary schools. For the purpose of the research, the qualitative design of the multi-case study was chosen. Two schools participated in the research. Through in-depth interviews with five parents, four teachers and two school founders, initial expectations and their fulfillment were identified from the perspective of all groups of respondents. Parents expect a friendly and safe environment, an individual approach, and respect for the child, a cooperative environment, a stimulating way of teaching, support for the children's internal motivation, freedom and responsibility at the same time. Teachers' expectations consisted in the possibility of applying alternative ways of teaching with regard to the individuality of the pupil, respecting the approach and cooperating team. The founders wanted to create a friendly school based on the principles of Maria Montessori, which will be affordable for ordinary families and will be able to provide quality education to a wide range of children, including those with special needs. The expectations of all three groups of respondents were...
Discipline in a Waldorf school from the teacher's point of view
Mackenzie, Karolína ; Simonová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of discipline in Waldorf schools. It broadens the horizons of functioning of the Waldorf school, its philosophy and the work of Waldorf teachers. Qualitative research focuses on four disciplinary problems, namely failing tasks or preparing them not sufficiently, lack of concentration, using vulgar words and using mobile phones while they are forbiden. Through in-depth interviews, it surveys how teachers maintain discipline, or address indiscipline in classroom. The research offers an overview of the strategies that were employed. These strategies are compared to current trends in classroom management. The results serve as an inpiration not only for Waldorf teachers in dealing with indiscipline. Keywords: discipline, Waldorf school, qualitative research
Reasons and process of creating an alternative school from the perspective of its founders
Bryanová, Kateřina ; Simonová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the processes taking place in setting up alternative schools and reflects the founders'views on the start-up process as well as their satisfaction with the outcome. The theoretical part introduces the important alternative directions in education, brings forward the principles of how free and democratic schools work, presents some personalities associated with the educational alternative and briefly mentions selected platforms and concepts based on the principles of respect for the individual. The empirical part analyses interviews with the founders of five alternative schools on their reasons for setting up the school and their appreciation of the proces. The main techniques for data collection are in-depth semi-structured interviews. Given the research objective a qualitative approach inspired by phenomenological investigation and grounded theory was used and subsequently the card interpretation technique. There are several reasons for setting up alternative schools, the main one seems to be the need to provide current generation of children a school which would support their talents, gives them the individual approach and where their opinion would be respected. Other reasons include the need for freedom or the need to be professionally implemented. The process of setting up...

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