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Czech and Finnish primary school teacher in the background of inclusive education
Bačová, Veronika ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The dissertation addresses the issue of primary school teachers in the conditions of inclusive education in the Czech Republic and Finland. The aim of the whole thesis is to create and compare real profiles of Czech and Finnish teachers with an emphasis on finding out what is behind the quality of inclusive education in Finland and how these findings can improve inclusive education and the teaching profession in the Czech context. The key aim is to create a profile of the primary school teacher in inclusive education, i.e. the teacher's conception of the teacher's educational processes, competences and the real conditions that the teacher needs to work in a heterogeneous classroom. In order to achieve the aim, a comparative nature of the work and a qualitative case study design was chosen, where the case is understood as a primary school teacher against the background of inclusive education - the total number of participants is 20 teachers (10 Czech and 10 Finnish). Content and thematic analysis of Czech and foreign sources were chosen as the main methods to secure data, and the findings became the basis for further reflection and the creation of semi-structured interviews and observations. For data processing, the case studies of individual participants were used in the first round of data...
The evolution of the traitor :A psychological analysis of Emanuel Moravec
Brummer, Martin ; Štech, Stanislav (advisor) ; Čermák, Ivo (referee) ; Kučera, Miloš (referee)
The evolution of the traitor: A psychological analysis of Emanuel Moravec personality Martin Brummer Abstract The dissertation aims to describe the personality of the World War II collaborator Emanuel Moravec. The psychobiographical study applies qualitative methods to gather and interpret the data. Secondary literature, primarily two monographs (Pernes, 1997; Vytlačil, 1993) and several other studies, constitutes the first source of data. The compiling biography of Moravec based on the analysis of the secondary sources was written and attached to the addendum of the dissertation. Books written by Moravec or transcriptions of the speeches of Moravec within the years 1918 and 1943 were the second main source of the data. The total of page of analyzed books amounts to over 4000. The investigation of sources was based on the method of desk research using selective and axial coding. As a result the main categories were established, to which following theories were applied: a) depth psychology of Donald Winnicott and Karen Horney; b) narrative analysis of Dan McAdams and Kevin Murray; c) cultural-historical activity theory of Yrjö Engeström. The dissertation presents three main types of findings. Firstly the personality of Emanuel Moravec, including the explanation of the main motive of Moravec's collaboration,...
Novice teachers and educational inclusion: impact of attitudes and self-efficacy
Vozková, Anna ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Denglerová, Denisa (referee)
This thesis focuses on novice teachers, their attitudes towards educational inclusion, and the impact of teacher self-efficacy. The theoretical part is divided into five main sections devoted to various aspects of a teacher's work, addressing the development and enhancement of their professional identity and teacher self-efficacy at the outset of their career. The last two chapters describe the concept of inclusion within the context of the Czech educational system and summarize the current research on teachers' attitudes towards inclusion. The empirical part presents a mixed-methods research study examining Czech novice teachers' attitudes towards and experiences with inclusion. The study also investigates factors potentially influencing the implementation of inclusion, including teacher self-efficacy, social environment, and perceived support. The research was conducted in three waves; however, due to attrition, only data collected during the first two waves were analyzed. In each stage, participants completed three types of questionnaires and participated in semi-structured interviews. The data were processed using statistical methods and thematic analysis as appropriate. This resulted in the development of a new model, proposing that teacher professional identity mediates the relationship...
Humor at school: teaching with joke
Kubátová, Michaela ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Švaříček, Roman (referee)
This dissertation deals with the issue of humour in the school environment. It aims to obtain data on humour used in the teaching of mathematics by teachers of Czech primary and secondary schools and on their basis to contribute to the theory of using humour to support the learning of pupils and students, especially to the issue of so-called humour techniques. Practical use for teaching professionals is expected output of this dissertation. The dissertation is structured as empirical research primarily built on qualitative methodology. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews with teachers and analyzed according to the method of the so-called grounded theory (Strauss & Corbin, 1999). The amount of the data also enabled their quantitative analysis, whereas the dependence of the researched phenomena on predefined parameters was identified. The theoretical basis of the dissertation is founded upon the analysis of overview texts on humour in school environment and upon research studies dealing with the influence of humour on learning. The output of the literature search is the design of a new model of the forms of the use of humour in teaching and the definition of circumstances that may hinder or contribute to the positive impact of humour on learning. The result of the empirical...
Personality Domains and Self-construal in a Sociocultural Context: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Study.
