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Help for families with children with developmental dysphasia
Trejbalová, Lucie ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Broža, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis, "Assistance to Families with Children with Developmental Dysphasia from the Perspective of Family Policy," addresses the current state of family policy with a focus on families with special needs. It closely examines the relationship with families having a member with the health impairment of developmental dysphasia. Through this work, existing tools and measures aimed at families with special needs are analyzed in contrast to their effectiveness in meeting the needs of these families. The thesis includes an overview describing the characteristic features of developmental dysphasia. This is followed by a description of current family policy measures that aim to mitigate the negative impacts on families with health-impaired members, with a specific emphasis on developmental dysphasia. Goals, stakeholders, and instruments of family policy are outlined within this context. The methodological section involves semi-structured interviews with parents of children with developmental dysphasia, providing a deeper insight into the actual needs and experiences of these families. The results encompass the outcomes of the analysis of current tools and insights gained from the interviews. These findings highlight that these families often navigate through a maze of measures designed to...
The comparison of Czech and German family policy enabling the harmonization of work and family life
Estočinová, Barbora ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Vlčková, Kamila (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the comparison of family policy in the Czech Republic and Federal Republic of Germany in terms of measures adjustment enabling the reconciliation of work and care about the preschool children. The issue of work-life balance is further presented in the context of traditional sociological concepts and welfare state model theories, followed by a description of trends and current order of women's employment on the labor market of both countries and accompanied by the description of demographic trends. Thesis is specifically focused on the description of the governmental family policy of both countries in the perspective of parental leave entitlement settings, facilities of children day care facilities like nursery schools and creche, and formal involvement of fathers in the childcare. The methodological part of thesis is focused on the description of the family policy measures of the respective country. Comparison of both countries in terms of enabling the reconciliation of work and childcare is made on the basis of analyse and comparison of both the secondary quantitative data and the qualitative data drawn from the discussions placed on the free available web sites. The conclusion of thesis tackles the question of possible applicability of the family policy measures in...
The system of care for youth at-risk
Ratajová, Irena ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Witz, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the care system for at-risk youth in the Czech Republic. He examines it through the lens of youth curators who coordinate individual cases. As Street level bureaucracy, they implement the care policy for at-risk youth. I set myself the main goal of the work. To find out how the current system of protection of children's rights works, focusing on the clients of the youth curator and to identify key problems in the field of implementation of the current policy of protection of children's rights from the perspective of youth curators, as line workers. I elaborated the main goal into sub-research questions that deal with tools, strengths of the system, barriers, opportunities for curators to participate in policy making, the identification of curators with the current direction of the system, and I further find out whether curators have sufficient conditions for the performance of their profession. I also set two sub- goals. The first deals with the possibilities of innovation and improvement of the entire system, for example through examples of good practice or inspiration abroad. The second one investigates how the problems of recent times have been reflected in the performance of the curator's activities. The theoretical starting points of the work are the theory of...
Integration from the child's perspective: Case study of children in the adaptation group for children of foreigners migrating from Ukraine
Bartoňová-Dobenínová, Julie Diane ; Jelínková, Marie (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on Ukrainian refugee children who came to the Czech Republic due to the war conflict in Ukraine and examines their perspective on integration into the Czech Republic. It discusses the obstacles these children face in integrating into the Czech environment, the position of Ukrainian refugee children in the issue of integration into the Czech Republic, why it is important to consider them as public policy actors, and the contribution of research with children. The theoretical concepts of migration and integration are the mainstays of the thesis, which is specified into the theoretical concept of social integration and its sub-aspects. Furthermore, the thesis uses the foreign model by Häkli and Kallio (2013), which posits the child as an agent in the political process. The practical part of the research includes findings from participant observation in an adaptation group in the non- profit organization Na zámečku Mother Centre in Nové Město nad Metují and is complemented by an interview with a child psychologist from Ukraine.
The policy of mental health care in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the perspective of historical institutionalism
Rizikyová, Tímea ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kopsa Těšinová, Jolana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to provide the reader with a comprehensive view of institutional developments in the area of mental health policy in the two compared countries - the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These countries have a long history, and their health policies were based on the same foundations. This determined their different direction also in the area of mental health policies, the effective setting of which is today more important than ever before. The available global and national statistics point to alarming numbers in the area of mental illness, lack of staff and capacity and insufficient financial resources devoted to this area. Based on historical institutionalism and its concepts, I present identification of the reasons why both countries stagnated in the area of mental health policies for a long time and what were the critical junctures behind the change of institutional settings of mental health care policies to their present form. In the final part of the thesis, I compare these political settings, I identify the main similarities and differences, and also, I formulate the most problematic areas of the current mental health care systems. Since the Czech Republic started to implement the reform of psychiatric care several years ago and Slovakia is still waiting for this phase, the...
An application of Kingdon's multiple streams model to the issue of institutional care units for infants
Adámková, Kateřina ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the closure of infant care institutions in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to identify and describe the key moments that led to the decision to stop placing children under the age of three into institutional care. Infant care institutions have been a topic of extensive discussion in Czech society and politics for a long time. Despite significant criticism, these institutions survived through three different electoral periods. Eventually, they were successfully abolished through an amendment to the Act on Social and Legal Protection of Children in 2021. The thesis delves into the realm of public policy within the Chamber of Deputies and beyond, using Kingdon's multiple streams theory. The research is conducted qualitatively, as it seeks to uncover the crucial moments of agenda-setting, proposal advocacy, and the political decision-making motivations, through the perspectives of four members of parliament who were involved in the entire process, as well as one representative from a non-governmental organization that significantly influenced the course of events. Additionally, the thesis includes analytical work with transcripts and other publicly available political documents. The thesis addresses the question of the uniqueness of the last attempt, setting it apart from...
Working conditions of employees in the selected home for the elderly
Jelínek, Jan ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Tůmová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis investigates working environment of employees of one particular retirement home. The jobs being looked at are as follows - social worker, activation worker and certified nursing assistant. These spots are divided into two groups, the more professional and creative one and the social one. I define the working environments through qualitative semi-structured interviews. To discover the environment in question, it is important to describe the content of the job and the tasks that one doing it is obliged to fulfil, the well-being of the ones doing it and the personal relationships in the workplace. I discover the characteristics of the jobs taking internal regulations, legal definition of the job and interviews into account. Using the workplace wellbeing theory, which consists of five basic dimensions, I describe the working conditions of the jobs in question. Those dimensions are used to examine the aspects that have major influence on the workers' wellbeing. Those are the ones that concern the employees' career ambitions, physical demands on them and the influence they have on their physical state, how the job is socially, how much the workers make for a living and how they fit in their communities. I will study personal ties between employees through the theory of positive...
Engaging Peer Consultants in the Mental Health Care in the Context of Psychiatric Care Reform in the Czech Republic
Hekšová, Tereza ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kopsa Těšinová, Jolana (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the current involvement of peer consultants in the care of mentally ill people in the context of identifying their specific needs. The aim of the thesis is to identify the benefits of employing peer consultants for themselves and for the social and health care system of mental health care. At the same time, the thesis aims to identify possible barriers or challenges that arise in the practice of peer consultant work, as well as in their employment. The author uses the concept of recovery and implementation theory to theoretically and conceptually anchor the thesis. Through the perspective of experts working in the field and peer consultants, the thesis provides a mapping of the benefits of the peer consultant role and an overview of their specific needs. At the same time, the author identifies the existence of significant barriers in the current set-up of the system of peer consultant involvement, which are mainly caused by the legislative non-anchoring of their position. The author concludes with recommendations for the future development of peer consultant involvement.

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