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Quality of life of patients after kidney transplantation
Nováková, Monika ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Quality of life in patients after kidney transplant" deals with issue of patient´s quality of livfe before and after transplantation. The objective of this thesis was to map quality of life before and after kidney transplantation in several dimensions - physical functioning, physical limitation, general health, vitality, social functioning, emotional issues and mental health. In theoretial section is presented overview of kidney diseasees, proces of transplantation and quality of life. In empirical section are presented methods of data collection, realisation of survey and results of this investigation. Chosen Method was standardized questionaire SF-36 supplemented with soci-demographic and health related information questionaire devised by autor. It was distributed among patients of nefrological ambulantory practice in IKEM which underwent kidney transplantation. Results: Quality of life of patients after udergoing tranplantation of kidney was better then before transplantationin these areas: perception of one`s own health, walking up the stirs one and more floors, walking hundred meters, managing worload, lesser difficulities in activities of daily living. Pain was lesser obstacle in managing work. Positive shift occured in feeling of pep, nervousness, depression, calm and peace,...
Locus of control and subjective health perception in patients with chronic pain in nursing
Dančíková, Marcela ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis looks at how Locus of control, spirituality and religiosity affect health and chronic pain. The theoretical part deals with the issue of pain, with emphasis on pharmacotherapy. The terms Locus of control, religiosity, spirituality and their effect on physical, psychological health and pain are explained, including an overview of methods to measure the listed 3 domains. It also focuses on linking the relationship of religiosity, spirituality, Locus of control, quality of life and emotional experience in people with chronic pain. Objectives: The aim of the empirical part was to identify differences between individuals with external Locus of control and internal Locus of control in sociodemographic, religiosive, clinical and affective variables, and how the locus of control predicts the variables. Methods: It involved 43 patients with chronic pain who were hospitalized at the Clinic of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine 2. LF UK and FN Motol. We were interested in sociodemographic data, including pain data, where intensity, discomfort and pain duration were included. The VAS scale was used to measure intensity and discomfort. We have used the LOC scale to determine whether an individual is an internalist or an externalist.Furthermore, questionnaires from GHLC, DUREL, FPQ-III,...
Quality of working life of Czech nurses and its changes over time
Komoňová, Jana ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis named The quality of the working life of Czech nurses and its changes over time is about the quality of life, the quality of working life and the quality of the working life of nurses, which is discussed in the theoretical part of the thesis. Aims: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out what the quality of the working life of Czech nurses is now, what it was like 10 years ago and to compare those results. Methods: Data was collected in selected departments at the Motol University Hospital, both inpatient and outpatient types of workplaces. The target group consisted pediatric and general nurses. Microsoft Forms online form was used to colect data, Microsoft Excel and Statistica CZ 12 were used for data processing. 90 valid questionnaires were included in the study. Results: The quality of the working life of Czech nurses has increased slightly over the course of 10 years. Nurses rate the quality of working life slightly more positively than the citizens of the Czech Republic (according to data available from the portal Pracovní pohoda, portal dedicated to measuring the quality of working life, in which the Occupational Safety Research Institute, v. v. i. and the Sociological Institute of the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i....
Subjective perception of workload and fatigue of nurses
Dandová, Kateřina ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled Subjective perception of workload and fatigue of nurses deals with the issue and perception of the degree of workload, stress and fatigue of nurses. The aim of the thesis is to determine the subjective perceptions of workload of selected groups of nurses and then to evaluate the results of the research and suggest recommendations for practice. The theoretical part of the thesis contains a basic overview of the individual knowledge on the subject, describes the types of workload and fatigue and points out its consequences and prevention. The empirical part contains the results of our own research using a standardized Meister questionnaire. Furthermore, the results of the own investigation were compared with the results of other similar research on a similar topic. The method of the survey was a self-constructed survey, which was supplemented with the Meister questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed to nurses employed at Motol Hospital in intensive care beds. The sample consisted of 94 respondents. Results: Considering the perceived burden, it was found that 44 % of the respondents felt that they did not have sufficient knowledge of relaxation techniques and activities to reduce the burden. Conclusion: Based on the results of the survey, I consider it more than...
Nursing care of a patient with a hemodialysis catheter in a chronic dialysis program
Horniková, Renata ; Hromádková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the treatment of hemodialysis catheters. A hemodialysis catheter is an integral part of every elimination method, and without a functional hemodialysis catheter, hemodialysis is not possible. The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to find out whether and how care for hemodialysis catheters differs at individual workplaces. The theoretical part of the thesis presents knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the kidneys, pathophysiology of the kidneys, elimination methods, vascular approaches and specifically describes hemodialysis catheters and their nursing care. The empirical part of the work presents the results of our own questionnaire survey, which took place at selected workplaces of the Motol University Hospital and at selected Fresenius Medical Care centers. The target group of respondents were nurses working at these workplaces. At the end of the investigation, 75 duly completed questionnaires were included in the statistical data processing. The obtained data are presented in pie and bar graphs and tables, and these data are subsequently compared with hypotheses oriented to the type of workplace and the level of education of the respondents. The results of the questionnaire survey revealed that there were statistically significant differences,...
