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Two Approaches to the Relation Between Science, Art and Human Nature. Aristotle and Jean - Jacques Rousseau.
Krutská, Ivana ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
1 Abstract This diploma thesis deals with philosophical thoughts of Aristotle and Jean-Jacques Rousseau and their views about science and art. It attempts to answer the question whether, from their perspectives, science and art proceed from human nature or not. Their opinions are very different. According to Aristotle science is a part of human nature because it comes out of natural human desire to understand. In the same way he considered art as integral to humans because it is derived from natural human ability to imitate. But according to Jean- Jacques Rousseau science and art make human nature worse. He claimed that we can't learn about human nature by observing people around us, but only after we understand how humans lived before they were changed by progress. He didn't include science and art in his description of the original human way of life because every new discover is, in his opinion, a part of destructive process of loosing simplicity of past times. The difference between Aristotle's and Rousseau's perception of human nature consisted, in my opinion, also in the fact that Aristotle made his convictions on the basis of his observations of the world unlike Rousseau who created the idea of the original human nature in his mind first and then critisized the world for it's differences from his...
Video art in galleries and as a teaching aid
Wižďálková, Dita ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Kuříková, Michaela (referee)
The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis focuses on the basic presentation of the history of the moving image up to the present day. It also introduces the reader to video art by means of an individually created list of individual forms and strategies that are used in the creation of videos and films. The list represents the principles and forms of using video, both for gallery space and for public space. The didactic part of the bachelor thesis focuses on the use of video in teaching as an educational tool. It also discusses the use of new media in art education classes. Subsequently, the work presents proposals for art education lessons using video as an inspirational creative stimulus for students' own work. Proposals are always created individually with a different form of video creation used. The practical part of the bachelor's thesis will present a series of author's works that reflect the rich experience and knowledge from the theoretical part of the work. It is also connected with the didactic part, where the author's videos are created for the purpose of motivation for lesson plans. KEYWORDS moving image, video art, art, media, pedagogy, art and media education
The castle in Komařice - its contruction changes and the culture-historical value
Komařice Castle - its architectural changes and cultural and historical significance The Renaissance Chateau of Komařice is a building of high quality and demanding stonework, which has largely preserved its original Renaissance appearance to this day. It was built by Jiřík Kořenský from Terešov together with his wife Kristýna Dráchovská from Dráchov around 1565. The bachelor thesis deals with the construction history of the building, in its first part, gradually introducing the Komařice owners in each periods. In the subsequent description of the building, it captures and analyzes the individual important elements of the castle in detail. It does not omit other buildings that originally belonged to the castle, especially the granary, former brewery and other farm buildings in the castle complex. The following part of the work presents the reconstruction of the regional significance of Komařice castle in the early modern period. It also points out the importance of the building in comparison with other Renaissance buildings in Bohemia, which, like here, probably used the treatises on architecture by Sebastian Serlio. The work draws attention to the serious loses that the building suffered after the change of the owners during the land reforms in the 1920 s. The last part of the work summarizes the monumental values of the castle and outlines the future fate of the building.
Use of artefiletics in working with children with hearing impairment
ŠRÁMKOVÁ, Alexandra
This Bachelor Thesis seeks to analyze preschool children with hearing impairments and the use of artefiletics to help with their communication skills development. The first part is a theoretical study of children with hearing impairment and their challenges. It then aspires to explain artefiletics as a method used in working with these children. The practical part of the bachelor's thesis looks into a recommended set of artefiletic activities that are focused on the development of communication skills and abilities. The practical part includes expert interviews with teachers of various preschool, including the preschool for children with hearing impairment. In the interviews, the teachers assess the suitability of the artefiletics and artefiletic activities for children with hearing impairment to help with their communication skills development.
Modern Typography in Art Education Project at Primary School
Diploma thesis Modern typography in art education project at primary school deals with writing and letters during art lessons with pupils at primary schools. The thesis is divided in two parts. Theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with the history of this matter. Important art movements are presented, which deal with typography and the names of Czech as well as foreign modern typographists. The practical part deals with project based art lessons as such and a thematic serie called "Světem písmen a znaků" where the theory is applies to single lessons which were presented to pupils at a primary school. The thesis should mainly emphasize the importance of typography in art education and similar activities.
Musical Kitsch
Based on the theoretical studies of the aestheticians dealing with the issue of kitsch, this bachelor thesis entitled "Musical kitsch" focuses on the general characteristics of kitsch, the explanation of the key concepts related to its issues, and the subsequent application of the above-mentioned to music. However, not to music in general, but to classical music, which is generally considered high art, and in which the elements of kitsch are not expected. Kitsch takes its place in many artistic fields. Did he find a passage into classical music?
Comparison of Expressionist Works by Emil Filla and Oskar Kokoschka
Emil Filla and Oskar Kokoschka are important artists who have left a great influence on 20th century art. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to attempt to formulate the same and different qualities of the expressionist work of Emil Filla and Oskar Kokoschka. The work tries to map and describe these paintings, but the main emphasis is on the starting points of this artistic direction. In addition, it will be necessary to define the general definition of expressionism and its development in the context of Central Europe.
Sport - series of Creative Lessons for Art Education at Primary School
MONDLOVÁ, Kateřina
The diploma thesis "Sport"-Series of Creative Lessons for Art Education at Primary School consists of a theoretical part and a project part. The theoretical part concerns a connection between art and sport. This connection will be explored from different perspectives in three sections. The first section will introduce several thoughts about similarities and differences between art and sport, even it will describe ideas that find sport as a part of art. The following part will present common history of art and sport and it introduces some artists and their art pieces, which have been inspired by physical activity. The last passage of the theoretical part relates to the theme sport as a motive of Art Education at Primary School. It considers the theme sport via didactics of Art Education, Framework Education Programme and methodical books. The practical part will present series of creative lessons for Art Education at Primary School, which topic is sport. It describes the structure of 7 parts that includes the series and its realization at Tomas Garrigue Masaryk´s Primary School in Vimperk.
Problematical historical preservation buildings from the 2nd half of the 20th century on example of the Military building
Kieweg, Jan ; Macek, Petr (advisor) ; Ottová, Michaela (referee)
Problematical historical preservation buildings from the 2nd half of the 20th century on example of the Military building Abstract The bachelor thesis focuses on the problematical protection of buildings from the second half of the twentieth century. The historical preservation issue will be presented on the construction of a Military building, which was built in the style of Brutalism. This unique building of architect Jan Hančl will be monographically worked on and evaluated in a broader sociology context, together with related problems of its historical preservation. The recent circumstances, which led to a longtime covering using large billboards, will be clarified. The following removal of the advertisement provoked a lot of emotions and resulted in a complete demolition. The author of this bachelor work aims to take hold of this affair, and he points out the historical institution malfunctioning, which is slowly becoming a phenomenon. Besides ordinary art- historical methods, oral testimonies of direct participants were used, primarily of the professional public, along with the conservationists, and members of the club called Za starou Prahu. Keywords Architecture, brutalism, modernism, historical preservation, Prague, Military building, Jan Hancl, art, socialism

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