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Developing children's emotional intelligence through a story (from the point of view of parents and teachers)
Bednaříková, Petra ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Komberec, Filip (referee)
This master's thesis titled Developing children's emotional intelligence through a story (from the point of view of parents and teachers). For a proper understanding, in the first two chapters of the theoretical part I summarized where emotions come from, what their function is and characterized the emotional development of the child according to psychologist Marie Vágnerová. In chapter three, I first use relevant literature to present the development of the views on emotional intelligence, compare it to rational intelligence, and then describe its importance for a successful life. The fourth chapter of the theoretical part focuses on the concept of storytelling and its role in the preschool period, especially in the development of emotional skills. I provide reasons why storytelling is an appropriate way to develop emotional intelligence and also include insights into how to work with storytelling in preschool children to effectively develop emotional skills. In the practical part, using a descriptive case study, I examine how this topic is anchored among parents of preschool children and kindergarten teachers and how its knowledge is used in the education of children. Next, I investigate how emotional intelligence is developed in parenting and teaching practice and what function storytelling...
Cinception of the relationship between man and woman in the morally formative prosaic cycle written by Šimon Lomnický from Budeč
Bednaříková, Petra ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Havelka, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with life and work of a pre-White Mountain period poet, prosaist and dramatist Šimon Lomnický of Budeč, taking the period criticism into account. The thesis focuses on his ethical series, especially the work Kupidova střela, whose central motive is the relationship between a man and a woman. With regard to Lomnický's frequent use of exempla, this term is defined, along with the brief historical development of exemplum. Next the thesis deals with the exemplum in the context of the given ethical series. The key chapter called The Approach to Relationships between Man and Woman depicts Lomnický's conception of marriage, incest, sodomic sin and a revenge as well. Within this chapter the typology of men's and women's characters is given, those who appear in Kupidova střela.

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1 Bednaříková, Pavlína
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