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Cultural legacy of Jan Palach's act and it's didactic processing
Dušková, Daniela ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis deals with the cultural legacy of Jan Palach in song and poetry texts of the 20th and 21st century. The author of the thesis aims to present the use of these texts in teaching, which deals with (historical) topics that provoke intense and often contradictory emotional reactions - here, demonstrative suicide for the awakening of society. In the first part, she draws a brief insight into the life of Jan Palach and the events that preceded his act, and describes Palach's self-immolation itself as a demonstrative act. It also includes a philosophical and theological perspective on Palach's sacrifice. For the purposes of the lesson, the writer interprets the collected texts, thus contributing to the limited amount of scholarly Czech literature on the depiction of the act in song and poetry. In the second part of the thesis, she then uses these texts in the teaching unit design for use in history, Czech language, civics or music classes. Together with the lesson, she presents further uses of the collected material. The paper shows theresults of a pilot lesson in the seventhyear of an eight- year grammar school, including comments from the participating pupils. The work is dedicated to honouring the legacy of the 55th anniversary of the burning of Jan Palach. KEYWORDS Jan Palach,...
The theme of the Holocaust conveyed to pupils of younger school age at primary school level through work with a book
Velčovská, Tereza ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Komberec, Filip (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse appropriate literature containing the topic of the Holocaust and to sensitively convey the topic to pupils of younger school age. The topic of the Holocaust is very challenging and requires a special approach, especially when dealing with younger pupils. Therefore, the first chapter of the theoretical part focuses on the characteristics of the younger school-age child, his cognitive, emotional and value development. Next, the theoretical part focuses on the characteristics of literature for children and young people, its functions and typical genres. It also gets to the definition of the theme of the Holocaust in the Framework Curriculum for Primary Education and discusses the theme of the Holocaust in literature for children and youth. The final chapter of the theoretical part first defines reading literacy and its development. In the context of literacy development, the chapter characterizes the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking program and describes selected methods of this program that will be used later in the research part of the thesis. The practical part is divided into several parts. The first part is devoted to the methodology of action research. In the next part, a pre-test is designed to determine the level of awareness of the topic of the...
Little heroes of important themes in John Boyne's novels - lessons for lower secondary school
Nesvadbová, Jitka ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The work focuses on the main characters in Boyn's novels for young people, through which important themes are explored and significant questions are raised that influence not only the youth but also society. The work examines the content and interpretations of these novels, considering various literary aspects of the works. In detail, the work focuses on literary characters and their characterization, exploring the main protagonists. The author identifies the didactic potential, main themes, and their contribution to youth in the selected novels. The didactic part includes six lessons for the second stage of elementary school, which can be adapted in various ways. The lessons apply the E-U-R teaching model, tandem teaching, and various RWCT (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) methods suitable for developing reading literacy. Various teaching organizational forms and reading note-taking methods are used. The lessons are crucial for the work as the author aims to demonstrate the didactic potential of Boyn's novels for youth, in which pupils can find significant themes. If pupils have the opportunity to discover these themes on their own, literature educates them, guides them toward values, and can help them if they find themselves in similar situations. Particularly, boys in the second stage...
Motivation to read books for first-year high school students
Reichmannová, Nikola ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on reading, its support, and development among 1st-grade students in secondary schools, taking into account the requirements placed on students in relation to the final exam. Its goal is to outline some possibilities for appropriately motivating students to read in order to develop a positive attitude towards reading, and to provide inspiration for future graduates to engage with the relatively demanding ancient and medieval texts that are typically part of the curriculum at the beginning of their studies. The introductory chapters map the centrally set educational content of literary communication in secondary education as part of the Czech Language and Literature educational field, the position of reading and reading literacy in curricular documents, comparative research on reading, and professional opinions on literature education in Czech secondary schools. This is followed by a section dedicated to selected motivational means and methods that can be used within literature education to strengthen students' motivation for reading books and texts. The thesis concludes with examples of teaching lessons prepared on the topics of the oldest literature and their subsequent reflection after actual implementation in the educational process. These examples demonstrate that...
