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Stuttering - a Proposal of a Complex Diagnostic-Therapeutic Programme for Adults who Stutter with an Emphasis on Desensitization, Relapse and Follow-up Care
Dezort, Jan
The aim of this dissertation thesis is to develop a complex diagnostic-therapeutic programme for adults who stutter. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part consists of 4 chapters and is based on an analysis of foreign and Czech specialized literature, studies and electronic media. This part presents the theoretical basis of the dissertation and shows the topic of stuttering from a broader perspective. It describes how people who stutter (PWS) are affected by this disorder, its effect on speech, how PWS try to cope with it and how their perception, opinions and feelings change. The dissertation describes stuttering in children, adolescents and adults. It deals with the critical period of the onset of stuttering by specifying various risk factors. It also includes a description of other fluency disorders. A special attention is paid to the personality of the therapist and his/her impact on the therapy process. The dissertation also explains the application of ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) model as a starting point for diagnosis and therapy of PWS as proposed by Yaruss and Quesal (2004). The empirical part is divided into two chapters. The first part consists of a case study which presents the experimental use of...
Music communication, projection and analogy of handicapped children in music therapy
Lipský, Matěj
/Abstract Music Communication, Projection and Analogy of Handicapped Children in Music Therapy Presented work takes an interest in music contents produced by handicapped children attending music therapy sessions. The contents of music were gained from the children by the method of improvisation, particularly by "concert technique". In the theoretical part we present philosophical background for the music therapy in a field of special education and research. This background thought we have found in a gnoseology of a critical realism and a radical constructivism. Afterwards the definition and description of used music therapy terminology follows. We present three music therapy models that put great emphasis on the contents of music produced by clients. These models are: the German Morphological music therapy, the Dutch Analogical Music Therapy and the Geneape music therapy model from the Czech Republic. We also discuss general possibilities of using music therapy while working with mentally handicapped clients, autistic clients and clients suffering from sight defects, because these kinds of handicaps are included in our research group. At the end of the theoretical part we explain the terms of music communication, projection and music analogy. They are always connected to the contents of music, as...
Phonetic literacy of Czech secondary school pupils in the Russian language
Konečný, Jakub
The dissertation deals with the pronunciation of Czech pupils in the Russian language. In this work, the phonetic literacy is defined and the attention is paid to its formation. The text is divided into three basic parts - the first is devoted to theoretical foundations which influence pupils' acquisition of the phonological system of a foreign language (from the linguistic, psychological and lingvodidactic points of view); the second part summarizes the results of the analysis of the relationship of Russian language teachers to the examined problem, the results of an analysis of available textbook sets and it describes a performed phonetic testing of secondary school pupils including the interpretation of its results; in the third part of the thesis there is a synthesis of the findings from both preceding chapters, followed by a discussion. During the research within the domain of the dissertation focus, quantitative and qualitative methods of educational research were used: a survey, content analysis of textbook sets, phonetic testing and analysis of recordings of students' authentic speech. The work provides a comprehensive view of the examined problem in the context of the current situation when the Russian language at Czech schools is taught as L3. It proves that Russian language teachers emphasize the...
