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Authenticity in the perception of users of the BeReal network
Tabačíková, Kristýna ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Authenticity from the Perspective of BeReal Social Media Users" examines the concept and perception of authenticity among users of the social media platform BeReal. It also focuses on the expression of identity and self-presentation within the platform's environment and investigates the motivations that drive participants in the research to use BeReal. The theoretical part of the thesis delves into the concepts of authenticity, identity, self-presentation, and sharing everyday experiences, providing the contextual framework for the study. The theoretical foundations draw from George E. Newman's categorization of authenticity, Erving Goffman's dramaturgical analysis, the exhibitionist approach to self-presentation, and social photography. The research aimed to explore how BeReal users interpret the concept of authenticity, how it manifests for them, and what it means to them. For this purpose, semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted, and the data were subsequently analyzed using thematic analysis. The results revealed that authenticity does not hold significant importance for BeReal users, who primarily use the platform to maintain social contacts. Participants associated authenticity with aspects of ordinariness and non-aesthetics, or as a means of expressing their...
Visual representations of women in the Vogue fashion magazine
Tomaníček, Michal ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This thesis "The Visual Representation of Women in Vogue" examines the changes in the portrayal of women in Vogue over time, comparing this phenomenon across three global editions of the magazine - the domestic version of Vogue CS, the original American version of Vogue U.S. and one of the most important and oldest Vogue editions in Europe, Vogue Italia. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Theoretical part of this thesis is divided into four units that precede the actual research. The first one is dedicated to fashion magazines from the perspective of media type, the second one maps the origin, development and present of Vogue magazine, the third part is dedicated to the evolution of the media portrayal of women in the context of time, social situation and culture based on feminist theories and historical trends, the last category then focuses on fashion photography as a visual medium, which is the focus of the research. The practical part examines the issues of the world editions of Vogue magazine within the same time frame (1 year) in the context of the current times, but also in the context of historical developments (i.e. 2020, 2000 and 1980). This part of the thesis provides an introduction to the evolution of the portrayal of women within the different editions of the magazine,...
Sexism and objectification of women in Czech and Slovak rap video clips
Mazánek, Aleš ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the attitudes of rappers, female rappers, and rap video producers towards the issues of sexism and objectification of women in Czech and Slovak rap music videos. The aim of this thesis is to determine whether these issues are perceived by rap artists and video producers and subsequently describe how women are portrayed in rap music videos. To achieve these goals, semi-structured interviews were conducted. The theoretical part of the thesis delves into the history and different approaches in researching subcultures, describing the main currents and significant representatives. It also explores the history and evolution of the hip-hop subculture, defining key concepts. The work also addresses the divergent development of the hip-hop subculture in the USA and Europe, highlighting the main differences. Furthermore, the thesis examines the history of rap in the USA, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Another section of this thesis discusses gender and hip-hop, sexism, and the objectification of women, outlining problematic portrayals of women in rap music videos.
Journalists' approach to representing female politicians in the media
Kvitová, Alžběta ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The thesis focuses on gender aspects of the journalistic profession and their professional discourse. Specifically, it focuses on how people in the media approach representations of female politicians. Women in politics are gender stereotyped in the media, and they also tend to be portrayed differently and in different contexts compared to male politicians. This is manifested, for example, by the fact that people in the media pay more attention to the private lives of female politicians, focusing more on their physical appearance or their age. Therefore, the aim of this paper was to investigate how these different representations of women in politics may be contributed to by journalists themselves. As part of the research part, semi-structured interviews were conducted with eleven female and male journalists working in different Czech media. The collected data were analysed qualitatively using the grounded theory method. The research shows that journalists attach low importance to gender in political reporting. Therefore, the gender of female and male politicians does not influence the way they themselves are reported in the media. However, the results of the analysis suggest that they view society through the lens of a gender dichotomy and also think of female politicians in gender stereotyped...
Media Representation of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Czech Republic from the Perspective af Survivors and Non-participants
Machatová, Karolína ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This thesis explores how the Czech mainstream news media portrays sexual and gender-based violence from the perspective of people with different experiences and attitudes towards it. This includes survivors, relatives of survivors, those who are sensitive to the topic, and those who are skeptical or have a negative view towards the portrayal of sexual violence as a topic. The theoretical framework for this thesis is gender theory and cultural studies, specifically interpretive communities, which examine how the media influences our perceptions of gender and society. The research is qualitative and uses grounded theory practices, which involves open and axial coding to analyze how people with different experiences and attitudes towards sexual and gender-based violence perceive the way Czech media portrays the topic. This includes evaluating the portrayal, the emotions it evokes, and suggesting possible changes. Using the vignette technique, specific examples of media content on the topic of sexual violence are analyzed, and specific changes and adjustments are suggested. Through coding and the vignette technique, four main problematic phenomena related to czech media portrayals of sexual violence were identified. These include inappropriate portrayals of victims and perpetrators, inadequate use of...
