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Present czech neo-shamanism and it's impact on practitioner's lives
Ekinovičová, Hana ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Tesárek, Jan (referee)
This work is devoted to neo-shamanism, the people who deal with it and its impact on their daily life. I focused on the "unprofessional shamans", i.e. such people who shamanism use for their needs or for the needs of their family and friends, but do not offer their services to the public, do not lead shamanic workshops, etc. In the context of my research, I attended several shamanic seminars and for data collection I used in-depth interviews with the people that these seminars also attending or have in the past attended. From these interviews emerged five categories that summarize my findings and which have the task to bring the readers perception of the world of these people. I focused on the circumstances that people to shamanism brought to what is on it intrigued, the largest share of the analytical section is devoted to some aspects of the current lives of my respondents and the role in them shamanism plays. One of the outputs is dedicated to nature, with which respondents receive information, which they at initial shamanic seminar received and at the end I added a few lines about the doubts that people sometimes feel towards it, what in the context of shamanic journeys they experience. Key words: Shamanism, neo-shamanism, everydayness, secularisation
Intergenerational construction of perception of poverty within families
Jeřábková, Tereza ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Kolomoiets, Maksym (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the study of the concept of poverty and its perception across two generations. This is among those who grew up in the socialism and their descendants who grew up after the transformation. The work aims to describe the intergenerational constructions of perceptions of poverty within families, to further analyze whether the concept of poverty differs between two different generations and, if so, on what these differences is based. Qualitative research is focused on middle-class Prague families, where using semi- structured interviews and the method of projective techniques I find out the attitude of respondents in the perception of the concept of poverty and their narratives associated with it. I use the research work of sociologists and anthropologists A. Schütz, M. Buchowski, M. Kreidl and R. Inglehart as theoretical starting points for qualitative interviews. The theory and data are then analyzed by a combination of narrative and thematic analysis. The main finding of this work is the importance of personal experience with poverty, which influences the further formation of the discourse on poverty.
Infertility experience: retrospective biographical reconstruction of now fertile women
Ulrichová, Eva ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Spalová, Barbora (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on the retrospective biographical interviews with three now fertile women who as narrators retrospectively create their identities during the experience with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. I also explored how the medical and social institution could lead to a change of identity of female infertility. This master's thesis is based on theory of Erving Goffman about patients in total institution: this theory supports the idea that total (medical) institution destroys the patient's original identity and then constructs new identity. The major result of this master's thesis found four different changes in woman's identity during the experience of infertility: identity of implicitly fertile woman and potential mother, denial of identity and the process of accepting a new identity, identity of infertile woman and patient's identity, and mother's identity. The changes of woman's identity are based on diagnostic phase. Therefore I decided to separate them into four various period in this research: pre-diagnostic, diagnostic, post-diagnostic and contra-diagnostic. I also found a difference between Goffman's theory and my results: Based on my research I concluded that the construction of identity of infertile women in the diagnostics and treatment of infertility is...
Contemporary Public Debate on Religion: Parliamentary Debate on Church Property Restitution and its Taxation in the Czech Republic
Fila, Filip ; Matějka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Spalová, Barbora (referee) ; Mole, Richard Charles McKenzie (referee)
In order to fill a gap in the literature and illustrate what a public debate on religion might look like in a country as unchurched as the Czech Republic, this thesis conducted thematic content analysis on two parliamentary debates related to church property restitution. Transcripts of the debates in The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on the 2012 Church Property Restitution Bill and the 2017-2019 Proposal to Tax Church Property Restitutions were used to answer theoretically and empirically informed questions pertaining to secularisation. The finding was that it was not religion necessarily, but rather matters of finances, legality, and procedure that figured quite prominently in the debate. Despite this, closer analysis revealed some relevant reflection on religion, most notable on in what sort of relation should churches and religious communities be with the state. The main takeaway from the research is that Members of Parliament acknowledged low individual level religiosity and did not promote something resembling the concept of vicarious religion. There speeches were on the whole interpreted to be more in line with advocating secularisation, rather than desecularisation.
