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A Biographical Study of Vida Neuwirthova: The Influence of Family Heritage on her Artistic Life and Work
Hradecká, Markéta ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Houda, Přemysl (referee)
A BiographicalStudy of VidaNeuwirthova: The Influence ofFamilyHeritage on herArtistic Life and Work Using biographical methodology within contemporary historic studies, this thesis aims to present interpretations of life events as they were understood by the main subject of this research - Vida Neuwirthova- based on further analyses and interpretations of oral- historical interviews and other sources. Vida Neuwirthova is known to the public as a popular actress in the famous film Tri veterani (1984), and a dramatic shortcut in the understanding of her life events has influenced her current media image. Detailed biographical study reveals that the core of her life story is based on the discovery early in young adulthood of her Jewish heritage from her paternal family line. This important change in the understanding of her identity influenced the way she activated her artistic performance during the so-called "late normalisation"of the 1980s, founding the children's theater Feigele within the local Prague Jewish community. This period of time was characterized by an authoritarian state regime with a declared antisemitic ideology which tried to suppress and/or assimilate any signs of Jewish identity. In my thesis, I explore a possible change of meaning that Vida Neuwirthova provides in a retrospective...
Pupeteering as a Family Tradition on the Example of the Kopecký Family
Petričáková, Štěpánka ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Franc, Martin (referee)
The Kopecky family, whose family tradition is associated with puppet theatre, is examined in this thesis, which aims to explore the perception of family tradition in three different branches of the same family. To research this issue, the tradition is also studied in different generations of a given family branch. The narrators were chosen primarily so that individual families did not have closer ties with each other. The theory and methodology of this research are based on concepts of oral history and family memory. Matěj Kopecký, sometimes referred to as the patriarch of the Czech puppetry, was a puppeteer from Mirotice. The art of puppeteering has been passed down from generation to generation and is currently alive for the ninth generation. It brings the question, how is the family tradition in the present and how is it passed on? What exactly constitutes a family tradition? Key words: family, tradition, oral history, Matěj Kopecký, marionettes, marionette theatre
Reflection of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Life Stories of Psychologists
Horčáková, Jarmila ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The thesis presents the profession of psychoanalytic psychotherapy as reflected by representatives of the field. Through biographical narratives, I have attempted, together with the narrators, to identify moments and events in thein lives that may have had a decisive influence on thein choice of profession and also to describe thein professional development. At the same time, I tried to presented thein occupation in more details including the fact how it affects thein personal lives. From a methodological point of view, the thesis is primarily based on the biographical narratives of five narrators, most of whom have more than ten years of experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Hospitality industry in the shadow of the virus: The coronavirus pandemic and its impact on lives of people working in hospitality
Kopčiková, Dominika ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the two-year duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the usage of the oral history method explains its impact on people working in the hospitality sector in the Czech Republic during this time. The text of the thesis is divided into theoretical-methodological and empirical parts. The theoretical-methodological part provides an insight into the practice of oral history during the global pandemic and reports on studies that address this topic. At the same time, it details not only the chosen methodology, but also the challenges that arose during the fieldwork, due to the limitations that this specific time brought. The main aim of the empirical part of this study is to depict in chronological order how and to what extent the different phases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic affected the professional and personal lives of the narrators. Based on nine oral history interviews with five narrators, conducted during field research in the spring of 2021 and the winter of 2022, this issue is discussed from a time-lapse perspective. Through interpretations of the testimonies taken, research of press published in this period and reflections on government regulations, the narrators' life stories are thus placed in the context of the pandemic era. Keywords: COVID-19,...
Behind the front line, Rehabilitation during Covid-19 pandemic
Novotná, Klára ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (referee)
The thesis is based on 13 oral history interviews the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the health care sector (specifically rehabilitation medicine and physical medicine). Narrators are health care professionals who are part of multidisciplinary rehabilitation care in different positions and can therefore reflect the pandemic from different perspectives. In addition to the impact on the professional life, the thesis also describe the subjectively perceived impact on the narrators' personal lives. The interviews were recorded in early 2022, after 2 years of living with the pandemic, when strict restrictions were still in place. The thesis provides testimonies of the lived experience of the pandemic among health workers behind the so-called 'frontline', who have not received as much attention in the media. It also compares the experiences of the narrators in the context of Czech realities and compares them with the results of similar international studies on pandemics among health professionals.
The cinema Svět in Kladno in the timeframe 1960-1990 from the perspective of its employees
Dragounová, Veronika ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Krátká, Lenka (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the research of the cinema Svět in Kladno, primarily in the timeframe 1960-1990 with the main part of the thesis focusing on the experience of everyday life in the movie theatre from the perspective of its former employees. The research was conducted through the method of oral history, and the results provide insight into everyday life in the environment of the cinema in the second half of the last century. The thesis concludes with a reflection on the significance of this life stage for the interviewed narrators. Keywords: cinema, Kladno, movie, cinema staff, oral history

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