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Ethnographic study of Role-playing in World of Warcraft
Dušek, Ondřej ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This thesis explores the almost unexplored phenomenon of role-playing in the MMORPG video game genre, focusing specifically on role-playing in World of Warcraft (WoW). Its assumption is that although players of this genre overwhelmingly focus on the gameplay aspects of the game, role-playing in MMORPGs exists and takes place as an activity of the fringe culture of players. The aim of this thesis is to investigate this phenomenon in WoW, to find out how role- playing in the game takes place and what artificial reality role-playing participants create in the virtual world of the game, and also to define this phenomenon as a form of role-playing The theoretical part of the thesis is divided into three segments. The first segment deals with role-playing itself and the role-playing game (RPG) genre, which is superior to the MMORPG subgenre. The second segment delves into the known knowledge about role-playing in MMORPGs, and the third describes the examined game WoW. In order to fulfill the goals of this thesis and answer the research questions, ethnographic procedures are used in the research part, by which the author of this thesis infiltrates the virtual role-playing environment in WoW and actively participates in the events, which he further describes and analyzes. Based on the analysis of field...
The convergence of esport and streaming in professional trajectories on the Czech gaming scene
Jerman, Petr ; Švelch, Jan (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of the convergence of esports and streaming on the Czech gaming scene. Its aim is to find specific areas and activities which connect the two seemingly different, but closely linked areas of media entertainment and video game industry. The theoretical part presents the phenomena of esport and streaming, including both their unique connecting and dividing elements. The thesis focuses primarily on the role of streamers and streaming platforms in esports, but also on their common connection to media entertainment and creative work in digital or video game culture. In the research section, the data is collected using in-depth semi-structured interviews focused on streamers and esports participants or employees who have experience or operate within both industries. Subsequent data analysis and final discussion answer the established research questions. It thus uncovers common areas and activities that contribute to the convergence of esports and streaming. The thesis also addresses monetization methods as well as the current situation and working conditions in the Czech esports environment. The presented results point to the mutual cooperation between the two sectors, with an emphasis on the more independent role of streaming compared to esports, which in turn tries to...
I, Developer: Media reflection of Czech game developers in Level magazine during 2015 - 2021
Bouše, Václav ; Švelch, Jan (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis focuses on self-reflexive representation of Czech game developers on pages of Level magazine between 2015 and 2021, which is one of two continually released game- oriented periodicals in the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to define the key topics that Czech game developers consider crucial and to place them in a broader theoretical framework. The main qualitative research method used is thematic analysis, examining articles that were part of the Dílna section during the period. A total of 25 articles were analysed, falling genre-wise into the category of postmortem, which aims to re-present the work of developers with all its negative and positive aspects. The results of the thematic analysis show that Czech game developers in the articles reflected mostly topics of funding, working with gamer and fan community and differences between the way of working in Czech and foreign development studios. The research sample also shows that the major Czech game studios have a major historical importance and influence on the cultivation of the entire Czech game development. The analysis also results in the finding that Czech developers prefer global development and distribution platforms to traditional models and tools. For them, these platforms represent a major facilitation of entry...
The multimodality of the narrative in the video game Kentucky Route Zero
Kolářová, Hana ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
Tato diplomová práce zkoumá narativ videohry Kentucky Route Zero na základě multimodálního přístupu. Cílem práce je popsat funkce a specifika jednotlivých sémiotických modů a analyzovat způsob, jakým se tyto mody podílejí na formování multimodálního narativu. První část práce poskytuje teoretický základ pro následnou analýzu. Nejprve popisuje problematiku vztahu narativů a videoher. Následně představuje teorii multimodality, multimodální koncepty a s nimi spojené přístupy. Nakonec se věnuje také videohře Kentucky Route Zero, jejímu příběhu, hernímu i uměleckému žánru a záměru herních designérů. Výzkumná část práce se nejprve věnuje analýze jednotlivých sémiotických modů jako je jazyk, obraz a zvuk. V kontextu celé videohry zkoumá jejich specifika, funkce a limity pro vytváření významů v rámci narativu. Kromě toho popisuje možnosti interakce a jejich vliv na narativ. Tyto poznatky následně využívá v rámci analýzy narativních elementů, přičemž se zaměřuje na způsoby kombinace jednotlivých modů, na jejichž základě je narativ videohry Kentucky Route Zero formován.
Parody of educational games
Valtonen, Zuzana ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
The work deals with the analysis of parody in computer games. Specifically, a parody of educational games. This work examines five computer parody games Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, Baldi's Fun New School, Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar, Frog Fractions and Supervised Driver's Education. In selected parody games, work describes the elements of parody, which are then interpreted using three theoretical approaches to humour, which are the theory of incongruence, the theory of superiority and the theory of relief. The work tries to find out how the contexts of educational games and parodies are related by means of the analysis of selected games. It qualitatively examines the themes, mechanics and audio-visual aspects of both genres and then compares them. Furthermore, the work discusses the history of educational games and their shortcomings, which are related to the significant expansion of parodies in the 90s. Among other things, it describes the function of parody on the examples of the most frequently ridiculed game conventions first-person shooter, boss fight and achievement system. At the end of the thesis, he mentions the universality of parody within another genre and gives an example of parody of parody, which is a parody musical played on YouTube, parodying the...