Analýza vývoje a změn v plemenném standardu jezevčíka
Spalová, Barbora
Biometric measurements of dachshunds were carried out from 2015 to 2018, mainly at exhibitions organized by the Club of Dachshund Breeders of the Czech Republic. The measurement was based on the methodology developed by Ludmila Laufberger in 1960. Subsequently, statistical analysis of measured data and their comparison with both, L. Laufberger's and the breed standard of dachshund were performed. It has been found that all measured parameters has made progress in all measured breeds.
Changes in the Portrayal of the Velvet Revolution within the Czech Cinemathography
Peřinová, Eliška ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Moskvina, Yuliya (referee)
My thesis is focused on exploration of the portrayal of the Velvet Revolution within Czech Cinematography. I am examining this problematic through the theory of the collective memory. In particular I am using a methodological concept developed by Irena Řehořová in her study Cultural Memory and Film: How the Image of Post-War Displacement in Czech Film Has Changed. I have chosen three films - each representing one period of time and by conducting a qualitative content analysis I am trying to identify the key means of expression that are used to represent the concept of the Velvet Revolution during each of those particular periods of time and what overall image of the Velvet Revolution creators of the movies are trying to show to their viewers. At the same time, I am focusing on the reaction of professional critics and regular viewers to check how the Czech public reacts to the representations of the Velvet revolution shown in the films. My thesis is divided into four parts. The first, Theoretical Chapter is based on the theory of the collective memory with a focus on the Czech specifics and non-documentary movie as medium of collective memory. Following is a description of the historical context of the Velvet Revolution and its today's position in the Czech public discourse. Then there is the...
Somatic work: How people relate to the olfactory experience with the example of foreigners in the CR.
Zídková, Kateřina ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Tesárek, Jan (referee)
This thesis is dealing with the sense of smell and how do we relate to it in our social lives. I was looking into the mechanics of somatic work. It is a term defined by Vannini and Waskul (2008) as a process whereby a somatic perception undergoes a reflexive interpretation. Somatic perception isn't something that just happens, it is actually a process which yield to socialization. On the basis of 8 qualitative interviews and 5 consequential smell diaries using the hermeneutic analysis I identified, how and in which situations do foreigners in the Czech Republic work with their sense of smell and olfactory experience. It is mostly in situations connected with food, places, nature and people. Each of these situations I examine in a separated chapter. Somatic work is being done in compliance with social norms. Within these social norms rules for handling odors are negotiated. So, I also looked into how these social norms function in connection with smells. I also described, how odors relate to memory and what meanings do people connect with it.
Evolution and Transformation of Irish Dancing in Czech Republic: From leisure activity to elite discipline
Papoušková, Martina ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
Tato bakalářská práce je věnována výzkumu proměn irského tance v České republice. Výzkum byl prováděn kvalitativními metodami prostřednictvím zúčastněných pozorování, hloubkových polostrukturovaných rozhovorů a rešerší. Informátoři a informátorky výzkumu jsou tanečníci a tanečnice irského tance, jenž se v tomto oboru pohybují alespoň posledních pět let. Výzkumný terén pak představují irsky orientované události především v Brně a Praze konané v října 2018 do listopadu 2019. Ir České republice vyskytuje již od poloviny 90. let 20. století, přičemž tato práce spočívá ve zkoumání vybraných transformačních procesů a jejich vlivů na podobu irského tance, jak je známý dnes. Těmito procesy jsou globalizace,
Messengers of the Light: Angelic Spirituality in Czech Context
Tesárek, Jan ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis addresses non-traditional angelic spirituality experienced outside of traditional churches. This spirituality is specific for its everyday communication and contact with angelic beings. The present research examines contemporary angelic spirituality using a lens of relational ontology and semiotic analysis, focusing on how recurrent communication acts allow the emergence of specific subjectivities and identifies the main processes behind this phenomenon - recognition, interpretation and reaction. Research documents specific techniques allowing the formation of angelic subjectivities and redefinition of human subjectivities; prayer, reading cards, guided meditation, different types of clairvoyance and interpretation of signs. Deliberately using these techniques leads to re/definition of subjectivity of a practitioner (through clairvoyant insights into the past lives) and transforms him into human/incarnated soul. These communication acts further form a subjectivity of deceased souls, with which practitioners of angelic spirituality are often in contact, together with the subjectivity of dark beings, which cannot interact with a person without invitation it first and a subjectivity of angelic beings, which are defined by their unconditional support of their charges. Emergent "ecology of...

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