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Psychological and sociocultural adaptation of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. The role of cultural intelligence
Kulikova, Ekaterina ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
The bachelor's thesis adresses the question of a psychological and sociocultural adaptation of refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic. Besides, it focuses on the challenges of psychological and sociocultural adaptation and on the role of cultural intelligence in the process of cultural adaptation. The thesis is divided into two sections: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part focuses on the the culture, cultural intelligence, psychological and sociocultural adaptation, and extends to the the specifics of acculuration among forced migrants. It is followed by the empirical part, which presents the research based on a mixed-method approach, combining interviews and questionnaires. The research aims to understand the respondents' experiences, along with the specific themes and issues of their cultural adaptation resulting from the acculturation process after two years of residing in the Czech Republic. Respondents describe their experiences in a new sociocultural environment and assess their levels of psychological and sociocultural adaptation. The data collection involved questionnaires and interviews. The research findings provide insight into the particular themes and challenges of respondents' cultural adaptation, affirming the significance of a cultural intelligence as a mediator of...
Playing soldiers: An Ethnographical study of virtual military units
Kos, Andrej ; Hrabec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
The text aims to explore the environment and culture of virtual military units in the Arma 3 video game using an ethnographical approach. It analyses their structure and agency in terms of the theoretical views of concepts such as Communities of practice and the Protheus effect. It also considers the theories of role-playing and psychodrama. Immersion and player identity are also discussed on a theoretical level. Participant observation and focused interviews were chosen as data collection methods. The data was captured in the form of video recordings and further analysed. The text continues to focus on the analysis of the data sections presented and the emergence of three crucial aspects: the acquisition of technical skills by the players, their gradual enculturation into the gaming community, and, finally, the specific mode of experience these virtual activities offer, and emotional aspect of said experience. It is argued in the text that the specific technical knowledge that players acquire, combined with the connection to a specific context created and maintained by the group itself, allows the establishment of a specific relationship between the player and his virtual character that enables a particular form of authentic experiencing of the game content. These findings continue to be...
Extreme metal - subculture and identity
Pospíšilová, Anna ; Doubek, David (advisor) ; Lipský, Matěj (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to investigate the identity of extreme metal musicians. In the theoretical part, the terms identity, genre, subculture were defined and a brief history of extreme metal was outlined. In the empirical part, research was presented in which 8 semi-structured interviews with grindcore, black metal, trash metal and death metal musicians were analyzed using qualitative methods. Subsequently, an analysis of the interviews was carried out, from which 11 main categories emerged that characterize the individual experience of extreme metal musicians. Based on the obtained results and data from participant observation, the chapter on the identity of an extreme metal musician was created, within which 2 main areas emerged, the purity of metal and the energy of metal, which form the basic pillars of the identity of an extreme metal musician. In the following chapter, the obtained data were placed in a wider context by means of a comparison with the theoretical starting points of the work. KEYWORDS Metal music, identity, subculture, etnography, analysis of interview
Mapping and Analysis of Developmental Types of Boys in a Selected 4th Grade of Elementary School
Hrdina, Jan ; Doubek, David (advisor) ; Levínská, Markéta (referee)
This dissertation deal with developmental types of boys in the fourth grade of basic school. It is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part I am dealing with possible reasons of making a relations between boys, focused on social psychology, socio-culture and psychological aspekt. In empirical part, which is based on my own observation of school class, the structure of relations between boys is completely described. The goal of empirical part is to describe boys as individuals and according to their appearances, interests, family relations and games, which boys like to play in school class, divided them into several groups. Games in school class are mentioned in separate paragraph. According to my own observation four groups of boys were established. Each group has typical character and their members have specific interests and own attitude to class. These groups were created because of likings between boys, similar attributes of boys and attitudes of boys to school. These results are elaborated in the conclusion of my dissertation.
Psychological aspects of life in the shelter
Čepelák, Roman ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
TITLE: The Psychological Aspects of the Life in a Shelter AUTHOR: PhDr. Roman Čepelák DEPARTMENT: Katedra psychologie SUPERVISOR: Doc. PhDr. Miloš Kučera, CSc. ABSTRACT: The master thesis explores, by analytic way, the life of clients in shelter for families with children. The thesis describes the specific shelter home in Prague - Horní Pocernice and observes its specifics in a context of other shelters. It maps the target group of users, who are mostly clients from Roma population. The thesis aims at clients' motives to live in a shelter, their coping with shelter norms and their adjustment of shelter rules to clients' own needs. It notices individual behaviors in a community of clients, describing interactions with social workers and between each other. The specific chapter is devoted to children as the youngest users of a shelter, their coping with the environment and the possibilities shelter home offers to them. The last chapter implies a certain similarity in shelter clients thinking with thinking of people living in an oral culture. The thesis disputes declared purpose of shelter home(s) as training of their own home living, since their repetitive "coming home" returns to shelter(s) witness another motives for shelter life as well. KEYWORDS: Shelter, Roma, social worker
Motherhood as the breaking point in the life of a young Roma mother
Obručová, Markéta ; Doubek, David (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to look into the lives of young mothers of Roma nationality and to get better understanding of influences that affect them and their adoption and perception of their maternal role. The choice of this theme is based on experience with previous working with Roma families. For the research, it has been chosen five mothers aged under 25 years, with whom were conducted unstructured interviews. In the theoretical part, there is a discussion about motherhood in general and later about its specifics in the Roma community. The greatest emphasis is taken on the receiving parent role. Firstly, the empirical part is a discourse about the choosen method - grounded theory. Then there is detailed description of data processing and data analysis. The following chapters are devoted initially to environmental influences to motherhood and later to the concrete experience of the respondents. The experience of motherhood is viewed from several angles - the time horizon (from conception to birth and the first reaction to child) and the importance of her baby to the mother, especially in terms of commitment and in the context of plans and wishes. This work gives an insight into the lives of five Roma mothers. Mothers have the greatest influence on the upbringing of a new generation - for those who are...

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