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Crisis management during Covid-19 pandemic - with a focus on multidisciplinary team cooperation
Beneš, David ; Povolná, Pavla (advisor) ; Hradcová, Dana (referee)
Thesis title: Crisis management during the covid-19 pandemic with a focus on multidisciplinary cooperation. The main goal this thesis will be to describe, through a case study, the most serious problems in the implementation of a change in crisis management during the covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on a multidisciplinary team at a large, faculty organization providing health care. Following this (descriptive) part of the goal, my next ambition is to formulate factors that would facilitate the implementation of similar crisis measures in relation to employees in a multidisciplinary team in the next period (wave). The members of the multidisciplinary team of the faculty, medical facility of the Czech Republic were selected as the examined sample for my empirical part of the work. The problem to be solved, which I focused on, is the reaction of individuals in a multidisciplinary team to change, or methods and potential pitfalls of coping with a crisis situation, a suddenly arising epidemiological problem. In this work, I will continue to draw on my own experience, the experience of an employee in the researched organization. For the purpose of determining the monitored areas of change, I will use my "field" notes from the period of my active work as a member of the COVID team and the analysis of data...
Dopady epidemie COVID-19 na sektor cestovního ruchu
Sakalosh, Oksana
The bachelor thesis is focused on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism market in Ukraine, especially on its economy. It can be noted that global crises are creating new opportunities. During the period of the world economy, new changes and opportunities can be expected in the future. The epidemic has caused great losses in various sectors of the economy, and especially in interna-tional tourism. During quarantine restrictions, a lot of people lost their jobs, and some changed their direction due to business. It is possible to assess the impact of the CO-VID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector in Ukraine and how the tourism market changed during the epidemic. Due to quarantine measures, the industry is gaining new values and people are adapting to the new conditions of tourism, but also of the world economy in general. The crisis is the beginning of changes that will develop in the future thanks to information technology, the digitization of the economy and the creation of a new way of operating in the international market.
Krizový management podniku v energetickém odvětví
Jestřebecký, Jaromír
Jestřebecký, J. Crisis management in the energy sector. Master’s thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. The master’s thesis deals with the crisis management of an enterprise oper-ating in the energy sector as a supplier of electricity and natural gas. The aim of the thesis is to identify and quantify the impact of the current energy crisis and related legislative regulations on the company's management through risk man-agement tools, crisis management, analysis of the company's external and internal environment. Subsequently, measures will be proposed to reduce the impact of the crisis and to adjust the company's future activities with regard to possible fu-ture market scenarios.
Rozlíšenie krízových a inovačných opatrení vyvolaných pandémiou covid-19 v spoločnosti zo stavebného priemyslu
Balogová, Patrícia
The subject of the present thesis is the development of a company in the construction industry, PORR a. s. during the COVID-19 pandemic. The main objective is to distinguish the crisis and innovation measures introduced in the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the thesis is to examine the digital technologies intro-duced in PORR a. s. as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The first part of the thesis focuses on the development of the Czech Republic and the construction industry in the period before and during the pandemic. Based on the available literature, we define the measures implemented by the state and construction companies during the pandemic period in order to minimize the risk and ensure the continuity of projects. We also zoom in on the crisis management needs and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to construction companies at this time. In the second part, PORR Inc. together with the identification of the measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the analysis of the financial indicators provided by the company and supplemented by openended interviews with the company's management, chief economist and the company's employees in each department, in relation to the measures introduced during the pandemic, the impact of the various anti-pandemic measures introduced on the company's performance has been identified. The construction industry has gradually embraced digital technologies over the last two decades as the 'technology push' continues to overcome the usual passivity typical of the industry. PORR a. s. has applied several digital pro-measures during the pandemic period, such as digital signature, SAPP economic system, implementation of stbuildings in the online space, use of BIM and 3D technology on construction sites. The company's main objective during the pandemic was to minimize the impact on the business during the pandemic, such as increased material costs, extended construction completion dates and efforts to make work easier for employees. By reacting quickly to the pandemic situation, implementing anti-pandemic and work support measures for employees, the company was able to overcome the downturn associated with the pandemic in 2020 with a profit in the following year. The final contribution of the thesis is a summary definition and differentiation of the measures introduced at the time of the pandemic by PORR a. s., into measures belonging to the group of crisis measures and innovative measures that can be taken by the construction company at the time of other, similar social situations, threatening the operation of the company.
Reflection of users' satisfaction with the crisis beds for children
Vejvodová, Veronika ; Kolářová, Marta (advisor) ; Hudcová, Eliška (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on crisis intervention in children and adolescents. The theoretical part defines information about crisis and crisis in chlidhood, adults and focus on providing crisis intervention. The author is based on the notion that crisis is a natural part of human life and that the resilience and coping of the individual, which is built from childhood, contributes to its management. In the next chapter, autor describes the types of service which offer crisis intervention for children in the Czech republic. The main part is about crisis servises which offer accommodation for children and adults in difficult life situation. This chapter is followed by a practical part. The aim of the research part is to find out the satisfaction of clients with the crisis bed service for adolescents in the House of Přemysla Pittra for children. In 2022, the House was transformed from a facility for children requiring immediate intervention to a social service that provides crisis intervention to adolescents. It is currently the first service of this type in the Czech Republic. The research part includes interviews with the clients of this service, it also analyses the texts written by the adolescents in the "Chronicle". The aim of the work was fulfilled. The service users were found to be generally...
