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Gender, non-binary gender identity - a linguistic and sociological approach of francophone speakers
Martínková, Lucie ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Jančík, Jiří (referee)
The thesis focuses on the issue of gender, in particular its non-binary conception, and investigates how the French language and Francophone society approach this area. The core chapters examine the multifaceted aspects of gender, incorporating sociocultural perspectives and linguistic approaches. In the first chapter, the thesis briefly scrutinizes the philosophy of language and linguistic culture in general. The second chapter explains pivotal concepts related to gender and introduces diverse cultural conceptions of gender. The third chapter describes key linguistic phenomena that pose challenges to achieving neutrality within the French language. The core of the linguistic part of the thesis is the fourth chapter, with the so-called écriture inclusive, inclusive writing, which at many points offers a solution to linguistic equality. The official forms of this approach in France and Canada are presented and its guiding principles are described. In addition, the thesis incorporates a proposal for a gender-neutral solution for the French language put forth by Florence Ashley, a legal and health activist specializing in transgender issues in Canada. The last chapter, chapter five, outlines reactions to the inclusive and gender-neutral form of the French language. The controversial debates that arose...
Sociolinguistic analysis of communication of men and women
Servusová, Carolina ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
he Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of interpersonal communication. The bachelor's thesis aims to focus on communication and expression differences between male and female genders. It summarizes the most important findings from this field, from literature and scientific articles. Our focus is also in contextualising our work in socio-linguistic fields, dealing with society, language and communication processes. A secondary objective is also to determine whether any expressive differences are innate or learned. The Bachelor thesis is divided into Chapter 7 chapters. In the first chapter, we deal with language and communication. We outline the first differences in communication. In the next three chapters, we focus on scientific disciplines dealing with the differentiation of society, but also with language and communication. These are sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and anthropolinguistics. In other chapters, we are dealing with language production and the gender heterogeneity of speech. We look for differences and influences that affect our speech and communication. In the last chapter we focus on qualitative research, observation, which is focused on several dozen communication situations mostly from French backgrounds. We are trying to find the differences that we have searched in the...
Repeal of obsolete laws in France
Hálová, Kristina ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Biegel, Madeleine (referee)
This thesis attempts to introduce the reader to the issue of obsolete legal regulations, which are an unnecessary burden on the legal system. The legal order is a complex system whose clarity is essential for the functioning of the state. The thesis follows a legal regulation from its inception, through the emergence of obsolescence to its abrogation. As this is a topical issue in the legal field, the sources of the thesis are mainly laws, explanatory reports, statements published on the official websites of political institutions or expert articles. In the first chapters, general theoretical issues are presented, in particular the interpretation of legal terms, the development of the legal order or the reasons for the emergence of the obsolescence. All the information contained here is essential for understanding Mission B.A.L.A.I, which aims to clarify the legal order by abrogating obsolete norms. As part of this initiative, the reader is introduced to the various abrogation laws and also the laws that are abrogated. The thesis also mentions the situation in the Czech Republic, where the same efforts are currently underway. The reader is introduced to the individual steps of the initiative, especially taking into account the analysis of the Czech legal system prepared for the Ministry of the...
On the didacticization of interjections and onomatopoeias in the French language
Dvořáčková, Barbora ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
in English This master's thesis focuses on the insufficient inclusion of interjections in the teaching of French and aims to introduce new approaches to incorporate them into textbooks and teaching materials. The theoretical part of the thesis explores interjections as a part of speech, their phonological anomalies, and their roles in texts. Emphasis is placed on researching and analyzing interjections in various textual contexts, providing a comprehensive perspective on interjections and emphasizing their importance in the French language. The practical part of the thesis is dedicated to the creation of various exercises and activities that serve as inspiration for French language teachers. These activities are designed with consideration for different age groups and student levels to ensure effective engagement and the development of interjection- related skills. The proposed activities include project tasks, creating dialogues, and creative writing. The aim of these activities is to promote active communication, understanding, and expression using interjections, thereby enriching students' language skills. Additionally, the theoretical part discusses the significance of interjections as initiators of human speech. This thesis brings new perspectives and tools to enhance the teaching of the...
Gender marking in job titles in French
Buriánková, Adéla ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
The present paper on feminine allomorphs and allolexs in the French language provides a better understanding of the formation of feminine exponents in the domain of occupational names. In the first part of the text, we discuss theoretically the circumstances and conditions under which the need for feminization of occupational names arises and how the morphemic chain of the concrete feminine is constructed. We discuss the morphemic and morphological aspect, the historical context, the need for feminisation from a legal and political point of view, the jobs requiring feminisation and the factors influencing the choice of the process of formation of feminine lexis. We also consider the opinion of the French Academy and French dictionaries such as Le Larousse and Le Robert. In the same way, we include in the dissertation the modes of formation and representation of the feminine in the FLE textbooks. In the second part of the text, we dedicate ourselves to practical research in which we study the actual production of the use of the feminine of occupational names. This research, carried out with the help of the questionnaire method, gives us a real insight into practical usage, which helps us to get an overall picture of this relatively new grammatical phenomenon on such a large scale. Key words: gender,...
Evaluation of the speech act's felicity and infelicity
Šišmová, Anna ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
This master thesis, entitled Evaluating the Felicity and Infelicity of Speech Acts, focuses on the analysis of illocutionary speech acts based on the linguistic works of authors John Langshaw Austin and John Rogers Searle. Both of these authors introduced five types of illocutionary speech acts, and each of them also constructed the felicity conditions by which a speech act achieves its intention. If this happens, the speech act can be described as felicitous. Furthermore, the thesis deals with situations in which irony, sarcasm or humour is used in communication. Since these are not situations on which the above-mentioned authors focus their attention, we have tried to propose a reformulation of the felicity conditions using John Rogers Searle's model. The aim of this paper is both the analysis of specific types of speech acts and the analysis of acts containing irony and other mentioned phenomena. KEYWORDS speech acts, felicity and infelicity of speech acts, truth conditions, pragmatics, John Langshaw Austin, John Rogers Searle

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