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Hyper-digitalization of the football environment from the point of view of the fans of the football club AC Sparta Prague
Novák, Filip ; Pergl, David (advisor) ; Tremčinský, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of hyperdigitalization on the relationship between fans and AC Sparta Prague, a club participating in the highest Czech football competition. In the theoretical part of the thesis I define the concept of hyperdigitalization and the processes that come with the rapid development of digital technologies and communication tools. These include, for example, the naturalization of digital communication or the deterritorialization of the fandom. Furthermore, I discuss the methodology of my work, in which I use semi-structured in-depth interviews with Sparta fans to collect data. Among other things, the social network Twitter and the Sparta fan community operating there were used to select respondents. In the practical part, I analyse the generated data in chapters dealing with establishing a relationship with the club, consumption of digital content, traditional 'offline' fandom, the complications of digital technologies and the financial functioning of the club. The themes of the analytical chapters were developed primarily based on the categories emerging from the open coding results. Answers to the research questions and opportunities for further research are emerged in the final chapter.
4 Elements
Špundová, Veronika ; Trhoň, Ondřej (referee) ; Šrámek, Jan (advisor)
Through two textile objects, which are performatively brought and installed in Lužánky Park in Brno for the purposes of its defense, the diploma thesis 4 Elements reveals and further develops the designed reality and mythology of four colorful elements – principles – roles – identities – anti-heroic demons – avatars: #ccff00, #000000, #c0c0c0 and #cc99ff, as actors with symbolic potential, with whom it experiments as a form of visual scenario for a future LARP game. Part of the work is a circular object, which is a transport case for the second spherical object, with the fact that both of them function as interconnected works as well as independently. The circle is a camping blanket, map or gateway to the designed reality of the 4 elements, and the sphere concentrates their collage-like imaginative memetic picture medallions around its axis. Textile rhizomes or long fibers leading from both objects connect the objects with the landscape, with other planetary actors. The work is based on schools of thought such as posthumanism, new materialism, material feminism, climate crisis and post-anthropocentric contemporary philosophy or media theory and visual studies.
Importance of personal relations in social work
PETRŮ, Barbora
The diploma thesis is dealing with the relationality of persons and its importance for social work. In the first part of this thesis, the topic focuses on the philosophical understanding of the concept of person, relationality and where the need to establish relationships is formed. Philosophical insights are applied throughout the thesis through defining relationship in social work, in which relationship is taken as a tool for helping. Thus, the thesis aims to note the importance of relationship in social work, aiming to highlight the interconnectedness of the personal relationship with the professionalism of the social worker. The final part of the thesis is devoted to practical experience in a Low Threshold Clubs for children and teenagers, in which the practical experience will be reflected upon by means of the theoretical theses identified, thus evaluating the personal relationship with the boundaries of professionalism.
The relationship of the church and diaconia using the example of the parish church of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren (ECCB) and the Diaconia of the ECCB - The "Rolnička" Center.
MIŠUN, Miroslav
The thesis deals with the relationship between a church social services facility and a partner evangelical congregation. In the first part, the theoretical background that characterizes this relationship is defined. The theoretical part describes the origin and development of Evangelical diaconal work, the meaning of the word "diaconia" from a theological point of view and the relationship between the ECCB congregation and the ECCB Diaconia centre from the perspective of the ECCB Diaconal Work Regulations and the Organisational Regulations of the ECCB Diaconia. The practical part studies this relationship on the practical example of the ECCB parish congregation in Soběslav and the ECCB Diaconia - Rolnička Centre through qualitative research.
Relationship between Judgments for Recognition and Default Judgments
Šmahelová, Adéla ; Sedláček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Smolík, Petr (referee)
Relationship between Judgments for Recognition and Default Judgments Abstract The subject of this diploma thesis is the relationship between judgments for recognition and default judgments. In both cases, the judgements are special institutes typical for civil contentious proceedings, primarily aimed at speeding up the proceedings before the court. The statutory provisions seek to achieve this mainly by not requiring the court to establish the facts of the case when deciding by special judgments, as the decisions are based solely on plaintiff's factual allegations or defendant's act of disposition. Firstly, the starting point for determining the links between the two judgments is an analysis of the judgments as separate decisions. The current legal framework recognises three types of special judgments, namely a judgment for explicit recognition, a judgment for a legal fiction of recognition and a default judgment. In particular, a judgment for explicit recognition should be distinguished from a fictitious judgment for recognition and a default judgment. Whereas the first decision is based on a dispositive act made by the defendant freely expressing his will to recognise the claim, the other two judgments are based on defendant's default, either by failing to appear at the hearing or make a statement of...
In vitro fertilization from the point of view of the couple
HOŠKOVÁ, Izabela
This bachelor thesis focuses on handeling and perception of assisted reproduction by a couple. The theoretical part provides information from the field of infertility, its examination and treatment options and especially the psychological aspects that appear with infertility treatment. The research study is based on qualitative research in which was used semi-structured interviews with six respondents who experienced assisted reproduction with successful conclusion. These respondents were asked about their subjective experience with the whole process and how this experience influenced their lives. The results of the thesis include individual case studies that describe the unique stories of the respondents. The data were analyzed using open coding and processed in the form of case studies. The results show that the respondents consider the process of assisted reproduction as a psychologically demanding which affects not only themselves and their lives but also affects relationship with the partner and external environment.
Environmental education in kindergartens with different educational programmes
In this bachelor thesis, environmental educational programs of preschools were studied. Dialogue and a premade survey became a tool for comparison of educational programs. The survey focused on the relationship of children and less favourite animals was taken by 35 pupils. Dialogue with the pupils led to ascertainment of the children's relationship to staying in nature. Results of said surveys were compared with findings of Petra Juhasová. The results were then processed and compared in relation to environmental educational programs in preschools.

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