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Autoportrait of the nonhuman
Trnková, Barbora ; Horáková, Jana (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
The work conducted through artistic-research methods, spanning across several interconnected projects and their explications, examines the proclaimed overcoming of rationalistic dualities personified in the in the cyborg metaphor. It showcases how mediated digital thinking obstructs the perception of the other, posing a risk to feminist visions inspired by this metaphor. In the spirit of glitch feminism, instances of algorithmic biases are proposed, revealing glitches within normative hegemony mediated by the outcomes of learning algorithms, to be positively perceived as opportunities for their identification and removal. Furthermore, it introduces the category of the non-human other, fabricated through dehumanizing and tabooed violence. In comparison to the nature of the pornographic and the erotic, and in the context of the concept of becoming, a path towards acquiring autonomy of the other is hinted. Alongside the creation of alternatives that disrupt dominant hegemony, a shift in focus towards subtractive strategies is suggested, acknowledging the uprising of the non-human within us, while suspending the transcendental subject in the same move. This addresses the issue of preserving the subject, which interprets the other.
Synthetic bodies
Veselá, Lenka ; Kolářová,, Kateřina (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Fajnor, Richard (advisor)
In my dissertation thesis grounded in the notion of synthetic bodies, I reflect on the fact that we are not enclosed entities, but lively structures formed in relation to the environments which surround and entangle us. With a focus on industrially manufactured chemicals, which have become ubiquitous on Earth in the Anthropocene, I examine the far-reaching effects of what it means to be a synthetic body in a world permeated and transformed by man-made technologies. Through the collective publication and exhibition project Synthetic Becoming and individually developed intervention which localizes the effects of anthropogenic chemical pollution on our sadness, irritability, anxieties, inability to concentrate, and feelings of despair and hopelessness, I explore how we can live well in the context of changes caused by industrial modernity. How can we come to terms with our open and permeable, and thus also vulnerable and wounded bodies? How can we understand who we are becoming with anthropogenic chemicals? How can we accept and affirm the part of ourselves which is co-constituted through industrial production, distribution, and consumption? How can we resist, survive, and keep going — with and despite industrial chemicals?
Trokhina, Ekaterina ; Jarkovská,, Lucie (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Our society is dealing with inadequacy of sexual councelling, resulting into relationship problems and variety of mental and physical damage. In this work I’m presenting a solution in the form of a mobile gallery, Sexshop nomad gallery, with a mission to destroy of patriarchal models of sexual behavior, which we often hold unknowingly. Many of those damaging models come from mainstream pornography, which we will tackle by means of art and discussion. We intend to bring conversation on this topic – and more to come – into places overlooked by current institutionalized sexual education.
Body and Time
Olšáková, Marie ; Kupčíková,, Alena (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
This work is about creating a conceptual sculptural work. The goal was to capture the following motives: individual ways of perceiving time and social pressure on women. My personal motivation for creating was the outrage of the societal pressure which is put on women in their reproductive age. The main part of the sculpture is a clock, which is inserted into a plaster cast in the woman's lap. At the same time, a blue IKB pipe is depicted in the woman's lap. The sculpture is a minimalistic depiction of a woman feeling of the societal pressure. Twice a day there is a moment when the hands of the clock cover the pipe, and the pressure that society exerts on us, women, disappears. These moments convey the message that there is no right time. At the same time, I created triptych relief plates in the background, which repeat the plaster material and the use of the bodies that were imprinted into it. Specifically, it captures three generations of women from my family, three different approaches and three different captures of time.
Dance with a Million Knots. A return to craft techniques and artistic work with textiles in the context of contemporary artistic practice
Gryboś, Julia ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Janečková,, Zuzana (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
Dissertation entitled Dance with a Million Knots. A return to craft techniques and artistic work with textiles in the context of contemporary artistic practice maps the tendency of the return to craft techniques and handwork in the field of contemporary art. The tendency is reflected in the text through the definition of its relevant terms, examples of several domestic and international exhibition projects, the handwork-oriented practice of contemporary artists, and through a reflection on my own artistic practice. Following the assumption that the process of production and creation itself is now more central to artistic concerns, the dissertation asks for the causes and reasons for this turn, while also anchoring it in a broader social context. The reflection on the topic is presented in the thesis through an experience formulated from the position of a long-standing collaborative artistic practice with Barbora Zentkova, offering an associative reflection on the form and scope of the tendency in contemporary art, as well as on its possible sources and causes.
