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Communication methods of teachers at lower secondary school in relation to dialogic teaching
Votický, Petr ; Duschinská, Karolina (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes the level of some communication methods of teachers at the second level of elementary school, which should lead to improved and more balanced mutual communication. The essence and goal of the work is to examine the presence of dialogic teaching of selected teachers. The work will offer an interesting comparison of theories with real findings. In the theoretical part, I describe and reflect on the use of communication forms using elements of dialogic teaching. I introduce and explain the elements that, according to the expert, lead to stimulation, engagement of students' thinking, which influence their learning and understanding. Dialogic teaching differs from the classic IRF structure in the teacher-student approach using question work and feedback in the learning process. I am looking for some answers to the questions of what communication factors influence student learning through teacher communication. I describe theoretical principles, selected examples, methods and their subsequent results when used in practice or research. At the same time, I present the advantages and reasons for use. In the practical part, through qualitative research, I analyze audio recordings from classes and interviews with teachers and students. I distinguished between open and closed...
Thinking in Hannah Arendt's conception
Škardová, Michaela ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The thesis is an essayistic exploration of Hannah Arendt's thinking, with the central aim of naming the specifics of this thinker's thought, her sources of inspiration and her conception of thinking itself. The thesis attempts to clarify in what ways Arendt's way of thinking may inspire. The starting point of the thesis is her conception of the vita activa and the vita contemplativa, where the distinction between these two lives serves as a starting point for exploring the soil of the spirit. In relation to spiritual activities, the main purpose of the thesis is then to clarify the uniqueness of inquiry in Hannah Arendt's conception and to highlight the inherent nature of thought. The thesis outlines why it is important to inquire after thought itself and suggests the grounds for why Hannah Arendt acts like that. The thesis seeks to show how we are in the world through thinking and how practical reason is the defining factor in today's society. The thesis culminates in the importance of questioning in the process of education. KEYWORDS Hannah Arendt, thinking, vita activa, vita contemplativa, action, speech, practical thinking, meaning, conscience, questioning
Specific training and education of gifted children
Tesařová, Monika ; Dvořáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Nováková, Ivana (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE Husitská teologická fakulta BAKALÁŘSKÁ PRÁCE Specifika vzdělání a výchovy nadaného dítěte Vedoucí práce: Autor: PhDr. Hana Dvořáčková Monika Tesařová Praha 2012 CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE Hussite Theological Faculty BACHELOR THEIS Specific training and education of gifted children The work supervisor: Autor: PhDr. Hana Dvořáčková Monika Tesarova Prague 2012 Děkuji PhDr. Haně Dvořáčkové za její podněty a rady, které mi jako vedoucí mé bakalářské práce poskytovala při jejím zpracovávání. Prohlašuji, že jsem tuto bakalářskou práci s názvem Specifika vzdělání a výchovy nadaného dítěte vypracovala samostatně a s použitím citovaných pramenů, literatury a dalších odborných zdrojů. V Praze dne 16. 4. 2012 podpis ……………………………. Anotace Tato práce podává v teoretické části informace o specifikách vzdělávání nadaných dětí v České republice. Obsahuje souhrn informací o historii, edukaci, přístupu i legislativě. Její praktická část je tvořena dotazníkem určeným široké veřejnosti a následně interpretuje jeho výsledky, názory a informovanost o nadaných dětech. Annotation The theoretical part of this thesis provides us about specifics of the education of gifted children in the Czech republic. Contains a summary of the history, education, legislation and access. The practical part of this thesis...
Ideology of Liberalism, or Ideology after its own End
Korda, Tomáš ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
The essay begins with Benjamin`s comprehension of truth and his method of constellation which aims to the truth. I connect the method to the act of naming, which I derive from comprehension of subject in German idealism. Method is necessary condition for very constellation of liberal ideology. Contemporary liberalism thus does not only symbolize time after "the end ideology", but even space of time, when the ideology acquire its own most effective form. "The truth became most effective form of lie." In this sense I continue in critique of postmodernism as the ideology of late capitalism. In fine I outline the way to postmodernism by force of "risk thinking" which remains faithful to dialectic. Solely immanent critique which is far from normative critique of postmodernism sets in motion rigid conditions caused by omnipresent ideology.
Power of the stickers - Ethnography research at the first class
Pejchalová, Michaela ; Levínská, Markéta (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
in English The bachelor's thesis is focused on the phenomenon of stickers for children at the first class of the primary school. Its aim is the description and the explanation of the sense of their collection, grouping and exchange. The thesis is conceptualized like an ethnographical study at the school background. It is based on the methods of qualitative research. Data was collected using participant observation, interviews with focus group, analysis of documents and diary of research worker. Then it was qualitatively analysed and interpreted in relation to the relevant literature. The text of work is divided in two parts - the theory and the research. The theoretical part is coming out from sphere of psychology and also social and cultural anthopology, sociology, philosphy nad cultural history. The practical part presents results of the research. The aim of study is to enable better insight into the problematics of stickers, especially their influence on relations between children and self-concept of pupil at the first class. It describes and analyses in detail of principles of classifications and exchanging. The thesis shows what is the power of stickers to create individual and his surroundings.
Biological determinations of cognitive disorders
Vítek, Petr ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Stehlík, Luděk (referee)
As a topic of my bachelor thesis I have chosen "Biological determinants of cognitive disorders". Because of the bachelor thesis' coverage I was forced to choose only two cognitive functions - memory and thinking. This work as a whole is an attempt to combine psychological theories with neurological and psychiatric knowledge which are now popular thanks to the rapid development of imaging techniques of brain. One chapter is specifically focused on their brief summary. In the beginning specific cognitive functions are circumscribed but only two of them are taken further - memory and thinking. More space is dedicated to memory because neurological research of memory is much more complex compared to thinking. My approach is similar in both cognitive functions - at first I focus on description of normal functioning and then I classify and describe specific disorders, trying to find their neurological correlations. The second part of my bachelor thesis proposes the research of episodic memory, in which I would compare differences in its distortions from both neurological and neuropsychological perspective. Patients with delusions, pseudologia fantastica and patients with often confabulations are the target group. I tried to create as realistic design as possible. However I realize its financial...
The Multiplicity of Being: The Ontology of Alain Badiou
Pivoda, Tomáš ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kouba, Petr (referee) ; Pechar, Jiří (referee)
Tomáš Pivoda, The Multiplicity of Being: The Ontology of Alain Badiou PhD thesis Abstract The thesis introduces for the first time in the Czech philosophical context the ontology of the French philosopher Alain Badiou, as he set it out in his fundamental work Being and Event (L'être et l'événement, 1988). It first presents the starting point of Badiou's philosophy as well as the reasons of his identification of ontology with the set theory, and it points out Badiou's importance for contemporary philosophy, especially for the so called speculative realism around Quentin Meillassoux. The main axis of the exposition is then built around Badiou's four fundamental "Ideas": the multiplicity, the event, the truths and the subject, in connection with which it is shown how Badiou constructs his conceptual apparatus out of individual axioms of the set theory, whereby he follows the basic formal definition of multiplicity based on the operator . In connection with∈ the first Idea of multiplicity, the thesis exposes - with references to Martin Heidegger and Plato - Badiou's conceptual transposition of the couple one/multiple on the couple existence/being and defines the fundamental concepts of his ontology - the situation, the presentation, the representation and the void, with the help of which Badiou interprets...

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