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Territorial Disputes of the 21st Century in the Context of Resources Security
Machytka, Daniel ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
Mgr. Daniel Machytka, Ph.D. Abstract This thesis focuses on the comparison of four selected territorial disputes and on the analysis of their related realities with an emphasis on the strategic importance of these disputed areas. The chosen topics were the territorial dispute between Russia and Japan over the Kuril Islands, the dispute between Argentina and Great Britain over the Falkland Islands, and then two multilateral territorial disputes over the Paracel and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. This work presents these researched disputes not only from their historical point of view but also with regard to valid international regulations, especially with regard to the rules based on the regulation of the law of the sea, which was adopted in 1982 by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Last but not least, the development of such disputes was studied as close as possible to the present time, when the main time period of the presented research was the period from the beginning of the 21st century. The studied territorial disputes were first analyzed separately and then compared together in order to discover mutual macro-causal connections and key similarities. The biggest similarity is the potential for conflict, which is evident from the actions that national states use to dominate their area of...
Emerging Threats to Space Security and Protection of Space Assets
Pražák, Jakub ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee) ; Hays, Peter Lang (referee)
The dissertation entitled "Emerging Threats to Space Security and Protection of Space Assets" introduces outer space as an important strategic domain with undisputable significance for the present and future of humankind. Despite the specific features of space environment, it explains that the outer space domain is not entirely divergent from traditional terrestrial domains and space-provided services are part of everyday life. The dissertation discusses and analyses the threats to space security and proposes countermeasures to mitigate the negative consequences on the space environment and for human activities beyond the borders of Earth, contributing to the spacepower theory and shaping the approach to outer space as an economic and political area. The dissertation illustrates the complexity of space threats and urges they be resolved. The theoretical framework is based on realist assumptions; however, it broadly acknowledges the different roles of various space stakeholders, resulting in an eclectic approach to space relations. Accordingly, the dissertation elaborates on dynamics and interconnections between space actors and outlines the prospects for future cooperation that is vital for preserving the space environment.
Conditions of Peace in the Context of the Colombian and Northern Irish Peace Process
Kindl, Jakob ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the relationship between the content and language of peace agreements and their acceptance by the population. It investigates the content on the basis of Johan Galtung's theoretical concept of positive peace and the language on the basis of structuralist linguistic theory. It is therefore an interdisciplinary research that combines the theoretical concept of the field of international relations with language theory. This thesis defends this approach by analyzing the concept of peace in international relations theories in which it identifies its shortcomings. A comparative case analysis of two peace agreements is conducted, the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland and the Peace Agreement in Colombia. While the two conflicts and peace processes show many similarities, the outcome differed and while the agreement was accepted in Northern Ireland, the agreement was rejected in Colombia. This thesis is concerned with the search for the causes that may have led to the different outcome of the referendum on its adoption, and it seeks these causes in the content and language of the two agreements, rather than in the rejection of the referendum per se. The main contribution of the thesis is the analysis of the content and language of the two peace agreements, which examines...
The Decline of Terrorism in European soil: Comparative Political Analysis
Pinto Guzman, Isaac David ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Myftari, Kledian (referee)
1 Master Thesis : The Decline of Terrorism in European Soil: Comparative Political Analysis Written by Isaac David Pinto Guzmán Date: 31.07.2023 Charles University Department: Security Studies Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Vít Střítecký Student ID: 47544203 University of Konstanz Department: Politics and Public Administration Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Dobbins Student ID: 1252046 2 Abstract: This paper focuses on the effectiveness of counterterrorism policies and strategies implemented by European Union (EU) member nations. The study examines the types of policies and measures put in place, the effectiveness of intelligence gathering and sharing, and the level of funding provided for security efforts. The research question guiding this study is: Which policies, security strategies, and measures implemented by European Union member nations have most effectively reduced the frequency or success rate of terrorist attacks on their territory, including completed, failed, and foiled attacks? The study aims to provide valuable insights for policymakers and security experts to develop evidence-based strategies to prevent and combat terrorism in the EU. The literature review critically examines the securitization of terrorism in Europe and its implications for civil liberties and democratic governance. The theoretical...
Green Nationalism in right wing political parties in the Baltics
Thota, Raghavendra Aditya Babu ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Solovyeva, Anzhelika (referee)
This paper focuses on the securitization of the migration crisis from the perspective of Slovakian parliamentary elections of 2016 and the Czech parliamentary elections in 2017. The migration/refugee crisis that started in 2015 played a significant role during the pre-electoral discourse and political campaigns. This goal of this paper is to apply the theory of securitization Copenhagen Peace Research Institute in the context of securitization of refugees or migrants of the migration crisis of 2015. I analyze mainly the discourse rhetoric and speech act of numerous parties who played an active part in these elections along with any written communication from the parties such as official party manifestos. I try to evaluate the tone that the parties tried to present, their clever usage of words or manner of writing and speech along with the sentiments that they tried to invoke in order to further their case.