Renewable Energy in Czech Newspapers: Media Representation of Renewable Energy Sources in Czech Daily Press between years 2015 and 2022
Sivoková, Kateřina ; Nečas, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates the media coverage of renewable energy in Czech print daily newspapers over an eight-year period from 2015 to 2022. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the existing research on this topic and its results. Furthermore, it covers theoretical concepts of media studies such as agenda setting and framing theory. The thesis also gives a summary of the current situation regarding renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic and describes significant events of the analysed period that were related to renewable energy. The methodological part of the thesis presents the research goals, the characteristics of the quantitative content analysis and the research design. The main findings of the thesis are the fluctuation in the number of articles during the years studied and the significant increase in media attention towards renewable energy in 2022. Most frequently covered energy source was solar energy. The actors cited were mostly elites such as politicians, industrialists and entrepreneurs. Economic frames were the most frequently occurring frames. This thesis describes the nature of the media coverage of renewable energy in the Czech daily press and thus outline what information, and in what form, reaches the public through these newspapers.
Climate crisis in Czech online media
Málek, Albert ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
The climate crisis is one of the greatest risks society is facing nowadays. How the media present the issue is therefore crucial. However, many different actors are trying to influence the media communication of the climate crisis in their favour. The aim of this thesis was to use a qualitative content analysis method to identify the main actors to whom the media attribute responsibility for addressing the climate crisis, and then to analyse the motives that lead the media to create these constructions. Therefore, media portrayals of the climate crisis were viewed through the lens of the political economy of communication, which allows for the examination of aspects of how media products influence the final form of the media products, taking into account the power and economic context in which the media operate. Specifically, the thesis looked at articles related to the climate crisis published in the Czech online media iROZHLAS, Aktuálně.cz, Forbes and Alarm. These were articles published in the period bounded by the global climate strike (15th March 2019) and the awarding of a verdict in the climate lawsuit against the Czech Republic (15th June 2022). The findings of this thesis show that most of the media outlets examined produced constructions that shifted responsibility for addressing the...
(Un)safe social media as perceived by children
Šolcová, Tereza ; Háša, Marek (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis is devoted to the safety of children on social networks from the perspective of their own experiences and their perception. Using interpretive phenomenological analysis, it tries to provide the lived experience of these participants with an emphasis on the sensitivity of the topic. The results were used using semi-structured interviews with 7 participants aged 13 from Lutín Primary School. The individual interviews were recorded and subsequently interpreted according to the individual procedures of the chosen methods of analysis.
Adolescents'attitudes to the phenomenon of sharenting
Urban, Tereza ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the widespread phenomenon of sharenting, an activity in which parents share photos, videos, or detailed descriptions of their children on social media. The diploma thesis aims to find out how Czech adolescents, who have direct experience with this phenomenon, feel about it. The qualitative research is based on findings obtained through in- depth interviews with eleven adolescents. The theoretical part is devoted to the definition of the main concepts - adolescence and sharenting and puts them in the context of Communication Privacy Management Theory and Impression Management Theory. The empirical part then presents the results and conclusions of the research. The results of the analysis show that adolescents' views on sharenting are largely influenced by their perceptions of the risks associated with this phenomenon. Those of them who had a somewhat negative experience with sharenting perceived this activity as riskier. At the same time, those who perceived social networks in general as a potential threat were more aware of their risks. On the other hand, if the rules for sharing are well set between parents and their children and parents respect the opinion of their children, sharenting can be perceived positively among the adolescents themselves, and they may even...
Sharenting as a form of communication on social networks
Bláhová, Noemi ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis deals with sharenting, i.e. the oversharing of information about children online by their own parents. The thesis itself then looks at what this content captures, who it is primarily aimed at and what parents are trying to communicate by sharing it. The theoretical part of the thesis elaborates the notion of representation and self-presentation. Subsequently, the concept of childhood itself and how it is represented in different types of media is discussed. In the second part of the theory, the concept of sharenting itself is anchored and its characteristics and possible downsides are presented. The practical part of the thesis was conducted on the basis of qualitative research, specifically through the analysis of selected articles and thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews with ten respondents. The results of the research find that the participating parents communicate mainly positive content on their social networks through sharenting content, as well as authentic moments from their lives. They also try to present their children in a similar and responsible way. In terms of their own self-presentation, respondents tend to present themselves subconsciously rather than directly. Although the findings are not generalisable to the population as a whole, they offer interesting...

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