Peer consultants as a means of handling crises while working for the Police of the Czech Republic
Hanušová, Karolína ; Hudcová, Eliška (advisor) ; Macek, Ondřej (referee)
The master thesis Peer Providers as a Means of Support during Crises for the Police of the Czech Republic explores the role of peer providers in assisting police officers during times of crisis. The theoretical section of the thesis explains the concept of crises, including their causes, typology, and progression, while also showcasing various means of assistance available during such situations. It presents an overview of the Police of the Czech Republic and highlights the requirements and unique aspects of police work, emphasizing the associated burdens. Furthermore, the thesis delves into the options of psychosocial support offered to police officers within the Police of the Czech Republic, with particular focus on the peer support system provided by peer providers. To gather empirical data, the research conducted semi-structured interviews with ten police officers who serve as peer providers within the Prague Regional Police Directorate. Through this research, the study examined the role of peer providers in helping police officers navigate crises. It explored the circumstances under which police officers seek assistance from peer providers, elucidated the procedure followed for providing support, and investigated the reasons why police officers turn to peer providers. The thesis offers valuable...
The impact of crises on differentiation and integration in the EU: COVID-19 and Ukraine
Běhunčík, Radek ; Martinková, Viera (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
The European Union has had to deal with an increasing number of crises over the past 15 years. The future of its integration is thus increasingly dependent on concrete crisis responses. At the same time, the increasing heterogeneity of its members makes it more difficult to find compromise solutions, and integration often takes a differentiated path. This paper has attempted to answer the question of what is the impact of crises on the integration and differentiation of the European Union. It did so through an explanatory two-case study of the most recent emergencies - the COVID-19 crisis and the high energy price crisis linked to the war in Ukraine. To find the answer, a congruence analysis of the Union's crisis responses was conducted based on the models of Riddervold et al. The supply and demand theory of differentiation then explained the absence or presence of differentiation. The central data source was the European secondary legislation, frequently neglected by integration theorists. The analysis results find the crises' effects to be pro-integration in the given cases, here primarily in a uniform pattern. However, in the case of COVID-19, the thesis reveals shortcomings of the crisis response models used, pointing to the need for their conceptual reformulation. For a more comprehensive understanding...
Parliamentary representation in the Czech Republic: deputies and senators in a time of crisis of representative democracy and party government
Jágr, David ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Gjuričová, Adéla (referee) ; Kuta, Martin (referee)
The Czech party system underwent significant reconfiguration in the second decade of the 21st century. The presented research focuses on MPs (deputies) and senators navigating this dynamic environment, specifically examining their perception of the parliamentary mandate. The text describes the representatives' relationships with citizens, parties, and constituencies, and explores changes in these relationships from a long-term perspective. Special attention is given to legislators from new parliamentary groups, especially those who define themselves against the elites and the party government model. These representatives distinguish themselves by emphasising a direct connection with the people and the return of power from the elites to the people, suggesting a different understanding of their mandate. The core of the research covers the parliamentary election period from 2017 to 2021, when half of the Chamber of Deputies consisted of populist movements. Additionally, the research takes into account other political developments and previous studies on Czech parliamentary representatives and debates concerning the crisis of representative democracy. The upper chamber's environment is also examined in detail. The research also addresses the overlooked issue of politics as a profession. An added value...
The instrumentalisation and weaponisation of migrants, its impacts, and how the EU responds: the case of Belarus
Škopková, Lucie ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (referee)
This diploma thesis will focus on the weaponisation of migration as a hybrid threat posed to states in an attempt to destabilise their internal systems. The case study of the Poland-Belarus border crisis will be used to examine and illustrate how the European Union can address such hybrid attacks and how this reflects on the notion of the European Union as a 'normative power'. This will be done by conducting a content analysis of relevant news articles from EURACTIV, EUobserver, and POLITICO on the case study and by holding interviews with experts and academics. The notion of the European Union as a normative power will be explored through the lens of realism and neo-realism, focusing on the role of human rights and the European Union's reliance on sanctions. This will help to explore the conclusion that the conceptualisation of the European Union should be more nuanced, making it appear as a civilian power with strong normative foundations in practice rather than a solely normative power.
Intergenerational solidarity in the time of coronavirus pandemia
Vondrová, Vanesa ; Jeřábek, Hynek (advisor) ; Remr, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis examines the changes in intergenerational solidarity and the form of care provided by informal caregivers to elderly individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapidly changing situation around COVID-19 was captured through a planned but ultimately unrealized longitudinal panel design, which would have allowed capturing its dynamic nature. The method of data collection for the research was a questionnaire survey. In-depth interviews were conducted with a selected sample of participants, including caregivers and elderly recipients of care. These interviews took the form of semi-structured interviews, allowing flexibility in exploring relevant aspects. The collected qualitative data were analysed using content analysis. Despite the unrealized plan, the thesis provides a comprehensive view of the changing intergenerational solidarity during the pandemic. Findings revealed that the pandemic influenced intergenerational solidarity among caregivers and elderly recipients. Shared perceptions and concerns led to higher levels of solidarity. Isolation did not necessarily weaken solidarity, as many families used digital technologies to maintain connections and support. Additionally, intensive care contributed to higher intergenerational solidarity and engagement. Respondents...

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