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Islam in the service of politics, politics in the service of Islam
Matysová, Barbora ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Suša, Oleg (referee)
The objective is a theoretical analysis of mixing politics and religion in Islam, a description of the functions of political and religious institution in Islamic society, and comparison with the Occidental concept of the relationship of religion (extension of the Church) and politics. The reality is mediated by the media quite often through the confusion of terms (such as Islam and Islamism, Islamist or Muslim and Arab and Islamic world) misinterpreted. Very easy it is based on generalization and inappropriate metaphor to create an unfavorable opinion about the culture and the people with whom the author did not even have personal experience. In this thesis should be separated by "West" view of the Islamic religion and politics and perceptions of the Islamic religion and politics through the lens. Part of the thesis is devoted to comparing the performance and Iran and Turkey in relation to the topic, i.e. how these two countries have religion and politics and what is between these two components of the relationship. The issue is the compatibility of Islam with democratic type of society and intercultural dialogue between the "Occident" and Islam.
Bosnia - No future? Young generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina - students in Sarajevo
Kotvová, Petra ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Suša, Oleg (referee)
This thesis deals with the situation of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general and of university students in Sarajevo in particular. The war conflict in 1992 -1995 has had a strong negative impact on Bosnia. This country is now going through several transitional processes: from war to peace, from the planning to the market economy and from a communist regime to democracy. All this influences the lives of the young generation. Against this backdrop I tried to find out how the young people reflect their own situation, the state of society and how they see their own future in it.
Ideology of Liberalism, or Ideology after its own End
Korda, Tomáš ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
The essay begins with Benjamin`s comprehension of truth and his method of constellation which aims to the truth. I connect the method to the act of naming, which I derive from comprehension of subject in German idealism. Method is necessary condition for very constellation of liberal ideology. Contemporary liberalism thus does not only symbolize time after "the end ideology", but even space of time, when the ideology acquire its own most effective form. "The truth became most effective form of lie." In this sense I continue in critique of postmodernism as the ideology of late capitalism. In fine I outline the way to postmodernism by force of "risk thinking" which remains faithful to dialectic. Solely immanent critique which is far from normative critique of postmodernism sets in motion rigid conditions caused by omnipresent ideology.
Conscience of the ecological crisis and its reflection in lifestyle
Mlynář, Jakub ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Sládek, Jan (referee)
In this paper author makes an attempt to describe the development of the man - nature relationship in the Western thought and also the reflections of this problem, using the "domination of man over nature" metaphor. He concludes the problem of "culture versus nature" duality on the example of philosophical and historical research on the cultural basis of ecological crisis. He follows describing the birth of early conservationist movement (H. Thoreau, J. Muir), ecological ethic (A. Schweitzer) and transformation of this concepts into various fields: ecofeminism, social ecology (M. Bookchin) and deep ecology (A. Naess). Author reflects the position of environmental issues in the academic discussion as well as the incorporation of the ecological concepts into sociological theory (environmental sociology). In the final part of the paper the issue of individual life-style reflection of the environmental problems is opened, using the conception of "voluntary simplicity" (D. Elgin) or "postmaterial values" (R. Inglehart). The paper is finished with critical views on the "voluntary simplicity" phenomenon, the issue of "privatization of the ecological crisis" and commercionalization of the ecological lifestyle.
Exploring the Social Conditionality of the Contemporary Mode of Technological Development: Beyond the Edge of the (Research on) the Digital Divide.
Lupač, Petr ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
In his dissertation thesis, the author elaborates on a new position from which both information society theory and digital divide research could be analyzed as active participants in a large-scale societal reconstruction. The text begins with the reconstruction of the argumentation core of information society theories, which is then utilized when choosing their latest, most respected, and most elaborated version. In the following chapter, the author presents the composition of Manuel Castells' information society theory and its tight relationship with the digital divide issue. In the final parts of this chapter, the author reveals the key position of the digital divide issue in solving the contradictions and negative aspects of informatization. The chapter is concluded by finding out the absence of the link between digital divide and information society theory in the preceding criticism of Castells' work. In the fourth part, the development, arguments, and empirical evidence of the digital divide research are presented, followed by identification of the limits of contemporary academic digital divide discourse. In the sixth chapter, the author tries to overcome these limits by proposing a new empirical evidence better fitting model of the digital divide. The thesis is concluded by thinking over the...
Analysis of the emission allowances and their socio-environmental impacts
Krutská, Kristýna ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
(in English): Each day, tons of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gasses and other pollutants are released into our atmosphere due to human activity. This causes a "greenhouse" effect, which contributes to global warming. To continue this course of action should be seen as unbearable for mankind as we are poisoning and destroying our planet. The Kyoto Protocol has become the launching platform of combatting this problem and it requires the developed countries involved to commit to a long-term reduction of green house gas emissions. The Czech Republic has embraced this scheme, and this involvement will be analysed. Trading with emission allowances is one of the main tools used by the Kyoto Protocol and this thesis analyses the genesis as well as the continued development of emission allowances and evaluates both the benefits and weaknesses of such a scheme.
Integration of migrants. Case of French in Czech Republic
Klusák, Miroslav ; Suša, Oleg (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
This master thesis focuses on integration of highly skilled professionals from Western Europe to East Central Europe. The analysis develops on case study of French managers and their families as temporary labour migrants settled in Prague. The phenomenon of migration of highly qualified work force from the West to the East of Europe becomes more frequent, and thus attracts more and more the interest of researchers. These West European managers, "nomadic elite", come often with their families for five years in average, after which they return to the country of their origin, or move to another destination. The qualitative analysis of interviews discloses that, during their stay in Czech Republic, they do integrate in to the life of society by a specific manner. On one hand, they do enter in contact with local majority society, establish some relationships, but at the same time they do create French community with strong links to France. They do accept very few cultural habits of majority population. Only in the sphere of language and alimentary culture it means that they do not identify with local cultural customs. Such form of integration is facilitated by simple proximity of French and Czech cultures in the context of integrating European Union.
The status of animals as experimental objects in the light of wider sociological-historical perspectives
Vandrovcová, Tereza ; Suša, Oleg (advisor)
5 Abstract (English) This thesis deals with the moral status of experimental animals in biomedical research. Besides the sociological analysis of the problem, the aim of this work is to introduce a new field in social sciences called Animal Studies, which is focused on elaborating the status of animals in human society, and the relationships between humans and other living beings. In the first part, the author outlines the development of theories of moral status and evaluates the possibility of their application to the ethical problems related to nonhuman creatures. The practical part of the text is focused on the way animals are objectified by laboratory personnel for the purpose of instrumental use. The following chapter on the socialization of scientists focuses on the way people are prepared and trained in emotional distancing from the animals-instruments. Moreover, the author presents the process of desensitizing future scientists and discouraging individuals who are unable to accept specific concepts stabilized within the community of researchers who use animals. In the next part of the text the author describes the process of social construction of experimental animals as de-individualized objects representing the part of the laboratory as well as the negative effects that the consequent structure...
Theoretical comparison of works by A. Honneth and A. Etzioni with a focus on the analysis of the concept of achievement
Štěch, Ondřej ; Hrubec, Marek (advisor) ; Suša, Oleg (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1 IČ: 00216208 DIČ: CZ00216208 Tel.: (+420)221 619 111 Jedná se o rigorózní práci, která je uznanou diplomovou či disertační prací. Děkujeme za pochopení.

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