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Scientific literature with the theme of insects in the practice of kindergarten
Faltusová, Kateřina ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
This master's thesis entitled "Utilization of educational literature on the topic of insects in the practice of preschool education" is divided into theoretical and empirical sections. The aim of the thesis is the development of scientific knowledge through the use of children's educational literature in the preschool environment. The theoretical section outlines the characteristics of preschool-aged children with respect to the topic of the thesis, issues related to environmental education in preschool education, characteristics of literature for children, utilization of educational books in preschools, and an analysis of the Framework Educational Program for Preschool Education in relation to the thesis topic. The objective of the empirical section is to create lessons using educational literature about insects that contribute to the development of scientific skills in children. Additionally, it seeks to determine the popularity of educational books about insects based on the age and gender of the children, as well as to map the reading environment of the children. The results of the practical part were verified based on pretest and posttest, participant observation of children, a questionnaire for parents of pupils, and activities aimed at assessing the popularity of books. The action research...
Cooperation of elementary and kindergarten in Varnsdorf
Šmídová, Valerie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to examine the conditions and approaches of individual participants in the inter-institutional cooperation between primary schools and kindergartens in Varnsdorf. The first chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of preschool and primary education, especially in terms of their function. It discusses the specific areas related to the transition of a child from kindergarten to primary school and various issues that may arise during this period. The second chapter is focused on the persons accompanying the child from the very beginning of compulsory education and concentrates more closely on their mutual cooperation and communication. The third chapter identifies the age peculiarities of preschool and junior school-age children, which are complemented by possible factors and determinants influencing the success of the educational process and the subject of the child's school maturity and readiness. The last chapter is devoted to the specifics of education in the specific area, which is relevant to the thesis in terms of research and thus puts the topic of the thesis in more context. Through qualitative research, the practical part explored the attitudes, experience and opinions of teachers and school principals regarding the question of cooperation...
Competences of kindergarten pedagogical leaders
Šarochová, Helena ; Urbanová, Eva (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Danuše (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the position of the head pedagogical worker in a preschool. The theoretical part defines the head pedagogical workers in preschools, especially the school director, their legislative framework, and their job responsibilities. Furthermore, the theoretical part defines the concept of competence and examines the competencies of preschool directors and their competency models, which are based on their job responsibilities. The empirical part investigates, through quantitative research, whether the head pedagogical workers possess the necessary competencies required for managing preschools. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey, which was sent to preschool directors located in the Central Bohemian Region. The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to determine which areas of the individual competencies the preschool directors consider most important for performing their role. In the empirical part of the study, it was found that among managerial competencies, the mastery of managerial skills was considered most important by the directors for performing their role. In terms of leadership competencies, the ability to formulate and fulfill a vision was identified as the most crucial area for preschool directors. In the field of professional competencies,...
Auditory perception training as part of speech therapy prevention in common preschool
Pouchová, Vendula ; Horynová, Jana (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
The main objective of the bachelor's thesis is to identify and describe the development of auditory perception in a selected ordinary kindergarten. The specific goals of the thesis were to determine and describe the advantages and disadvantages of auditory perception development in the given kindergarten and to present the most common aids and activities used to foster auditory perception. The theoretical part of the thesis consists of three chapters, providing a foundation for the practical part of the work. The first chapter focuses on the development of speech and language abilities in typically developing children and introduces basic concepts of speech, language, and communication. The second chapter delves into the issues of auditory perception and its individual components. The third chapter introduces the education of preschool-aged children, the framework educational program, and its domains. The practical part of the thesis presents original research conducted in a specific ordinary kindergarten. It is a qualitative research investigation utilizing methods such as participant observation, analysis of worksheets and tools used, and supplementary interviews with teachers from the kindergarten. The development of auditory perception was observed both within a class of the kindergarten and in...
Návrh nástavby a stavebních úprav budovy mateřské školky v Břeclavi
Montag, Richard
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the design of the extension of the kindergarten building in the form of a wooden building made of wooden layered solid panels. At the same time, the aim of the thesis is the structural modifications with respect to the existing layout, including the maximum effort to achieve all the sanitary and structural requirements for the kindergarten. The primary reason for the extension was the requirement to utilise the loft space to increase the capacity of the nursery and build private staff quarters. The layout of the building was designed so that individual classes would be able to operate independently and autonomously with their own playroom, cloakroom, emergency exit, sanitary facilities and areas for catering and sedentary activities. Along with this, the bachelor thesis also focuses on the appropriate design and assessment of the building insulation according to the ČSN 73 0540 standard. Emphasis will be placed on the highest possible economic efficiency of the design.
Policový systém do veřejného prostoru
Pelcová, Kateřina
The objective of this bachelor's thesis is to create a design of a shelving system intended for public space, specifically for children’s playroom in kindergarten. The design itself is preceded by the review of kindergarten furniture currently offered on the market. The theoretical part of the work deals with the requirements for storage systems in public spaces concerning hygiene and safety as well as technology. We also consider the effects of colours in space on healthy child development. The practical part of the work focuses on the design itself. It includes description of the constructional solution, material overview, selection of optimal colour scheme of the shelving system, and 3D visualisation created in programs Cinema 4D and Lumion. Technical drawings are enclosed as appendices of the thesis.
Odkládací nábytkový prvek pro uložení osobních věcí dítěte v mateřské škole s použitím lamelových, případně tvarově překližovaných prvků
Dušková, Kateřina
The thesis deals with the design and production of a furniture prototype for a preschool locker room. The furniture is designed to meet safety requirements for toddler's furniture, hygiene and ergonomics requirements for children. The theoretical part includes a description of preschool age, ergonomics, requirements for toddler's interior and furniture, requirements for storage furniture and a description of materials. The practical part contains research compiled from photographs of various preschool facilities in the Czech Republic. It contains a description of the selected preschool facility, including the defined space of the dressing room. It also involves own designs, visualizations and final product photos.
Návrh dřevostavby mateřské školy
Tmejová, Veronika
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal for a wooden kindergarten building. In the theoretical part, the requirements concerning kindergartens and the requirements for the design of a passive house are described. The structural system of the building was chosen to be a solid timber building made of CLT panels. The layout is designed for two classes of children from 3 to 6 years old. The kindergarten building is located on a specific plot and positioned according to the cardinal directions. The drawing documentation is attached to this thesis. The diploma thesis also deals with the fire solution of the designed wooden kindergarten building. In the thesis the fire safety solution of the building is elaborated.

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