Cerha, Ondřej ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Hřebíčková, Martina (referee)
Ondřej Cerha, Personality Domains and Self-construal in a Sociocultural Context: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Study. The principal objective of this doctoral thesis is to investigate personality domains and self-construal in relation to a sociocultural context. To date, cross-cultural research reveals that self-concepts vary across cultures (Hardin et al., 2004; Keller et al., 2004; Markus & Kitayama, 1991; Vignoles et al., 2016). A growing body of evidence supports the multifactorial sources of psychological and sociocultural variability, including proximal and distal factors and their interplay. The intersection of individualism-collectivism, personality and self has emerged as an important nexus of this variation. The independent self is characterized by the notion of individuality and uniqueness; on the other hand, the interdependent self refers to the identity of connectedness with others (Singelis, 1994). Relational interdependence denotes a propensity to consider oneself in terms of close relationships (Cross et al., 2000). This study uses a priming manipulation to examine the interaction of culture, personality and self across two disparate cultures. The same experimental design was tested twice, with a Czech sample (n=395) and a Vietnamese sample (n=168). The participants randomly divided into...
Foreign language and the psychotherapist: a study from a psychodynamic perspective
Or-Gordon, Enav ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Vavrda, Vladimír (referee) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee)
Starting from Freud and onwards, Language is the medium in which psychoanalysis, the talking cure, exists. Word choice and associations, dreams and sentence phrasing, make the landscape of the subject's inner world, personal story, and the unconscious. Language is also the means for psychological change through talking in all forms of analytic psychotherapy. It is the main tool in the service of therapist's interventions and the creation of insight. The present research explores the experience and the implications of doing therapeutic work in a foreign language. Data collection included interviews with nine polyglot therapists, analysis of the researcher's own experience as a polyglot therapist practicing psychotherapy in three languages, and theoretical research into psychodynamic, linguistic, and developmental aspects of polyglots. Thematic analysis of participants' contributions resulted in the following themes; 1. Polyglot Therapists' Relationship with their Different Languages. 2. Identity. 3. The Polyglot Therapist's Work, with two subthemes: 3.1. Non-verbal Elements. 3.2. Technical Issues. These themes are presented and discussed using participants' citations and theoretical literature. As a result of further, psychoanalytically-informed qualitative analysis, the concept of Therapeutic...
Long Night's Journey into Day: Implementation of Czech Policy on Higher Education Quality Assurance
Kohoutek, Jan ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Stensaker, Bjorn (referee) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Šebková, Helena (referee)
This doctoral thesis takes up the theme of policy implementation in higher education. More specifically, the thesis aims to analyse the implementation of Czech system-level policy on higher education quality assurance in the period from 1990 until 2010. This policy is analysed through the implementation instruments: accreditation, the Higher Education Development Fund, the Development Programmes, and the platform for dissemination of examples of good practice. The conceptual framework guiding the enquiry combines insights from the policyaction continuum concept, the instrumental approach to policy implementation, including Vedung's typology of policy instruments, and Actor-Centred Institutionalism. The enquiry undertaken in the thesis attests to the theoretical and empirical obsoleteness of the Cerych and Sabatier framework, traditionally used in analysing higher education policy implementation. Furthermore, the enquiry identifies the stick-carrot-sermon instrument set-up as a distinct implementation style. As a result of the enquiry, several shortcomings are identified that limit the utilisation of the four implementation instruments, and recommendations are formulated on how to ameliorate them in policy practice.
Accounts of knowledge - the role and the structure of school and intelectual knowledge
Kubín, Daniel ; Štech, Stanislav (advisor) ; Francová, Veronika (referee)
Annotation: Since your birth you have learnt a number of facts. Recall them. What would you still like to learn? Three times since 1992 these questions dealing with attitude to cognition were put to students of the eight grade of three selected Prague schools; the students were asked to prepare written answers to the above questions using an arbitrary literary form. The result processed for investigation is called accounts of knowledge. The technique was first applied in 1992 by Bernard Charlot who used it to investigate attitude to cognition of students from various social classes. In 1992 the Prague Classroom Ethnography Group was the first to undertake a quantitative analysis using accounts of knowledge in the Czech Republic; it identified the fundamental structure of students' attitude to cognition and the role played therein by learning including school learning. In 2002 the research was repeated in the same schools as before. The submitted work repeated the original research. Accounts of knowledge of 117 students of three primary schools in urban district Prague 3 were investigated using the method of content analysis of balances and applying the statistical method to determine the significance of differences between the expected and empirical frequency of occurrence of items in individual areas and...

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