Game Over: Death in video games and impact of videogame Brothers: Tale of Two Sons on gamers
Khan, Jakub ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
Videogames are no longer just an entertainment product for certain interest groups, they are a global mass medium for all generations that can be used for purposes other than entertainment. The subject of this thesis is videogames and their influence on gamers. The aim is then to find out how male and female gamers perceive death in videogames, what emotions and reactions this contact evokes in them, and whether videogames can change their perception of death. The research was conducted through a qualitative study, conducted through semi- structured interviews with male and female gamers who first played the videogame Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which contained a narrative type of death. From the conducted research it was found that the videogame was able to evoke strong emotions in the male and female players, especially negative ones such as sadness, fear, or regret, caused by contact with the unexpected death of the main character they had been playing all along. The evocation of these emotions was enhanced by the simple controls and simple puzzles, allowing for a greater focus on the story, as well as the interactivity of the videogame and belonging to the protagonist. Only one participant out of six in the research succeeded in changing the perception of death in a positive direction, but...
Comparison of profesional reviews and user comments on Metacritic in the case of The Last of Us Part II
Kafka, Pavel ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houška, Jan (referee)
The subject of this thesis is to analyze and compare professional reviews and user comments on the aggregator Metacritic in the case of The Last of Us Part II. The goal of this thesis is to find out what distinguishes professional video game reviews from user comments, what dominant themes they contain and which of them play a major role in the final evaluation, on the example of The Last of Us Part II. First four chapters of the theoretical part of this thesis deal with the theoretical basis of the areas of game review and its function, review bombing, identification with protagonist and representation of female characters. The theoretical part ends with the introduction of The Last of Us Part II and the aggregator Metacritic. The research part contains a total of two surveys. The first two chapters are devoted to the introduction of methodologies of individual surveys and the definition of their research samples. The first research uses quantitative methods to describe the course of the user score over time. The second research uses qualitative thematic analysis to identify dominant themes in 10 professional reviews and 100 user comments. The dominant themes of these two research samples and their impact on the final evaluation are then compared with each other. The thesis ends with a discussion,...
Reception and rating of Czech video games in gaming magazine Level
Pepř, Tadeáš ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kasík, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the reception of video games developed by studios residing in the Czech republic through reviews published in the video game magazine Level since the foundation of the magazine in the 1995. Theoretical part describes basic contexts of the development of gaming journalism with the emphasis on the Czech scene, briefly explains the foundation and the history of Level and provides complete list of all reviews of Czech video games in up to now published issues. Research part examines the aspects of 10 picked individual texts, emphasizing the changes during years. Thesis aims to find out how and to what extent can reception of individual games be influenced by the fact, that they were developed in the Czech Republic, and how these aspects of reception change from the 1995 to these days. Choice of examined texts reflects the intention to study changes over the time and individual reviews are divided by approximately stable intervals.
Representing Death in Contemporary Computer Games - the case of The Last of Us II
Valtonen, Veronika ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houška, Jan (referee)
The work deals with the analysis of the representation of death in computer games, specifically in the case of The Last of Us II, a survival horror genre. The analysis notices the differences in the representation of death in games compared to real life, where games significantly downplay the subject of death, and at the same time death is the main game mechanics that rewards the player as a successful killer. Games can stereotype death in a harmful way, but the studied game is specific in that it does not contain these common stereotypes. The work analyses main and secondary characters in order to find out how they die and how their deaths differ from each other. Protagonists and antagonists are also point of interest, as their death is different therefore an appropriate subject to examine what the game is trying to convey. These differences will be further analysed in the work in the context of game mechanics and audio-visual representation. Narrative is the main aspect representing death in the game. The consequences of death are also part of the narrative, and the work will focus on the aspects of burial and mourning. To achieve the findings within the representation of death in the game world, the work will analyse characters perception of the death, specifically through their dialogues or...
Players View on Alternate Reality Games
Váňová, Anežka ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fousek Krobová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis examines alternate reality games and their players. These games are distinguished by a specific form of narration called transmedia storytelling. This type of storytelling divides the game plot into many smaller pieces. Those reach players in the form of different media formats and through various media platforms. There are various puzzles and ciphers hidden within the snippets of the story. Players must solve them in hopes of getting along with the storyline. These tasks require a certain degree of cooperation between the participants, which commonly results in the formation of gaming communities. Players usually need only a smart device and an internet connection to be able to join the experience. The thesis aims to examine whether and how these games affect players in their daily lives, introduce the communities that arise during the games, and reveal the communication practices of its members. Finally, the thesis presents the roles that players take on themselves during the games and it shows the importance they see in the use of transmedia storytelling within alternate reality games. These games can have both positive and negative impacts on players' daily lives, although the represented positives outweigh the negatives. The gaming communities have two main functions, which are...

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