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Psychological aspects of tatoo
Kdolská, Helena ; Doubek, David (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to conduct qualitative research aimed at psychological aspects of tattoos in the form of ethnographic study. The research follows a relationship between an individual and his tattoos with the main topics being a motivation for getting a tattoo, meaning of the tattoo for the owner, and the relationship between the artist and his client. Data were gathered using unstructured interviews with an emphasis on building trust between the researcher and the interviewee. The study concludes the motivation can be distinguished into internal and external. The internal motivation represents the benefits tattoos can bring to his owner while the external motivation shows the ways an individual can use the tattoo to send a message to others. As for the owner-tattoo relationship, results show variations in how can one perceive his tattoos and what tattoo could mean for the owner. Some of the respondents viewed their tattoos as just a body decoration, others used them as symbols of their own deeper thoughts and lifestyle. When exploring the artist-client relationship, it has been found out trust and mutual sympathies as well as setting up proper boundaries to keep the relationship on the professional level all seem to play an important role. KEYWORDS tattoo, self-expression, identity,...
Position of muslim students in Czech elementary school
Landová, Eliška ; Bittnerová, Dana (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
My thesis is focusing on Muslim pupil position in the Czech elementary school. It is an actual topic of the Czech school system together with foreign pupil education generally. Pupils are educated in the multicultural era and for this reason it is essential to deal with this topic. I am explaining the selection of the topic within the introduction of my thesis. Theoretical part is introducing topic related information, arranged logically to make a meaningful text. Within this part is described who belongs to this group, what they have in common, how they differ, how they have affected Europe and the Czech Republic from the past to the present. In addition, I am describing the outcome of Muslim integration to the society, view on their differences and of course the Czech elementary schools approach to this topic. To find out the situation of Muslim pupil within the education process in the Czech elementary school system is the objective of the empirical part of my thesis. To get the findings on the Muslim pupil in the elementary school, I have used the observation method. The case interpretation is recorded in this part. Not to focus only on the Muslim pupil, I have made structured interviews with other five home teachers in the same school.
Coming out - analysis of mentoring conversations
Jičínská, Lucie ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
This qualitative work is focused on issues related to the non-heterosexual orientation that young people, aged 12-18 who enter the online advice web S barvou ven, are dealing with. These problems were most often related to the process of coming out of which non- heterosexual people most often go through adolescence. The data for this research was obtained directly from the conversations provided by the web S barvou and subsequently a thematic analysis was carried out. The theoretical part describes the development of sexual and gender identity, focusing mainly on adolescence. Information on LGBT people was also provided. Separate chapter was dedicated to the issue of coming out. In the practical part, thematic analysis of chat conversations was carried out. Based on this, four categories of topics were identified - internal coming out, external coming out, reactions to coming out and partner relationships.
Alimentary concepts in schoolchildren
Hemmerová, Eva ; Doubek, David (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee)
This thesis deals with children's concepts of food, especially with a focus on meat consumption and avoidance of consumption. It is an ethnographic study based on observations and interviews with children of the 4th grade of elementary school. The results are divided into four aspects of eating. The social aspect (1) deals with the sharing of food and with the social identity, the health aspect (2) examines children's concepts of the food's healthiness, the moral aspect (3) maps children's ethical considerations of meat consumption including legitimation and the cognitive aspect (4) discusses the cognitive issues of eating. KEYWORDS Alimentery taboo, vegetarianism, consumption and avoidance of meat, ethics, legitimation
Wedding rings - their meaning, symbolism and attractiveness for current marriage
Proroková, Amálie ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
This diploma thesis brings suggestions into the field of couple and family psychology. The main topic of this thesis is wedding rings regarded from the perspective of psychology. The theoretical part develops topics such as the history and the symbolism of rings in general to subsequently focus particularly on wedding rings. Significant attention is also paid to the marriage and couple problematics, the wedding - thanks to which we have the ring - and also to narrower psychological issues such as the wedding ring effect, the attractiveness of the wedding ring itself or the issue of wearing the ring. The final part is dedicated to the variations of treating the wedding ring. In the empirical part, a data collection in the form of semi-structured interviews with subsequent qualitative analysis, was conducted. The total number of participants is thirteen. Participation of respondents in a variable life situation: newly-wed people, people in a long- term marriage, divorced and widowed people. The objective of the thesis was to capture the depth probe into the perception of the meaning and the value of the wedding ring by the wearers themselves and to find most important questions that can be associated with this symbolic phenomenon. The thesis covers issues such as the attractiveness of the wedding...
Interaction at school: negotiation of pupil and teacher roles
Spalová, Jitka ; Bittnerová, Dana (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
5 ABSTRACT This thesis deals with interaction in educational environment, i.e. mutual interaction between two subjects (teachers and students) and their influence on one another during the educational process, with each participant involved in different social roles, which often require different ways of communication. The theoretical part focuses on the general description of teacher's personality, his authority and his role in pedagogical interaction with students, and on pedagogical communication, which forms the most important part of interaction between the teacher and students. The empirical part is an ethnographic study of the Czech language classes at a secondary school in Rokycany. It is a qualitative research that consists of a subjective description of the studied environment. It focuses on monitoring individual interaction genres in the classroom, how the teacher negotiates her role, creates and maintains authority, when, why, and how students communicate, verbally or non-verbally. The analysis is made on the basis of video recordings of individual hours, interviews with teachers, its reflections on students she teaches and reflections of students on their Czech language teacher. KEYWORDS: Student, teacher, social role, school ethnography, pedagogical communication, teacher's authority

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