Peter Pan's Film Adaptations and Their Didactic Use
Šplíchal, Josef ; Neumann, Lukáš (advisor) ; Komberec, Filip (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with three film adaptations of J. M. Barrie's famous novel Peter and Wendy (1911), better known under its later shortened title Peter Pan. It first focuses on a brief biography of the author, then summarizes the individual film adaptations and the novel's position in the Czech context - it presents all Czech translations with regard to their relationship to the original text and covers reception, including translations into other art forms. The main part then analyses three films: Hook (1991), Wendy (2020) and Peter Pan and Wendy (2023), in regard to making thematic comparisons with the source text. The final part is devoted to specific didactic suggestions for the three films mentioned above, as well as to working with the novel itself.
Escape Room as a Teaching Method in Czech Language and Literature at Upper Elementary Education
Saňáková, Petra ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Klinka, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis focuses on the usage of escape rooms in education. It is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines active learning and games, specifically educational games. Furthermore, this section explores the usage of game-based learning and escape rooms in education. The aim of the thesis was to design and describe lesson plans based on escape rooms and implement them in the Czech language and literature classes at upper elementary school level. These lesson plans were evaluated by both the teacher and the students, and recommendations for further improvements were formulated. The goal was achieved through action research where eight lesson plans of educational escape rooms were introduced. Sources of inspiration, game elements, various tasks and Czech language and literature content which can be used in escape rooms are also included, as well as feedback received from the students. KEYWORDS active learning, escape rooms, game-based learning, reading literacy
Dystopia genre in contemporary youth literature
Váchová, Kateřina ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Soukupová, Klára (referee)
The thesis is focused on dystopia genre in contenporary youth literature and its use in literature classes. First chapters are focused on function of youth literature, popular genres in last 10 years, dystopia and utopia genre and comparation of dystopian fiction and dystopian reality. The main topic of this thesis is didactic treatment of the thematic unit on the topic dystopia, which includes 6 teaching hours. The result of this unit is use dystopia genre in primary schools.
Didactic interpretation of the novel Meta
Lacinová, Kristina ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the position of the novel Meta within the contemporary Czech literary scene, its analysis, interpretation from a genre and narratological point of view, and didactic potential. First of all, I deal with the general concept of popular and fantastic literature, its potential significance in teaching and the book categories of young adult and new adult, as the researched novel Meta falls under these genres and categories. I place the novel in the context of Czech and world fantasy literature and present how it is perceived by literary criticism. The main goal of the thesis is to capture the didactic potential of the novel and to demonstrate the wide possibilities of its use in teaching literature. Structural analysis and interpretation of themes and ideas will be used for this purpose. With this detailed literary analysis, I want to prove that the novel Meta should not be viewed only as popular literature without deeper ideas, but that it could differ in its construction, themes and overall meaning from the majority of modern novels for youth and young adults. Not only does Meta provide a powerful reading experience, from a literary point of view the text is constructed of interesting narrative processes, fragmented composition and offers a critical view of today's...
Didactic potential of literary works with the theme of death in primary education
Bauerová, Zuzana ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of death and how to convey it to the pupils of primary school by means of literature. The first aim of the thesis is to justify why the topic of death belongs in the primary school curriculum. The main reason is that if communication about the topic of death is denied to children or is done in an inappropriate way, children form wrong ideas about it, which can have a negative impact on them. This thesis explores how the concept of death evolves over time, both within society and in the individual. Another aim is to explore the specifics of working with texts containing the death motif. In fact, literature is the most appropriate tool to open up the topic of death and help individual to process it. This applies in the school environment as well as outside of it. It is caused not only by the content itself, but also because of the way the recipient processes the information received from this medium. The main aim of this paper is to compile a list of literary works suitable for dealing with the theme of death in a school setting and to briefly characterize them. I have chosen one book title for each year of primary school and proposed a methodology for the work. Ordered from first grade to fifth grade, I selected the following works: The Visit from Little Death, The...

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