Occupational injuries among perioperative nurses
Kolmašová, Petra ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled "Occupational injuries of nurses in perioperative care" addresses the issue of occupational health and safety of perioperative nurses. The operating room environment is very specific and perioperative nurses are exposed to various hazards in their work. Objectives: The aim of this study is to determine the frequency and cause of occupational injuries of perioperative nurses in the course of their profession. Methods: In order to achieve the aim of the work, a questionnaire survey was carried out, the target group of which was all perioperative nurses working in the central operating theatres for adults and central operating theatres for children at Motol University Hospital. The survey included 37 completed questionnaires. Results: Based on the statistical evaluation of the data, it was found that 43,24 % of the respondents had an occupational injury in the last year. The most frequent injuries involved sharp instruments, specifically sewing needles and scalpels. The most common circumstance of injury was receiving the instrument from the doctor, due to haste or lack of time. Musculoskeletal pain was reported by 59,46 % of the respondents with the highest prevalence of lumbar spine region. Conclusion: The issue of occupational health and safety of perioperative nurses...
The prestige of the general nurse profession from the perspective of nursing students
Verlíková, Věra ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
This work is intended to provide an overview of basic information about the general nurse profession and the students' view of the prestige of this profession. Objectives: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to bring up-to-date information about how students perceive the prestige of the general nursing profession in the Czech Republic (hereafter referred to as the Czech Republic). The opinion of the students will be determined using a questionnaire survey, and the data obtained will then be compared with the data from the research conducted by the Center for Public Opinion Research (hereinafter referred to as CVVM), in the research project - Our Society. Methods: 398 students were approached using an electronic questionnaire survey. Out of all the respondents, one hundred two students answered, of which fifty-four were students of the second year of the master's (hereinafter referred to as MgrSP) study program of General Medicine, twenty-eight students of the bachelor's (hereinafter referred to as BcSP) study program of General Nursing and twenty students of BcSP Pediatric Nursing. The questionnaire consisted of forty-five semi-closed, closed, and open questions. Non-parametric correlation tests were used for statistical data processing. Results: It was found that the majority of respondents have a...
Obligations of patients and possible sanctions for their violation
Moldanová, Miriam ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the area of patient obligations and possible sanctions for their violation. The theoretical part defines the specific rights of patients, which directly result from defined obligations, in case of non-fulfilment of which the medical facility can apply specified sanctions on behalf of authorized persons. The theoretical definition of the issue is followed by a research investigation. The empirical part is devoted to quantitative research, which was carried out on the basis of an own research investigation. The research examines the knowledge of Motol FN nurses in the area of patient obligations and the application of possible sanctions for their violation. The results of the survey are then compared with the results of another survey. The method of the research investigation is a self-constructed questionnaire. For subsequent data processing, 102 questionnaires are selected from the total number of 125 questionnaires received, which contain completely answered questions and a matching control question. The results of correct answers vary significantly from question to question. 96 % of the nurses answered correctly to the question whether it is possible to collect an unpaid amount from the patient for a medical procedure provided that is not covered by public...
Nurses' knowledge and use of personal protective equipment in barrier access to infectious patients
Bubíková, Kateřina ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Trojánek, Milan (referee)
1 Abstract The bachelor thesis entitled "Nurses' Knowledge and Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Barrier Approach to Infectious Patients" deals with the prevention of infection transmission in the hospital environment, emphasizes the importance of using personal protective equipment, and addresses the knowledge and habits of nurses providing nursing care to infectious patients in the hospital. Objective: The aim of the thesis was to determine and evaluate the level of nurses' knowledge in the field of prevention and use of personal protective equipment when working with infectious patients. Within this bachelor thesis, another goal was set to gather information on whether respondents with higher education demonstrate more detailed knowledge in the field of infectious control than respondents with secondary education. The sample of respondents was also compared by age and length of practice, where the correlation between these categories and the depth of knowledge was examined. Sample and methods: The survey was conducted through a questionnaire, the comprehensibility of which was previously verified by a pilot study. Data collection took place at two university hospitals in Prague, at FN Motol and FN Bulovka. The research sample consisted of 163 respondents, 115 respondents from FN Motol and 48 from...
Perception of ageing from view of caregivers in retirement home
Němečková, Marta ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Perception of old age by caregiving professionals of assisted living facilities" maps attitudes towards aging across care professional tems in assisted living facilities and students preparing for this profession. The objective of this thesis is to remove taboo associated with attitudes towards aging in care professional and comparartion with attitudes of students of caregiving. Theoretial section defines caregiving professionals in assisted living facilities, clarifies concepts of perception and attitude. Furthermore it describes proces of aging, standing of senior citizens in society and residence programs. In empirical section are presented results of this respective quantitative investigation in their relationship with established hypotheses. Chosen Method was czech standardized questionaire Attitude to aging WHOQOL-AAQ supplemented with demographic questionaire devised by autor, which was distributed among caregiving professionals in two assited living facilities in Prague and in Girls school among students of caregiving. Results: In this thesis were included 112 properly filled in questionaires. From data arose positive attitude increasing wit age of students of caregiving to aging. Next was found more positive attitude to againg among caregiving professionals then among...

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