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Integration of foreign students in the Czech public higher education: difficulties and opportunities
Odintsova, Eugenia ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
The central theme of this diploma thesis is to analyze key stress factors, which foreign background students meet during their integration in the Czech Republic. All respondents are recruited from the Eastern European countries, for instance, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Two main groups include: - students who are in the Czech Republic less than one year - students who are in the Czech Republic for more than one year The primary research method was using a semi-structured interview with eight respondents. For measuring acculturative stress level was used the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), which was filled in by 36 students. There were found differences in the adjustment level and language competence among two groups of students. This research has also confirmed the relationship between the length of stay in the Czech Republic a level of acculturative stress. KEYWORDS foreign students, stress factors, integration, public higher education
Diagnostic of Time Perspective in High School Students
High, Radka
This disertation thesis thematize the relationship to the future in high school students' and the diagnostic possibilities of this phenomena. We will describe the philosophical and primarily the psychological conception of time. The thesis focuses on the main theoretical concepts of time perspective, the cognitive-motivational theories and their relationship with achievement motivation. The empirical part has three goals: 1. The diagnostic of time perspective, 2. The description of students'relationship to the future, 3. The investigation of relationship between time perspective and achievement motivation. The analysis of the coding system of the Motivational Induction Method lead to improving this system. There was a battery of tests (quantitative and mixed methodology) used to diagnose the time perspective of students', namely Motivational Induction Method (Nuttin), Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (Zimbardo), Achievement Motivation Questionaire (Hrabal, Pavelková) and Motivational Sources of Learning Activities (Pavelková, Hrabal). The case studies that can show positives and/or negatives of used methods and individual ways of representing the future are presented in the end of the thesis. Key words: time perspective, future time perspective, perspective orientation, achievement motivation,...
Options of Selection and Development of Gifted Children at Primary School
Slavíková, Kateřina ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis Options of Selection and Development of Gifted Children at Primary School is devided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part contains processed information about giftedness based on professional literature. I paid attention to introduction of definitions of giftedness according to various authors, but I preferred those definitions that giftedness are understood as a reason for special eduction. It also includes chapters on the basic types of giftedness, possibly specific manifestations of gifted children and options of developing gifted children at primary school. The practical part of the diploma thesis consists of empirical materiál that at first describes the options of education and development of gifted children at Primar school V Rybníčkách. Subsequently I devoted myself to the analysis of the acquired empirical materiál that i get for my praxtical pedagogical work at the primary school. In the practical part of the thesis I also included a chapter where I presented tips for activities that provede to by suiteble in practice for the development of the potential of gifted children during classes and in leisure time activities. At the end of the diploma thesis I see our activities as stiulating but not entirely ideal.
Future Through the Eyes of High School Students
Hanzlíková, Tereza ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis with the future through the eyes of senior high school students, especially with its contents and time location of these contents. The theoretical part presents the most famous time perspective theories and the relationship between adolescents and their future. The emhasis is on introducing czech and also foreign research on a similar topic. The empirical part has four goals: find out which future contents senior high school students are dealing with, 2. where these contents are located in time, 3. how important are the contents and 4. what is the relationship between the future contents and student's past and present. They were done semi-structured interviews within the first and the second goal, then these interviews were coded and interpreted by using elements of grounded theory. To answer the other two goals students filled out questionnaire Ten most important life events by Cottle. The discussion part presents results of the research and comparison with the results of other research. The most senior high school students deal (in the context of the future) with university study, profession, travelling, independence and making their own family. Key words: time perspective, future time perspective, future orientation, late adolescence, senior high school students

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