Cognitive precesses of blind pupils when perceiving geomatrical shapes
Šleglová, Klára
BSTRAKT DIPLOMOVÉ PRÁCE Tématem diplomové práce je zkoumání kognitivních procesů (zejména vnímání, představ a myšlení) u nevidomých žáků prostřednictvím experimentů geometrickými tělesy. Nástrojem experimentu jsou čtyři úlohy (dvě pro jednoho žáka, dvě pro dvojici žáků), které jsou zaznamenány na video, přepsány do písemných protokolů a poté analyzovány. Jako teoretické východisko analýz byl na základě odborné literatury sestaven přehled zapojených, resp. pojmenování deficitních kognitivních funkcí. Dalšími důležitými teoretickými východisky byly také poznatky práci jsou z nich obsaženy ty, které se věnují vývoji hmatového vnímání (geometrických těles), vývojovým stádiím vytváření operací dle Piageta, kognitivním mechanismům v významu komunikace ve výuce matematiky (resp. Analýza experimentů zahrnuje pozorování hmatového (taktilního) vnímání, představ, myšlení, kognitivních procesů, řeči a komunikace, popř. jiných jevů podstatných pro konkrétní úlohu. LÍČOVÁ SLOVA nevidomý žák, kognitivní procesy, (deficitní) kognitivní funkce, komunikace, geometrická tělesa, průvodní jevy těles, taktilní vnímání
Communication of a beginning primary school teacher
Kubenová, Karolína ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The main aim of the theoretical part is to define the term 'beginning teacher' and to describe the forms of support which a fresh graduate can use when he starts his teaching practice. Furthermore, I focus on communication and cooperation of a teacher and a parent and I offer reasons for their realization. In the end of the theoretical part, I describe parent - teacher conference and consultations teacher - parent - pupil in Step by step. The aim of the empiric part was to assess the interviews with the beginning primary school teachers in ZŠ Angel and some parents. The structured interview was focused on to what extent the beginning teachers felt prepared for the parent - teacher conference, what support which was given to them was the most appreciated, what a teacher needs to deal with in connection with the parent - teacher conference and consultations teacher - parent - pupil. Then I try to find out what challenges are the beginning teachers facing in connection with leading the parent - teacher conference and consultations teacher - parent - pupil, what has worked after realization of the parent - teacher conference and consultations teacher - parent - pupil and what the teachers see as the main advantages and disadvantages of the consultations teacher - parent - pupil in comparison with the...
Speech and language therapy in persons with an autistic spectrum disorder
Říhová, Alena
The dissertation deals with the issues of speech intervention for the people suffering autistic disorders in the Czech Republic, and is divided in two main chapters - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part sums up the current information related to the terminology, symptomatology, etiology, diagnostics and special-education or therapeutic approach to the individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Due to the orientation of this paper we are taking closer look at the specific features of impaired communication abilities of the selected clientele. The practical part aims at both the analysis of the current situation of speech therapy provided in the Czech Republic and the supply of comprehensive information (recommendations) for its implementation with the people suffering from autistic disorders. Questionnaire was selected as the main method to analyze the speech therapy provided, distributed to three homogenous groups of respondents (clinical speech therapists, special education teachers and parents of the children with autism spectrum disorder). The main objective of the step was to collect feedback related to the subject issues from three different points of view. The second chapter of this paper is divided into specific parts dealing e.g. with the issue of establishing contact with a...
Interaction Means in Visual Art Education Classes at primary Schools with a Special Focus on Assessment
Valešová, Hana
The thesis examines the topic of communication, interaction and feedback in regard to the assessment situations in Visual Art classes at primary school. It is based on empirical research that approached the subject from various different methodological perspectives: questionnaire, participant observation, interview and an insight into the real educational situation. The participants of the research were a sample of visual art teachers from primary schools of Liberec region. The research focused on the content and the form of feedback information that the students receive in the interaction situations during their art work assessment. The results suggest that the teachers have problems to find relevant assessment criteria and the information they pass to the students has no real content and it does not refer to art values of their work.
Kopecká, Marie ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Kornatovský, Jiří (referee)
The content of this bachelor thesis is a comprehensive insight into the problematics of communication in art with the aim of application of specific theoretical principles into artistic experience with emphasis on the aesthetic education. Theoretical part of this thesis consists of two parts. First one is focusing on the historical development of the role of art in society, perception of art and starting points, which led artists to specific steps. The second part is focusing on the present. Here I mention the theoretical approaches to the issue of perception of art and visual communication, focus on what role the viewer plays in the process of communication and I analyze communication strategies of selected Czech contemporary artists. In the practical part I am dealing with approaches in my own art work, which is specific application of conclusions mentioned in the theoretical part. In this part I am focusing more on the process of my own work, on choices of particular themes, its specific rendition and following reflection with the aim of verification of particular effects of each medium, which should be integral part of every work in art. The didactic part contains theoretical starting points, which led to making didactic series and my own designed didactic series for the first degree of...

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