Inveni ipse ubique
Bezarova, Erika ; Vlková, Veronika (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis maps the author's personal journey to magickal phenomena and experiences with them, which will be mediated through tarot cosmology and interpreted through a spatial map, mainly of ceramic objects, built into the (already completed) game. The work will be grasped partly on a subjective and intuitive principle, and partly on already established working principles relating to tarot and magick. The theoretical part of the work will introduce the work through the description of the objects and the rules of the game, on which the installation of the work will be based.
Side Effect / This could be us
Masevnina, Polina ; Pustaiová,, Zuzana (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
My bachelor thesis Side Effect / This could be us consists of a series of photographs and the texts in the form of a visual intimate diary and focuses mainly on self-reflection. As in my previous works, I reflect on romantic and sexual relationships, changes in my mental and physical condition, whether caused by love affairs, any kind of addiction, or by taking anti- depressants. The side effect of medical psychotherapy affecting sexuality is one of the top- ics I reveal in my project. By creating my self-portraits and writing explicit notes, I satisfy the obsessive need to share my intimate life - digital exhibitionism has a therapeutic meaning in this case, it helps to ex- perience and cope with my current state. I interpret intimacy from the perspective of sharing a personal space. I explore the physical and symbolic nature of the text as the way of ex- pression and my own body as a tool for preserving and living memories. Focusing on the body I materialise it as the map of touches, I turn my experiences into a physical form.
Art and Motherhood
Olivová, Kateřina ; Koubová,, Alice (referee) ; Kraĺovič,, Ján (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The dissertation Art and Motherhood deals with the influence of motherhood on the experienced reality of women active in artistic practice - artists, theorists, curators and activists. Using feminist and artistic research methods, I collect and analyse the specific experiences of individual mothers. Capturing the breadth of possible views, perspectives and experiences that motherhood brings is essential to my research. I am not concerned in isolation instances of specific artistic realisations, but rather with the processes, environments and contexts of making, and the creative and life strategies employed in reconciling the personal and professional roles of individual women artists. The content of a series of thirty-five conducted interviews comprises the research material for the work, but is also the source for the practical component of the dissertation - the book Milk and Honey co-published by the wo-men and AVU publishing houses. The practice of two related community-based mothers' groups - Breastfeeding Guerillas and Mothers Artlovers is also examined. While Breastfeeding Guerrilla is a support group for mothers promoting and normalizing breastfeeding, Mothers Artlovers is a support group for parents in the arts. All of these research units set a community-based perspective on all research affecting the universal, multi-layered and inherently collective topic of motherhood.
Witnesses of the bus ZaBřehem Problems of alternative space
Benčíková, Barbora ; Šrek Bromová, Veronika (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis concerns my life project ZaBřehem and my activity in this project, which has the character of cooperation, organization, DIY, home design, web design, painting, crafts and over time also cultural organization and curation. The work goes through several components of the whole project and aims to defend the role of the artist in creating a new place that has the ambition to change the approach to people diagnosed with mental illness. At the same time, it focuses on the space specifically of one of the rooms, the layout of which the author considers her own work, as well as the method of transferring this space to the school premises for defense, which will create another site-specific installation.
NEWKUS - Bara and Sara
Smékalová, Barbora ; Alster, Darina (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis consists of a series of events by the art duo NEWkus. The NEWkus art duo deals with the transformation of relationships and the overall definition of the NEWkus body concept. It copes with the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic as well as with the apathy caused by the monotonous lifestyle in an enclosed space with the same person and the impossibility of meeting within the NEWkus duo. Thanks to a series of events in the home environment, the group is aware of its own existence on a much wider scale, it finds that it is not only two-member, that its structure is more extensive. The series of realized events is built on the borders of social, artistic experiment and intimate realism. The whole experience is screened in a single space, as part of the NEWkus Days festival. The space is defined by an object inspired by a screen, the internal environment of which is adapted to the image and the needs of both authors. The spectator is thus allowed to meet the story, which will be presented from many angles during the festival and will provide the opportunity to blend with the body of NEWkus in real time and space.

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