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Adaptation of children in kindergarten from the point of view of parents' and teachers' evaluation
Zuntová, Klára ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of children's adaptation in kindergarten, primarily from the perspective of parents and teachers. The aim of the thesis is to develop relevant theoretical frameworks and starting points regarding adaptation in preschool education and to reflect on the issue of adaptation through a case study of a kindergarten in an empirical investigation. In the conclusion, recommendations are formulated for the further development of the pedagogical work of the selected kindergarten aimed at supporting the adaptation processes of children who start attending preschool education. The theoretical part first focuses on the definition of basic terms related to the course of the adaptation period and the socialization of the child in preschool age. It also deals with legislative documents on which the adaptation process is based. In the last part, the issues of communication, cooperation and psychosocial needs of the child are defined, which it is desirable to pay attention to specifically in this period. The research design in the empirical part is a case study of one kindergarten. The investigation focuses on the analysis of expectations, experiences and evaluation of the course and outcome of the adaptation period from the perspective of parents and teachers in the selected...
Meaning of ritualized behaviour of children with emotional dysfunctions
Roh, Tomáš ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
This work is a pedagogically-philosofical essay, which attempt to map to what extent ritual was and is the part of a human life, if there is still potentiality to "bet" on its curative and healing power and how much we are as humans entities rather naturally spiritual (homo spiritualis) or merely sort of indoctrinatedly essence largely rational (homo sapiens). And also to put down several questions regarding to the meaning and functions of ritual, his actuality and necessity or dispensability. Further few questions relating to existence of emotions and problematics of emotional wounds according to traumatic experience. And to refer to still little used possibilities of connections of ritual modes of behavior with intentional education, not only in etopedia domain but in modern pedagogy as whole. Keywords: emotions, soul, body, trauma, ritual, collective, socialization, education, pedagogy
Negotiating Identity: Second Generation of Lithuanian Immigrants in Great Britain
Dacys, Lucie ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Fapšo, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the negotiation of identity among second generation Lithuanian immigrants in the UK and aims to find out how children of migrants reflect the life between the two worlds and cultures - whether they identify more with the culture and lifestyle of the destination country, maintain a Lithuanian identity for the sake of their family members, or develop a so-called third culture. The first part of the thesis serves as a theoretical framework and focuses on several key themes - the theory of migration is introduced, in which the emphasis is put on the history and present of Lithuanian emigration and also on the theory of transnational migration; the concept of identity is discussed, which is viewed from several perspectives - national, transnational, social or ethnic identities are presented, and last but not least, the theory of third culture children and their identity; and the process of socialisation and its specifics are also discussed. The analytical part is then a case study of members of the second generation of Lithuanian migrants in the UK and presents an analysis of their perception of their own identity. KEYWORDS Migration, identity, concept of self, Lithuania, Great Britain
Tactile perception children with severe visual impairment through application of STIP test
Kramosilová, Zuzana ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to provide a comprehensive summary of findings and statistical results of verification of visually impaired children's tactile abilities in preschool age (5 - 8 years), early school age (9 - 12 years) and older school age (13 - 17 years) using STIP tests I. - III. (Speed of Tactile Information Processing). The STIP test, taken from the English original, is converted into Braille and testing reading abilities of numerals. The test assesses accuracy - error making in lines, rate and concentration.

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