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Families of gifted children with ADHD
Němcová, Hana ; Kadrnožková, Monika (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is focused on the topic of twice-exceptionality in children of school age. It deals with the specifics of gifted children with ADHD. The theoretical part defines basic concepts such as giftedness, intelligence, twice- exceptionality and ADHD. It describes the specifics of diagnostics and care of gifted children with ADHD. In the empirical part qualitative research using case study design was carried out. Parents of twice-exceptional children were chosen as respondents. Obtained data was analysed using the methods of open coding, thematic analysis and cross-case analysis. The results of research show that according to parents it is effective to implement structured environment and to use rewards as means of motivation. Parents approach caring for their children actively and responsibly. According to parents, effective communication with school is a very important aspect of their children's education. This communication happens to be problematic in some cases and some parents require teachers to use more active approach to problem solving. Parents use many resources to self-educate themselves on the topic of twice-exceptionality, most often books, articles, studies or podcasts. They also gain information from other parents of gifted children with ADHD, using either online communication or meetings...
Application of Constructivist Elements in the Teaching of the Czech Language in the First Year
Sotonová, Jana ; Babušová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part discusses what communication means and its types. What constructivism means and what is the difference between transmissive and constructivist teaching. Furthermore, the issue of children's preconcepts and their use is discussed. The practical part focuses on the application of constructivist elements to the teaching of Czech language. In practice, we mean that pupils should deduce a lesson, rule or principle on the basis of their own efforts, previous experience, constructivist/exploratory approach. Furthermore, it is aimed at discovering preconcepts in pupils or their ideas. At the same time, the aim of the thesis is to create activities for Czech language classes that support constructivist teaching. Thus, pupils use constructivist elements to work. The research includes preparations that include activities focusing on the core curriculum of the second year, among which we include: writing i,í/y,ý hard and soft groups, writing ů, ú and meaning relationships of words. Worksheets, analysis and interview were used to identify the objectives.
HR role in "Company XY"
Prchlíková, Alena ; Kříž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vronský, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the research is to identify and analyze the needs in the field of human resource management within a small company, referred to as "Company XY". Another goal is the creation and definition of specific requirements for the HR position, which would be newly introduced within this company. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis defines the basic concepts related to HR and human resources management. It monitors the development of personnel work over time and changes in the approach and management of human resources. It relates the influence of a healthy organizational culture to the loyalty and commitment of employees and ultimately to the achievement of the organization's strategic goals. It summarizes individual personnel activities and the desired professional, general, digital and soft competencies of a personnel officer, as well as the specifics of personnel work in a small company. The empirical part of the thesis focuses on the research methods and tools used. It analyzes relevant documents and, with the help of conducted semi-structured case study interviews, ascertains the HR needs of the small "Company XY". It identifies the specifics of a small firm in general and the specifics of individual related firms related to their activities. It reveals the influence of the owner on...
Specifics of managing people in multi-location schools
Líbová, Petra ; Liška, Roman (advisor) ; Urbanová, Eva (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of delegation and internal communication in multi- site schools. It reflects current developments and upcoming changes in regional education system that result from strategic documents of the Czech Republic. Among other things, these changes include also management of schools that is pledged to receive systemic support. In this context, the merging of small schools into larger units is being considered, primarily for reasons of greater financial efficiency. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis explains the raison d'etre of multi-sites schools and presents the context of current developments. It also tackles explanation of key concepts of delegation and communication. In case of delegation, it describes its conditions and course. It describes the conditions and process of delegation, defines the concept of internal communication and describes its most common forms. The practical part analyses practices of selected school principals and describes their method of delegation and communication in a particular school. Qualitative research methods were used for data gathering, including specifically semi-structured interviews with four school principals. The aim of the research part is to identify and describe the process of delegation of responsibilities...
Cooperation between the school and the family at the beginning of schooling of children
Němcová, Viktorie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The thesis focuses on the issue of cooperation between schools and families at the beginning of children's school attendance. The theoretical part examines the key aspects of this cooperation. The analysis includes the role of the role of the teacher and his required competencies in the 21st century according to various publications dealing with this topis, the role of the family and the typology of family structures according to different characteristics influencing children's education, and also the child's readiness to enter school and the perception of this step as significant milestone in his life. Further, various forms of cooperation are presented, as well as programs and institutions that can support this cooperation. These include the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Czech School Inspectorate and programs Začít spolu, Rodiče vítání a Člověk v tísni. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of a qualitive research conducted at two selected schools. Through interviews with principals, teachers and parents, the thesis examines their experiences with different forms of cooperation, their perception of the effectiveness and benefits if these methods. The results of the analysis indicate the positive benefits of the selected methods, but also identify shortcomings and...
Social Work Methods for Clients with Dementia
Bachelor's thesis focuses on the methods of social work used with clients with dementia. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis defines the concept of dementia, the classification of dementia, and the causes of dementia. It also addresses communication with seniors, the quality of life of seniors, and their needs with an emphasis on social work methods. The main goal of this bachelor's thesis was to determine the methods of social work used with clients with dementia. The practical part of the bachelor's thesis includes evaluated results obtained through research investigation using a qualitative research strategy. Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with social workers. The main research question was as follows: "What social work methods are utilized when working with clients with dementia?" Participants selected for the research sample were carefully chosen through intentional selection. The technique of open coding was used to analyze qualitative data. The results of the conducted research showed that only specific types of social work methods are used when working with clients with dementia. The findings indicate that among these methods, working with families is prominent, which, according to social workers, is a crucial method for obtaining valid information about the client. Additionally, individual and group work are also represented. The absence of community work is justified by the absence of a community. Furthermore, the research has highlighted the need for education and awareness for society with dementia. The bachelor's thesis can serve as a useful resource for individuals working with clients with dementia. Furthermore, it can also serve as informational material for the general public.
Childrens´ speech development with speech defects in preschool age
MALÁ, Petra
This Bachelor thesis on the topic of the Development of Speech in Preschool-aged Children with Logopedic Speech Impairments aims to analyze the development of speech in two children with logopedic impairments by means of observation in a set timeframe. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the regular process of a child's development during the preschool years, as well as the regular development of speech. It also addresses existing logopedic impairments, their causes, their manifestations, and reeducation procedures. The practical part of the thesis is supported by research conducted listening in at two preschool institutions. It contains the case studies of the children observed and evaluates the development of their speech in a given timeframe.

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