Does the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine accelerate Italy's green energy transition? Analysing the impacts of the war on Italy's natural gas security of supply and green energy transition
Zanna, Giordano ; Holubcová, Jitka (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
In the wake of the 2022 Russian-Ukrainian War, Italy's natural gas security and green transition have come under scrutiny. This thesis explores the impact of the conflict on Italy's energy landscape, focusing on its natural gas supply, affordability, and energy diversification strategies. The findings reveal that the conflict significantly impacted Italy's natural gas security by triggering proactive measures from the government to diversify gas sources and enhance energy affordability. However, on the green transition front, short-term priorities emphasized energy security over immediate acceleration towards renewable energy. The study contributes to the field by shedding light on the interplay between geopolitical events and energy security, offering insights for policymakers and researchers.
The Interplay Between Smart Cities and Disaster Risk Reduction: A Study of the City of Amsterdam
Rossi, Alice ; Špelda, Petr (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The thesis examines how the development of smart cities interplays with the enhancement of Disaster Risk Reduction. Natural disasters are increasing, especially in urban areas, representing a concentration of social, economic and institutional vulnerabilities due to high population density. The development of smart cities could represent an opportunity to make urban areas safer and prepared to handle possible extreme weather events, as they are based on the development of cross-sectoral policies to deal with urban challenges and increase the city's overall efficiency. Through a single case study research of the city of Amsterdam, the thesis aims to prove the connections between smart cities and disaster risk reduction frameworks through qualitative data analysis. The findings show the overall efficiency of the approach employed by the city of Amsterdam for both the development of the smart city and disaster risk reduction. Even if the city does not explicitly state the connection between the two domains, the study found that Amsterdam's smart city policies have several elements that interplay with the framework of disaster risk reduction, enhancing its effectiveness. Keywords Smart Cities, Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Risk, Vulnerability, Resilience, Policy-Making Title The Interplay Between...
The Nature of Conflict in the Arctic: A Rationalist Approach to the Conflict Triggers
Benda, Lukáš ; Solovyeva, Anzhelika (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
Lukáš Benda Master's thesis 2023 The Nature of Conflict in the Arctic: A Rationalist Approach to the Conflict Triggers Abstract This Master's thesis explores the triggers of the conflict in the Arctic between the littoral states. Its goal is to identify key conflict drivers, based on the existing literature, then assess their intensity, based on the existing framework and supplemented by this thesis' own definition of conflict. By using the theory of rational choice and the bargaining model of war, it is studied why and how has the Arctic issues not escalated into armed confrontation, a topic which has been prominent in the literature at one time. By applying the aforementioned theories, this thesis links the conflict triggers to an intensity level, while applying the bargaining model of war on a non-violent conflict. The conclusions should determine the intensity of each conflict trigger, while explaining the changes in the conflict, including the external influencing factors. Developing its own definition of conflict and an intensity scale, this thesis aims to fill the gap in the existing literature, which usually focuses on the conflict as a singular topic, while introducing and exploring different layers of the conflict derived from identification of the conflict triggers.
Formation of Pro-Russian Sentiment in Belarus and Serbia during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Rjazanova, Julie ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Solovyeva, Anzhelika (referee)
This thesis examines how Russia uses propaganda to build alliances with Serbia and Belarus in order to expand its influence and mobilize support. The study investigates the specific narratives and messages employed online focusing on how they shape public opinion and create a positive perception of Russia within the targeted countries. To get practical insights into the subject, the content analysis chosen as a research method for the thesis focuses on the content of selected media outlets in each studied country. In this context, the formation of pro-Russian sentiment is viewed as a social movement seeking social change. The thesis also incorporates the concept of hybrid warfare, which offers valuable insights into contemporary Russian strategic thinking and security challenges.
The First World Social Media War: Impacts of Social Media Networks on the Russo-Ukrainian War
Ženíšek, Jan ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Špelda, Petr (referee)
This thesis aims to investigate the possible implication of social media networks to warfare. Chiefly in terms of the application of social media networks as a supplementary instrument in the scope of conventional warfare. The research is based on the development of the first year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The main data source for the analysis is information about Authors and their Tweets from the social media network Twitter. For the purpose of the research, a custom data collection algorithm was developed to obtain a sample of more than two million Tweets that were published in connection with the Russo-Ukrainian war or Tweets that further interacted with such content. The gathered data from Twitter are analyzed in the context of two additional open-source datasets containing information about the individual attacks by both belligerents and the volume of international donations to Ukraine using volumetric analysis. Additionally, Twitter-related data are processed using social media analysis to determine the key individuals and groups in the social network via measuring betweenness centrality and modularity optimization. The thesis concludes that social media networks have the potential to impact a broad audience and mobilize international support. Further, the research discovered evidence that...

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