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Design of fast magnetorheological damper piston group using selective laser melting technology
Vítek, Petr ; Růžička, Bronislav (referee) ; Strecker, Zbyněk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the development of the magnetic circuit of Magnetoreological (MR) dampers with a short time response. To achieve a short response time, a shape approach was chosen whereby the geometry of the magnetic circuit was chosen to significantly eliminate the occurrence of eddy currents. The influence of structures on magnetic properties was first examined on a simpler toroidal core and then the optimization was subjected to the magnetic circuit of the MR damper itself. Geometry optimization was done using FEM simulations. The resulting geometry was made of pure iron using Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM). In addition, a MR damper was completed and its properties on air and with MR fluid were measured, which were then compared with previously developed rapid MR dampers. It has been found that the newly designed magnetic circuit achieves similar time responses as all other compared fast MR dampers and reaches a higher dynamic range than most of the compared variants. The proposed magnetic circuit also has a significantly reduced weight.
An Examination and proposal of changes in an informative system of stock control in a small company
Vítek, Petr ; Provazník, Jan (referee) ; Neuwirth, Bernard (advisor)
This bachelor thesis entitled "An Examination and proposal of changes in an informative system of stock control in a small company" proposes structure of optimal information system for stock management of small locksmith company called ZÁMEK. First part of thesis examine former information system. Second part introduces and evaluate commercially available information systems for stock control which are suitable for the company's needs. The thesis proposes information system for stock management, which will lead to improvements of in-house processes and will increase competitive advantage.
Forging measurement using passive stereo vision
Vítek, Petr ; Mendřický, Radomír (referee) ; Hurník, Jakub (advisor)
The measurement of forgings in the hot state allows for the adjustment of their dimensions and shape, which increases the efficiency of the production process, energy savings and less technological additions of material. A possible alternative to conventional approaches for measuring hot forgings is the application of passive stereovision, which is the focus of this paper. The objectives are to determine the accuracy of this approach with respect to conventional conditions, to highlight the scale structure for the detection of significant points and to select a method for surface detection and reconstruction. The proposed method allows surface reconstruction with an accuracy worse by one order of magnitude, compared to measurements under normal conditions. In a measurement volume of 0.3 m3, the standard deviation of points in the space of 0.28 mm was determined. A band-pass filter transmitting green light spectrum was chosen to represent the forging structure based on the study of spatial frequencies and experimental testing. The KAZE method achieved the highest number of detected feature points on the forging surface.
Design of the tribometr frame by casting technology
Vítek, Petr ; Frýza, Josef (referee) ; Košťál, David (advisor)
This Bachelor´s Thesis presents an engineering design of cast frame for simulator of elastohydrodynamic contact. Original frame is folded from machined parts, which limits shaping and increases the cost of production. Through the analysis of the current state and applicable foundry technologies has been developed design for new cast frame. The output is accompanying report and drawing documentation. The accompanying report documents the prototype production process.
Modelling Gateway Redundancy Protocols
Vítek, Petr ; Grégr, Matěj (referee) ; Veselý, Vladimír (advisor)
This master's thesis report deals with the theoretical analysis of FHRP. First Hop Redundancy Protocols are network protocols which are designed to protect the default gateway and also to ensure high availability in the network by using redundancy. The reader becomes familiar with protocols VRRP, HSRP and GLBP and also learn the way how to configure them to on real Cisco devices. It also describes how implement VRRP int the simulated enviroment of OMNeT++. The result of the implementation is verified in the test topologies.
Mechanical design of rotary satellite antenna polarization system
Vítek, Petr ; Mazal, Pavel (referee) ; Paloušek, David (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is mechanical design of rotary satellite antenna polarization system. It is a part of a mobile satellite antenna positioned on the roof rack of a passenger car. Device must be designed to achieve precise positioning and smooth running. It must also resist moisture and temperature fluctuations. For this application, there has been selected and developed solution with toothed belt. The thesis includes a selection algorithm of drive, belt and bearings. The achieved polarization angle is 180 °. The results of this paper can be used to produce a functional mobile satellite antenna polarization.
