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Activating methods of e-learning of Czech language in secondary schools during compulsory online learning
Setničková, Lucie ; Martinovská, Klára (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on activating methods in online teaching of the Czech language and literature. The theoretical part includes an explanation of the concept of e-learning and clarifies the context of the start of compulsory distance education in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the thesis deals with activating methods and their division. The thesis divides axtivating methods into debating, situational, staging, didactic games and herustic. The practical part of the thesis is focused on action research. The aim was to find out how it is possible to transform activating methods into e-learning of Czech language and literature. Part of the research was finding resources that can be used to fulfill the various activating methods in e-learning and to examine amount of their effectiveness in teaching. Main research has been provided by active observations and making notes into pedagogical diary. Through observation, the thesis shows specific teaching methods and evaluates their effectiveness in the online environment oin secondary school ArtEcon Prague. These methods were practiced during the 2020/21 academic year. It has been found that all activating methods can be transferred to an online environment, but their effectiveness varies. Staging methods were chosen as the least effective and...
Pupils with the different language background in a primary school class
Gunišová, Lucie ; Vallin, Petra (advisor) ; Martinovská, Klára (referee)
In my work I deal with the clarification of the current situation of the work with pupils foreigners at primary school with regard to the definition and differentiation of the terms pupil with different maternity language and pupil foreigner. I also deal with the factors that influence their being in the class collective with respect to the home and school environment. The thesis also explains the complexities of Czech as a foreign language. In the practical part I focus on the factors of events in the classroom and their degree of influence on the pupil with OMJ, which is assessed on the basis of interviews and case studies of pupils with OMJ and questionnaires of other classmates. I also describe the assessment of the class team, including the pupils with OMJ, who are part of it, from my own point of view like of view of the class teacher. Keywords: Pupils with the different language background, pupils` obstacles, supporting teacher, Czech as a foreign language, communication with parents

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3 Martinovská, Karolína
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