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Popularity of the Characters among Children of Younger School Age, Their parents and Grandparents
Vaňková, Adéla ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the popularity of characters in children's literature, among three generations - children, their parents and grandparents. The main goal of this diploma thesis is to find out how the popularity of the characters changed in individual generations. The work is divided into three main parts. The theoretical part contains several main units. In the first unit, the author deals with literature as such, its history, division and various literary genres, including different concepts of the character according to several authors, for example Daniela Hodrová, Bohumil Fořt, Chatman or Aristotle. In the second part, he presents the character, his characteristics, history and other types of characters in literature. The work then focuses on children's literature, its development, its history and the popularity of characters according to Jiří Trávníček's research, in which individual generations of readers and the phenomena associated with them are described, which will also be part of this work. Qualitative research is presented in the empirical part of this work. The chosen method is personal interviews with four different families. All respondents are divided according to place of residence, age, gender and education into several categories, which were subsequently compared...
Vliv polymorfismu kandidátního lokusu na technologické vlastnosti mléka
The aim of this diploma thesis was to investigate the influence of milk betacasein locus (CSN2) polymorfic variants on production characteristics and milk technological qualities in Czech Simmental cattle and Holstein cattle. DNA extracted from milk of 702 cows was genotyped using PCR and RFLP methods. The genotypes A1A1, A1A2, and A2A2 had the following distribution within the population studied: A1A1 in 11,40 %, A1A2 in 8,46 %, and A2A2 in 50,14 % cows. The studied milk parameters were the milk yield (kg), protein and fat percentage and protein and fat yield (kg). The statistical evaluation was made STATISTICA 12 program. We found no statisticaly significant influence of CSN2 genotype on the selected milk yields. The results might be biased by the relatively low amount of individuals studied. Research will continue within the QJ1510339 and GAJU028/2019/ Z grant.
Anomálie oka kolií (CEA) a progresivní retinální atrofie (PRA) u australského ovčáka
This bachelor thesis summarizes the knowledge about two important hereditary eye diseases of Australian Shepherd. The thesis reviews the genetic basis of the diseases, symptoms and possible prophylaxis of the Collie eye anomaly and progressive retinal atrophy. Collie eye anomaly affects the sclera, choroid, retina including blood vessel and eye nerve discus. Progressive retinal atrophy affects the retina, either whole or its central part. These diseases, often connected with an autosomal recessive hereditary pattern, are harmful to affected individuals, as it ends up with blindness.

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