Crisis intervention for male victims of sexual violence
Bendová, Lucie ; Záplatová, Klára (advisor) ; Vítek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is devoted to crisis intervention for male victims of sexual violence. Crisis services function as crisis intervention centers for a wide group of clients. They may also include men with a history of sexual violence. Thus, this work explores sexual violence among men and crisis work with them. The theoretical part defines the concept of sexual violence and indicates its prevalence among men in society. It also describes the consequences of sexual violence and discusses the differences in the experience and consequences between women and men. The theoretical part describes the issue of reporting sexual violence and mentions the barriers that can prevent it from being reported. The last chapter focuses on the definition of crisis intervention and its form, it also focuses on the specifics of work with sexual violence and maps Prague crisis centers and crisis lines. The theoretical part also discusses possible shortcomings of crisis intervention when working with male victims of sexual violence. The empirical part follows on from the presented findings from the theoretical part and presents a research proposal that aims to find out the attitudes of crisis intervention workers regarding effective work with male victims of sexual violence. The proposed research is inspired by the...
Identification of microbial pigments in evaporites using Raman spectroscopy: implications for astrobiology
Vítek, Petr ; Jehlička, Jan (advisor) ; Marshall, Craig P. (referee) ; Vandenabeele, Peter (referee)
Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool for identification both inorganic and organic compounds including microbial biomolecules. Together with the fact, that it is considered to be the important nondestructive instrument for use on Mars within future robotic missions, it is necessary to assess its capabilities in scenarios relevant for both Martian and terrestrial conditions. In this work, the potential of Raman spectrometry was tested - including both bench-top laboratory systems as well as portable counterparts - to detect traces of life within evaporitic matrices through biomolecular identification. Due to their chemical and physical nature resulting in optical properties, pigments are important organic compounds in Raman spectroscopic analysis using visible excitation. Hence in this work we have focused on the Raman spectroscopic identification of pigments as biomarkers with relevance for investigation of life in both extreme terrestrial and potentially extraterrestrial environments. Results of methodical work are presented in Appendices I to III, dealing particularly with β-carotene as a model carotenoid pigment. The concentration limits of this biomarker in three different evaporitic matrices (halite, gypsum and epsomite) have been determined for artificially prepared powdered mixtures alone...
Maladaptive music use in the context of music genre in people with high depressivity
Bašová, Kateřina ; Keřková, Barbora (advisor) ; Vítek, Petr (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of maladaptive use of music. This phenomenon is discussed in the broader context of emotion regulation, depression, musical emotions and musical preferences. The aim of the theoretical part is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge on maladaptive music use and to explain the constructs and the most important theories that emerge in the empirical part. The aim of the empirical part is to test what associations exist between adaptive and maladaptive music use patterns and depression levels in the Czech student population. According to our results, maladaptive use of music has a significant positive relationship with the level of depression, while adaptive use has no significant relationship with the level of depression. Furthermore, it is examined how the degree of depression through maladaptive music use affects the perception of musical emotions. In our sample, neither the degree of depression nor maladaptive music use predicts the perception of musical emotions, which was contrary to our expectation. The effect of music genre group preferences on maladaptive music use is investigated exploratively. In terms of music preferences and their influence on maladaptive music use, we found no association between specific genre groups and a...
Influence of personality on the occurence and characteristics of challenging psychedelic experience
Kratochvílová, Sára ; Dorazilová, Aneta (advisor) ; Vítek, Petr (referee)
This thesis explores the influence of personality on the challenging psychedelic experience. The challenging experience represents both a strongly negative experience and an experience with therapeutic potential. Thus, exploring the challenging psychedelic experience may be particularly beneficial for the context of psychedelic therapy. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces psychedelics, their history, mechanism of action, specific phenomena, and therapeutic uses. Most emphasis is placed on describing the challenging psychedelic experience, its predictors, and subsequent long-term effects. Personality and some of its measurement tools are also described. In the last chapter of the theoretical section, a review of previous research on the influence of personality on the challenging psychedelic experience is conducted, based on which the research design of this thesis is constructed. In the empirical section, an investigation of the relationship between three personality dimensions and the challenging psychedelic experience induced by the use of a serotonergic psychedelic is proposed. The research in the confirmatory part will verify previous findings in this research area and attempt to elaborate on them in the exploratory part. The hypotheses of the confirmatory part assume a relationship...

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