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Perception of the TikTok platform by children born between 2003-2006
Navrátilová, Tereza ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the social network TikTok and its perception by children born between 2003 and 2006, specifically what role TikTok plays in their lives, how they use it and their content preferences on this platform. The theoretical part describes the TikTok platform, its origin, development, typical users and algorithm. It also defines psychological profile of adolescents and describes their behavior on social networks. In the practical part, a qualitative research was conducted in a form of interviews, which found out how respondents perceive TikTok and how they use it. The respondents were active users of this social network. Finally, the results are being discused, which is followed by a description of how to successfuly target advertisement on TikTok on researched age group based on the results of the survey.
Specifics of cooperation between the current Czech alternative music scene and commercial entities
Pecková, Sára ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
It is common in marketing communication to use music or to establish cooperation between subjects of the music industry and commercial entities that are not directly related to music. This is most common for music produced directly for commercial purposes and for the so- called mainstream music scene. On the contrary, the alternative music scene differs from the mainstream in many ways and often directly identifies itself against commercial conduct. In addition, the Czech alternative music scene has many special specifics due to historical development. Nevertheless, cooperation with commercial entities takes place with representatives of the musical alternative, although these cases are not as common as in case of the mainstream music scene, or they have not yet received much attention. This work follows up the specifics of cooperation between the current Czech alternative music scene and commercial entities as a cooperation of two completely different spheres. The observed specifics are based on in-depth interviews with representatives of the contemporary Czech alternative music scene, who have experience in cooperating with commercial entities. The result of the research is an approximation of how the cooperation between the two entities works.
The FOMO phenomenon in the context of the social network Instagram
Thein, Filip ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the FOMO phenomenon, ie the fear of missing out, on the social network Instagram. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the term FOMO from a psychological point of view and its application in marketing. Furthermore, it represents the relationship of generations to social networks with a focus on adolescents and young adults. The practical part uses qualitative research to examine how the FOMO phenomenon affects the activity of young adults on the social network Instagram. It also examines how users respond to FOMO marketing by influencers.
Attitudes of generation Z towards activism on Instagram
Nguyen, Nhu Anh ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis maps out attitudes of generation Z towards activism on Instagram, examines their ways of participation on the platform and explains the relationship between online and offline activism. Results of quantitative research show that women share more activist content on Instagram than men. There seems to be only a weak positive correlation between online and offline activism. However, members of generation Z seem to believe that online activism does influence offline behaviour. Afterwards, semi-structured interviews were conducted. Users that created activist content listed awareness raising, showing their point of view and legislative change as their motivation. Users who consume activist content on Instagram showed scepticism towards presentation of mainstream topics on Instagram, however, they praised new topics and new perspectives. In their opinion, activist content on Instagram can be described as visually attractive and simple.
The reflection of communication of the Ministry of education youth and sports on social media
Rýdlová, Karolína ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "The reflection of communication of the Ministry of education youth and sports on social media" is focused on the use of social websites in case of the agencies of general government's communication with public. The first part of this thesis is mapping theoretic findings, definitions and functions of an institutional and governmental communication and its use on social websites. Based on a delimitation of the function of an institutional communication and a setting of key characters of social media there are the basic goals of the institutional communication on social websites identified. The following chapters should provide a picture about how the social websites have been used by the agencies of general government in the Czech Republic till now, the activity of the Ministry of Education is included, as well. The theoretical findings are consequently used in terms of the analysis of the Ministry of Education's communication on social websites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The main aim of this research is to evaluate the quality of the meeting targets of the institutional communication on the social websites and an exploitation of their potential from the Ministry of Education's side (these targets are specified in the theoretical part of the thesis). Within this research...
Current Trends in Arts Marketing: Example of National Theatre
Jeřábková, Kateřina ; Klimeš, David (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
This thesis reviews current theory and practice of audience development. It examines the effectiveness of audience development and ways of embedding it into marketing theory. The analytical part of this thesis presents how three theatre institutions employ audience development - the National Theatre, Na Zábradlí Theatre, and A Studio Rubín - as viewed by their respective marketing experts. It further analyses audiences' responses to special events, the most common format of audience development. It discusses the specifics of arts marketing, with a special focus on theatre marketing, and aim to define differences in marketing strategies between institutions of different status, financial structure, and size. In addition to discussing current and previous trends in audience development in the Czech Republic and abroad, it provides an overview of the theoretical debate on the topic. The thesis then presents field research into audience engagement activities from the perspective of their creators, but also examine how they are received by audiences, including how they affect theatres' public image and customer behaviour.
Evolution of visual style of the Prague Metro
Ťopková, Tereza ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to describe the development of the Prague metro's appearance and to study the application of a uniform visual style in its current environment. The theoretical section describes the history of the Prague metro and investigates the topic of visual communication and unified visual styles with a focus on information and wayfinding systems applied in public transport environments. The key topic examined in this work is the development of the visual style in Prague's metro from its opening to the present day. Preparatory studies of the metro's information and wayfinding systems and the finally applied systems are both described. This section includes a description of individual visual elements and important information about the authors of these systems, Jiří Rathouský and Rostislav Vaňek. The current visual communication style seen in Prague's metro is also described in this section. Planned and tested variants of new systems are also examined. The empirical section of the thesis investigates the currently applied visual style in Prague's metro. Elements from the graphic manual are described and adherence to a uniform visual style is analysed, including how certain elements have been applied at selected Prague metro stations.
Media image of Czech fine arts in Události v kultuře on ČT Art
Vičarová, Barbora ; Sládková, Hana (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis entitled "Media Image of Czech fine arts in Události v kultuře on ČT Art" covers the theme of Czech fine arts and its media image within the cultural and news program Události v kultuře on ČT Art. The aim of the work is to map the media image of Czech fine arts in such cultural-news program, which is produced on a daily basis by Czech public television. For such an analysis, the method of combined quantitative and qualitative content analysis is used, which examines individual reports from a given programme throughout the year 2019. The thesis wants to answer in what form, how and in what frequency was Czech fine arts represented in Události v kultuře in 2019. The aim is to answer which artists were represented in the programme the most, which institutions or topics had the greatest representation in the news program and what are the properties of a news topic to be able to get into the cultural-news program on national public television at all. The theoretical part of the thesis firstly outlines the theoretical framework of the topic, which is general description of a television as a medium and then, based on the literature, the concept of media image, the concept of public law and news and its values, are described. Subsequently, the background of the researched subject is...
The attitudes of generation Z towards fashion brands
Čepelova, Anastasia ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis involves around generation Z and its attitudes towards luxury fashion brands. The first part focuses on the theoretical background. First it defines the key concepts of fashion, luxury and its position in modern world, then it is put into context with the fashion brands and their marketing strategy. It continues with the description of the key influences and attitudes of generation Z, based on the previous research conducted on this topic. Second part consists of the research itself, describing the chosen method of in depth interviewing and open code analysis. The conclusion contains the outcomes of the research, describing the six main factors generation Z considers when it comes to luxury fashion purchases.

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