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Interviews 2.0 - Using AI for oral historians
Haubert, Marek ; Hlaváček, Jiří (advisor) ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the integration of oral history with modern information technologies (IT), especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), aiming to investigate how these technologies can enrich the practice of oral historians and make the processing of oral historical interviews more efficient. It demonstrates, through practical examples, the possibilities of integrating AI and IT services at all stages of oral historical research, from interview preparation to realization, subsequent transcription, analysis, interpretation, and up to its security, archiving, and public publication. The thesis emphasizes practical demonstrations of technology use and research on available services and tools that can facilitate recording interviews, their transcription, sentiment analysis, or metadata creation.
Methods of reducing traffic collapse within large cities
Hlaváček, Jiří ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Řehák, Kamil (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis concerns methods of reducing traffic collapse within large cities. Due to the significant growth of amount of motor vehicles, especially passenger cars, transport infrastructure of cities is often being overloaded. In the research part of the thesis, possible approaches to this problem are described. Attention is paid to the congestion pricing and to the results of its application in various cities. Also, problem of the first and last mile in the city transport, parking strategy and cycling and pedestrian transport are described. The purpose of these methods is a reduction of the amount of passenger cars within the city, efficient utilization of alternative means of transport and improvement of the traffic flow. The research also includes chapter describing the attitude of particular cities. Common characteristics of these cities are emphasis on public transport, efficient transport infrastructure (linked up with the city plan), good conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and also an effort to make the life in the city as pleasant as possible (ecology, job-housing balance etc.). Practical part of the thesis is devoted to an application of findings on the City of Brno. Current drawbacks of the transport infrastructure of Brno and the strategy of its improvement are described there. As the additional possibilities of the improvement congestion pricing, improvement of the conditions for cyclists and construction of new carparks are proposed.
The flat - building
Hlaváček, Jiří ; Sedlák, Radek (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The project addresses the new residential building in the cadastral Chotebor city, county Vysočina.Jedná is a four-storey apartment building with two facilities (hairdressers, school). Apartment building has two main entrances A and B which are located in Eastern strany.Objekt the basement, flat-roofed single-shell střechou.Objekt flat is located on parcels 1228,4466,1221 / 1.1227 / 1,1223,1260 / 1.Obvodové walls of the porotherm 30 Profi and is insulated with expanded polystyrenem.Dům is designed with regard to the disposition solutions, safety in use, fire safety, the static page and energy savings
New building for habitation with surgery
Hlaváček, Jiří ; Ing.Radek Sedlák (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The project addresses new building for habitation with surgery in Chotebor cadastral municipality, county Brod. House is a ground floor with residential loft and garage. Floor plan of the house is approximately T-shaped. Gabled roof is designed with a slope of 30 with Tondach clay tiles, roof is modern Ring beam. External walls are of brick blocks designed Heluz. The house is designed with regard to layout, safety in use, ensuring the construction of a static page, fire safety and energy savings.
Transformation of the form of criminality since 1989 until modern era trough the eyes of the police officers
Muszela, Dominik ; Mücke, Pavel (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a Reflection of police work from 1989 to the present. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part, which describes the organization structures of the police with a focus on criminal police, the literature i used, and the thesis of my predecessors. Further the practical part, in which the reflection of the police officers who serve in the police force for the whole specified period of time on the different areas of criminal activity is determined with the help of guided interviews. The aim of the thesis is to provide the public with the views of police officers on their work and its development over time since revolution to this day. Keywords: Police of the Czech Republic, reflection, crime, oral history,
Reflection of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Life Stories of Psychologists
Horčáková, Jarmila ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The thesis presents the profession of psychoanalytic psychotherapy as reflected by representatives of the field. Through biographical narratives, I have attempted, together with the narrators, to identify moments and events in thein lives that may have had a decisive influence on thein choice of profession and also to describe thein professional development. At the same time, I tried to presented thein occupation in more details including the fact how it affects thein personal lives. From a methodological point of view, the thesis is primarily based on the biographical narratives of five narrators, most of whom have more than ten years of experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Hospitality industry in the shadow of the virus: The coronavirus pandemic and its impact on lives of people working in hospitality
Kopčiková, Dominika ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the two-year duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the usage of the oral history method explains its impact on people working in the hospitality sector in the Czech Republic during this time. The text of the thesis is divided into theoretical-methodological and empirical parts. The theoretical-methodological part provides an insight into the practice of oral history during the global pandemic and reports on studies that address this topic. At the same time, it details not only the chosen methodology, but also the challenges that arose during the fieldwork, due to the limitations that this specific time brought. The main aim of the empirical part of this study is to depict in chronological order how and to what extent the different phases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic affected the professional and personal lives of the narrators. Based on nine oral history interviews with five narrators, conducted during field research in the spring of 2021 and the winter of 2022, this issue is discussed from a time-lapse perspective. Through interpretations of the testimonies taken, research of press published in this period and reflections on government regulations, the narrators' life stories are thus placed in the context of the pandemic era. Keywords: COVID-19,...

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