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Women's emancipation in France: social pressure and legislative changes
Barthová, Tereza ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the emancipation of French women in multiple areas of their lives. It concerns girls' access to education and co-education of boys and girls. The next chapter informs about how women acquired rights in their work-lives, and digs deeper into professions, in which is woman's position somehow specific. The following section presents women's access to positions of power and the acquisition of suffrage. In the next chapters we deal with the private life of women. We are interested in how they achieved the equal status in their family lives and how the role of a mother changed. The last topic of this bachelor thesis is the violence against women. The goal of this thesis is to map out which important events and social demands lead to liberation of women from inferior status. KEYWORDS women's emancipation, feminism, suffrage, education, politics, France
The Genesis of the style of Claude Monet
Buriánková, Adéla ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Kalfiřtová, Eva (referee)
This thesis offers a look upon the artistic creation of Claude Monet during the period of living in Giverny, the picturesque village in which he bought a house with a garden arranged according his own taste. In the first part, we talk about the aesthetics of the 19th century and we are dealing with artistic and literary movements. These movements are romanticism, realism, naturalism, parnasse, symbolism, decadence, art nouveau and art deco. In the next part, we focus on the painter Claude Monet, his biography and aesthetics of his art. Our attention is devoted to the Giverny period and to the motives, the specific use of spectrum of colours and the technique of Claude Monet's art. For making a total awareness of Monet's period in Giverny, we analyse the concrete paintings on which we demonstrate the characteristic signs for Giverny era. Keywords: Claude Monet, Giverny, impressionism, water lilies, light
French "nouvelle orthographe" in the french as a foreign language textbooks
Dáňa, Karel ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jančík, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis builds on the previous final work of the same author, Karel Dáňa. It acquaints the reader with the reform of French orthography of 1990. The aim of the work is, in addition to the description of individual orthography changes (which were described in detail in the previous work and in this are further developed and newly offers readers connections with the original objective and meaning of the orthography phenomenon), especially the analysis of French orthography in French textbooks as a foreign language fourteen orthography rectifications. The work certainly does not aim to prevent or devalue the used French textbooks in any way. It reflects which rules apply to the teaching of French as a foreign language and, if possible, suggests alterations in the interpretation of the orthography phenomenon so that the spelling can be used without compromising the overall grasp of the new grammar curriculum. KEYWORDS ancient French orthography, new French orthography, rules, orthography changes, analysis of textbooks, work with mistakes, application of rules, alterations
An Ecolinguistic Approach to Foreign Language Teaching: The Stories We Live by in Textbooks of French as a Foreign Language
Schlindenbuchová, Magdalena ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jančík, Jiří (referee)
This thesis presents the link between the environment and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) based on ecolinguistics, which defines the inextricability of the environment and language. The specific aim of this thesis is to demonstrate the importance of an ecolinguistic approach to FLT with an ecocritical discourse analysis of textbooks use to teach French as a foreign language. Using the ecolinguistic tool The Stories We Live by, the analysis aims to assess the extent to which the textbooks stimulate environmental awareness and ecological communicative competence. The research concerns two textbooks, Totem and Saison, and investigates the representation of the stories and their polarity from the perspective of deep ecology. The results show the textbooks to exhibit a general tendency towards ambivalent content. Moreover, the presence of explicit ecological reference in the content was evaluated and revealed, by the analysis, to be under-represented in the textbooks' content. The analyses are presented as model analyses for an ecolinguistic evaluation of textbooks, which could be used by teachers seeking an ecologically conscious textbook. The thesis also seeks to encourage further research into the ecological aspect of FLT, notably in textbooks. KEYWORDS ecolinguistics, stories we live by,...
Toward a syntactic theory of < verb-adverbial particle > constructions in contemporary French
Šišmová, Anna ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Müllerová, Eva (referee)
This thesis entitled Toward a syntactic theory of verb-adverbial particle constructions in contemporary French focuses on the analytical description of these constructions. Syntactically and semantically, they straddle the boundary between periphrasis, syntagma and collocations. From a syntactic point of view, their structure consists of two components, a verb and an adverbial particle. This type of construction is also close to the constructions existing in English and German. It concerns phrasal verbs and verbs used with separable prefixes. For this reason, their structure was also compared with the constructions in French. After presenting a theoretical explanation, the constructions were subjected to a series of morpho-syntactic and semantic tests. On the basis of these tests, it was possible to compile their definition, and thus determine their place in French grammar. The aim of this thesis was to determine the morpho- syntactic status of the above-mentioned constructions in French, and to compare them with similar constructions which occur in English and German. KEYWORDS Constructions < verb-adverbial particle >, syntagm, collocation, periphrasis, non-valent datives
The Stories of statues and memorials: Loss of the national heritage of France during the World War II
Kšinská, Anna ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Klinka, Tomáš (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis is to describe nowadays almost forgotten events in France during the Second World War, when the historical statues and monuments from the Third Republic in France are irretrievably destroyed because of melting non-ferrous metals used for arms-production in Nazi Germany. The key goal of the thesis is to mention some of the main decisions that led to the destruction of certain works and on the basis of that analysis consider to what extent the occupier contributed to their loss and to what extent their removal was inevitable. Within historical context, the first chapter introduces the period and ideas of the Third Republic until the arrival of the Vichy régime with its new ideals. The second chapter mentions expansion of sculpture of the Third Republic and statuomania. The development of the campaign for collection of non-ferrous metals and its actors are discussed in the third chapter. Afterwards this work presents specific decisions about the destruction of statues, based on religious, political and aesthetic subtext. In the fifth chapter in practical part, the thesis tries to analyze these decisions and to determine the cause of the elimination of statues based on the decisions. The last part focuses on the different generals reactions to destruction of the...
Edith Piaf: Life and career
Marciňová, Veronika ; Kalfiřtová, Eva (advisor) ; Jančík, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with life and career of Edith Piaf. The thesis also analyses individual life phases and important career moments, which contributed to the development of personality of Edith Piaf and her profession as a composer-interpreter-author. This thesis treats not only the key figures, which had an influence upon the singer's career growth, but also men, who inspired her in song writing and whom she then helped in their career. Not less important space is dedicated to the evolution and creation of the repertoire of Edith Piaf, which was formed in relation to the singer's psychological and physical state of mind. The result of this thesis is a chronologically designed plan, which provides a comprehensive view on life journey and development of career of Edith Piaf, who has become famous on a worldwide scale and contributed to the proliferation and development of chanson genre. There was also discovered a key role of Raymond Asso in formation and development of career and the importance of love relationships in obtaining inspiration and maintaining creative spirit. The method used for elaboration of this bachelor thesis was extensive research into the life and career of Edith Piaf by means of printed and electronic resources. There were also used audiovisual documents for listening...

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