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Information society in figures - 2019: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Information Society in Figures - 2018: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Analýza ziskovosti vybraného zemědělského subjektu - ZD Strmilov
ŠŤÁVA, Miloš
The subject of the thesis "Analysis of the profitability of a selected agricultural entity - ZD Strmilov" is the elaboration of a real analysis of the profitability of a functioning small agricultural enterprise. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, the first of which is a theoretical part, which focuses on the general characteristics of a small business and its economic use,with an explanation of its establishment. The second, practical part, provides a realistic analysis of the profitability of an existing small farm with the production of agricultural commodities. In conclusion, the work is completed with supplements, which can contribute in the future to increasing the profitability of a small agricultural enterprise and its further development.
Podnikatelský plán NEcukrárny
This thesis is focused on creating a business plan for a small business of company NEcukrárna. The theses have two parts, the first part is the theoretical introduction for the topic, the second part is the analytical part of execution concrete strategies for founding new small business. The methodical part of this theses is based on the professional literature and the knowledge collected during my studies. The applicational part contains the concrete economy situation on the market, practical experiences and knowledge and of course key analysis like SWOT matrix, Porter analysis. The aim of this thesis evaluates chances of profitability and long-term existence of my business idea.
Business plan - guest house
The bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a business plan for the establishment of a guest house in the field of agritourism. The first of this thesis is focused on business in general, structure of the business plan itself and agitourism as concept. The second part is the elaboration of a business plan for a concrete idea of project implementation from family benefits in South Bohemia. Conclusion of this thesis deals with the reality of the whole plan and its use.
Úplatkářské trestné činy a jejich vliv na ekonomiku obchodního závodu
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of bribery crimes and corruption. Basic literature for this work is the current Criminal Code (Act No. 40/2009 Coll.) This thesis is focused on law and economics aspects of corruption. The main attention is dedicated to the relation between corruption and private sector. The core of the theses is to search required objects in the Criminal record of legal persons that committed one of the bribery offenses and also penalties imposed on them. The cases are observed according to data from Public register - especially financial statements. It shows the impact of corruption on the following existence of each object and demonstrate that the size of penalty has different influence on micro or medium enterprise. It depends on the size and financial situation of the enterprise. For large enterprises are the penalties more insignificant than for small ones.
Processing of Tax Records in Selected Programs
The thesis describes the issue linked to tax records and specifies who shall keep tax records, which conditions must be observed for keeping tax records. Additionally, the thesis explores the current law which describes these problems mainly Taxation law and Law of accounting. Tax revenue and tax expenses are next important topic. In the work there is explored which program is most suitable for a particular entrepreneur. The most widely used methodology is a comparison in which these programs are compared and the outputs where these programs are evaluated. The work also deals with the issue of filing a tax return and optimalization of tax payments. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate particular programs, their strengths and weaknesses and the selection of the most suitable program for the needs of the entrepreneur.
Multi-function Cultural Centre "Creative City" in Brno
Sekaninová, Jitka ; Novák,, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor)
The thesis is a radical reconstruction and completion of a unique brownfield for cultural purposes, incubator of creativity, business and housing. The building is a former penitentiary near the city center between streets Bratislavská, Soudní and Cejl. It is a historical building which is currently unused. The complex for starting young entrepreneurs in a field of culture is supposed to serve as a center for a general public of art, particularly for the areas of so called industry of creativity such as architects, designers, painters, sculptors and also musicians, designers and developers of computer games. The building is historically valuable, especially due to the original vaults in the old part of the building which remain preserverd as much as possible. Only a part of a west wing has been demolished in order to construct a new expressive form as a shape of crystal which attracts the public from the Cejl street as it could be easily overlooked otherwise. The crystal has become a dominant part of the building and servers as a main entrance. A newer, less valuable part of the complex from the Bratislavská street, has been razed so there could be an underground parking and new extensions built serving the commercial and administrative purposes. The extenstions are the two operationally and structurally separated buildings allowing opening the entire area. A coridor which these two extensions create in between expands in a direction towards the legacy parts of the complex, thus the passers-by from a general public are pulled into the creative center through an attractive front-place. The original layou of each wing is retained what influenced their functional use decently. There are studios and workshops for artists located in the existing two floors along with multi-purpose hall, design market and theater hall with a trial rooms. There are additional studios, school of art with drawing and reading rooms and commercial areas situated in the extended floors.
Ethical Context of Social Business
ŠAMATOVÁ, Gabriela
The bachelor thesis deals with social business. It is described as a relatively timeless business direction that reflects the ethical foundation of society. It looks at the phenomenon of meaningful work at a deeper scale of general well-being and underlines the trend of globalization in contrast to the ever-increasing need for the community dimension of human life. It focuses on the question of motivation of entrepreneurs in the social business territory and the direction towards reflection in the level of the current "labor dialogue". I deal with the context of the value of work for a person who is in a difficult life situation. The goal of the thesis is to introduce social business as a dynamic tension going beyond the earnings to ethical values and social well-being.

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