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Entanglement - Community building as a form of art
Kony, Denisa ; Lungová, Barbora (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
For my bachelor's art piece, I present the results of my year-long research in the areas of relating, decolonization, and the creation of spaces. I have constructed a library space installation that projects my findings and experiences into crocheted objects, presents a collection of texts created in collectives in response to my manifesto, literature that supported the creation of the manifesto, and provides a place for rest, reflection, and education.
What if I hold your hand and let you in
Mach, Josef ; Durina, MgA: Jan (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
There was an idea, and the idea was the vision that created matter. Matter was bursting with energy and entering the Void and it was not empty. Everything arose through it and without it nothing that is arose. In every drop of water, in every glint of metal, there is an energy that combines matter and emotion into one infinite stream. A wrought copper bathtub, a wilting flower or a fragile door frame with nowhere to enter tells of the inconsistence and uncertainty of the times we find ourselves in. The installation is a kind of emotional statement. It tells about a world of contradictory principles, paralysis and constant movement, about tension and stability, fragility or a fixed point. It is not easy to express oneself in words, language is often rigid and our ways of communication then speak only by description.
Zandálková, Marie ; Karous,, Pavel (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The thesis project plays out the theme of species extinction. The memorial to the dying insect, designed in collaboration with an entomologist as its refuge, offers not a redemptive practical solution, but an impulse to move in the gap between the human and the more-than-human world. Through my memorial/refuge, I seek to approach extinct species, specifically the insect kingdom, ethically and aesthetically. By creating a memorial, I am also thematizing my pursuit of meaningful monumental artistic activity in the field of interspecies art, reflecting on my own privileged position as a human creator as well as my awareness of the interconnectedness in the precarity in which we find ourselves with other species.
Metamorfosis of vax flowers
Kopúnková, Alexandra ; Sabik, Ester (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis Metamorphosis of a wax flower deals with the searching for identity in the layers of folklore from the point of view of a contemporary being. For this project, a floral crown was created (a head decoration in the form of a wreath or "crown", most often made of textile or wax flowers or possibly beaded ornaments or just rosemary and ribbons) as the main artifact of the concept of a transitional ritual to adulthood. The flower crown is part of a performance adapted to a traditional wedding ceremony, when the bride's crown is removed after the ceremony and is replaced by a hat covering brides hair. This work recreates this historical ritual, which had acquired an archaic meaning, and shows a possible alternative, when the key moment of rebirth is applied to the leaving from the academic land and the entry into the business market.
Reclaiming traditions
Drevenáková, Natália ; Tamásová, Alexandra (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The "Reclaiming Traditions" project is a comprehensive artistic endeavor that deals with the reinterpretation of Slovak tradition and its cultural elements, specifically the tradition of May 1st - Building the Maypole. This need arises from the personal experience of the author as a queer individual growing up in Slovakia, where queer beings do not have their legitimate place in public space. This transformation takes place within the realms of feminism, ecofeminism, and queer ecology. A part of the project involves the creation of monuments in public spaces, symbolizing a new approach to non-binary perception of nature and the importance of participation. The project evolves through several phases, from the creation of sculptural objects, tapestries, and outdoor installations to happenings. Each phase includes textile linen waste produced by the author during clothing design. This waste is utilized in various project phases (tapestries, hammocks, recycled residues in soil) and in the final thesis phase, as recycled yarn from recycled remnants of linen and wool for crocheting punching bags, representing circlusion. The inspiration for formal transformation is the neologism "CIRCLUSION" coined by German feminist and political writer Bini Adamczak, which is a female act against the male act of penetration. Circlusion (encirclement) denotes active surrounding. The project also reflects on questions of gender, sexual dominance, and ecological responsibility in the context of art in public space and community.
Still Hunt
Volková, Klára ; Zet, Martin (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Annotation 1. Introduction to the environment of rural cemeteries. 2. The Watching most visited graves. 3. The establishing most visited gravis. 4. Getting to know the fate of the dead. 5. The working with photos borrowed from survivors. 6. The controversy over the intimacy and generalization of the cemetery as a place of final rest and prepare for oblivion.
Place of Pilgrimage 2020
Chrastilová, Sabina ; Šagát,, MA Peter Susan (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Art, health and faith.. These three topics are the main elements of the thesis. I am interested in the point when faith and art meet and offer to a person support certainty or hope. In the thesis I deal with the phenomenon of searching places of pilgrimage, which spiritually fulfilled people and in time those places have become the reflection of culture and mentality of a nation. Exactly in these places happened miraculous recoveries the most often and because of it, the people started believing in strength and magic. The thesis examines if even today we visit cultural and artistic events with the same ambition and energy as the original pilgrims. The basic element of my final part is the video of my personal places of pilgrimage which I visited within the last year. The second part deals with my newly founded online gallery which maps modern forms of pilgrimage. The whole installation is supported by the third part which is my pilgrim coat which I customized during my last travels to suit my needs.
Side Effect / This could be us
Masevnina, Polina ; Pustaiová,, Zuzana (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
My bachelor thesis Side Effect / This could be us consists of a series of photographs and the texts in the form of a visual intimate diary and focuses mainly on self-reflection. As in my previous works, I reflect on romantic and sexual relationships, changes in my mental and physical condition, whether caused by love affairs, any kind of addiction, or by taking anti- depressants. The side effect of medical psychotherapy affecting sexuality is one of the top- ics I reveal in my project. By creating my self-portraits and writing explicit notes, I satisfy the obsessive need to share my intimate life - digital exhibitionism has a therapeutic meaning in this case, it helps to ex- perience and cope with my current state. I interpret intimacy from the perspective of sharing a personal space. I explore the physical and symbolic nature of the text as the way of ex- pression and my own body as a tool for preserving and living memories. Focusing on the body I materialise it as the map of touches, I turn my experiences into a physical form.
Investigative Obsession By An Insignificant Theory, A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee
Nytrová, Kristýna ; Šrámek, Jan (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
A wealth of information came to us through internet, with the desire to capture as many as possible we jump through pages and scroll so quickly so we can recognize in two milliseconds whether the information is interesting or not, therefore what remains is amount of unfinished ideas, unfinished sentences, unloaded images and unfinished videos. Open forms that are in constant variable motion. Set, we put together as a jigsaw that is missing parts, and yet reveals its image. In my work I am pulling out of the shards of memory in the form of associative reactions and promptly searched links that answers the question by another question. It is however only "response" which we can offer in contemporary world.
Autoportrait of the nonhuman
Trnková, Barbora ; Horáková, Jana (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
The work conducted through artistic-research methods, spanning across several interconnected projects and their explications, examines the proclaimed overcoming of rationalistic dualities personified in the in the cyborg metaphor. It showcases how mediated digital thinking obstructs the perception of the other, posing a risk to feminist visions inspired by this metaphor. In the spirit of glitch feminism, instances of algorithmic biases are proposed, revealing glitches within normative hegemony mediated by the outcomes of learning algorithms, to be positively perceived as opportunities for their identification and removal. Furthermore, it introduces the category of the non-human other, fabricated through dehumanizing and tabooed violence. In comparison to the nature of the pornographic and the erotic, and in the context of the concept of becoming, a path towards acquiring autonomy of the other is hinted. Alongside the creation of alternatives that disrupt dominant hegemony, a shift in focus towards subtractive strategies is suggested, acknowledging the uprising of the non-human within us, while suspending the transcendental subject in the same move. This addresses the issue of preserving the subject, which interprets the other.

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