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Selected places of memory in Chodsko
Kroc, Jakub ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to describe the history of the creation and subsequent second life of two selected monuments in Chodsko. This includes a description of the initial idea regarding the creation of the monuments, the course of fundraising activities, the selection of the author, the unveiling ceremony, and the subsequent second life of the monument during the World War II. The thesis also looks at how the buildings were received by the general public and places the selected monuments in the context of the period. The primary sources of information are mainly contemporary documents, periodicals, correspondence from individual committees, chronicles and photographs. In describing the events or persons to whom the monuments are dedicated, the work is based primarily on scholarly literature.
Political trial with Stanislav Zela and Co.
Záveský, Miroslav ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee)
The political trial of church leaders in January 1950 is one of many examples of the mass illegality of the time. On the basis of archival sources stored in the National Archive and other memory institutions, I want to describe the course of the investigation, which was the responsibility of the State Security. Thanks to the preserved transcripts, I will be able to reconstruct the exact course of the trial. I want to combine archival sources with press reports to create a plastic picture of this political trial. I would like to conclude my work with a brief description of the imprisonment of the convicted priests in Czechoslovak prisons.
The Zenkl family in the fight against totalitarian regimes
Zenkl, Jan ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the life stories of members of the Zenkl family who resisted Nazism and Communism or became its victims. It primarily try to highlights activities during their greatest anti-totalitarian activities and events when totalitarian regimes were in power. Their activities during their youth and the last phases of their lives are also mentioned. KEYWORDS PhDr. Petr Zenkl, JUDr. Jan Zenkl, Rudolf Zenkl, Ing. Jan Zenkl, Nazism, Communism, Buchenwald, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak National Socialist Party, State Security
Show trial Veselý and others
Volmanová, Mária ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee)
Bachelor thesis is about one of the largest show trials in Moravia, which happened between the 7th and 11th February 1950. Its goal is to discover the reason behind accusing these people and how it was related to their political affiliation. It also explores the investigation and the trial as a whole. The work also investigates how the show trial was shown in the newspapers and how the media tried to influence the public. An important goal is also to analyze the features that this show trial has in common with other show trials of this period in Czechoslovakia. The most significant part of the work is devoted to the analysis and interpretation of archival materials available for this show trial. Key words: show trial, communism, totality, Veselý, Rod, Tuček, persecution, trial
Rural changes after World War II in the former Horšovský Týn district
Švarc, Ondřej ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The target of this diploma thesis is the transformation of the countryside after the Second World War in the territory of the former district of Horšovský Týn, whose existence is defined in the years 1945-1960. The work, based on the study of primary sources from the State District Archive of Domažlice, located in Horšovský Týn (primarily from the ONV Horšovský Týn resource), the study of periodicals and secondary literature creates a picture of the post-war border district, which had to go through a series of revolutionary changes during its existence. The work follows the demographic development of the Horšovský Týn district, including the displacement of the German-speaking population and the subsequent settlement of the region by a new Czech population. Using the example of the memoirs of Walter Bernklau, who as a German was deported from Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, the work shows what fates the German-speaking population had to go through during the deportation and what awaited them in their new home. The second half of the work is mainly devoted to the development of agriculture in the region, the history of auxiliary cooperatives in the district of Horšovský Týn in the years 1945-1948 and the collectivization of the region after 1949. In the last chapter, the work on selected...

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