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Respecting didactic principles in further education courses
Englová, Kristýna ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with verification of respecting didactic principles by further education lecturers. The theoretical part contains defining concepts connected with educational process of adults including placing further education in the context of lifelong learning. One of the separate chapters introduces personality of the lecturer. There are the necessary competences for this kind of profession, its description based on data from the National Register of Qualifications and National Profession System and its typology. Except for the lecturer, the diploma thesis also deals with the personality of the learner, its motivation to learn and the possibilities of its approach to participating in learning actions. The rest of the theoretical part contains a list of individual androdidactic principles with their explanation, methods and also trends in adult education in the context of ICT. The practical part focuses on qualitative research investigation aimed at identifying and describing the androdidactic principles which are applied by lecturers during further education courses. The research problem is carried out by way of case study in one selected educational organization, which is anonymised for the purposes of this diploma thesis. The data are obtained using in-depth interviews with the lecturers and...
Competencies of an ideal language teacher based on the subjective opinions of teachers and language learners
Jandová, Daniela ; Kříž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
This thesis deals with the current issue of strengthening and creating a competency model for private language teachers. At the present time, it is a very frequently discussed topic in the teacher community, especially given that the requirements for the profession are not specifically defined. Therefore, foreign language teachers often shape their own perception of necessary qualifications of a private language teacher. The aim of this thesis is to develop a competency model of an ideal language teacher based on the subjective opinions of the teachers themselves and language learners and to raise awareness of the requirements for the profession. The theoretical part first describes the position of language education in the context of lifelong learning, then it deals with the issue of competencies with a focus on the language teacher and last but not least it revolves around the language learner. A section is also devoted to the current state of knowledge and the results of research studies on the competencies of language teachers both in Czech and foreign context. The empirical part is based on semi-structured interviews with private language teachers and private language learners from four different age categories. The aim is to describe how students and teachers themselves perceive the ideal...
Identification and evaluation of educational needs of vocational subjects teachers at secondary schools of agriculture
Pudilová, Jana ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the teachers educational needs of vocational subjects at secondary agricultural schools in the field of continuing professional education. The main goal of the work is to identify, characterize and evaluate these educational needs. The theoretical part of the final thesis is devoted to teachers in the world of education, introduces the further of pedagogical staff and describes the specifics of adult education. The profession of a teacher, pitfalls, pros and cons of the teaching profession is detailed here. The work does not neglect the view of education in various departments of the government and describes, in particular, specific activities implemented in the department of the Ministry of Agriculture in relation to vocational subjects teachers at secondary agricultural schools. The research part is based on the questionnaire survey method, the respondents are teachers of vocational subjects at secondary agricultural schools. The research part is supplemented by interviews with departmental agricultural organizations representatives. The obtained results of the research investigation point to a wide range of topics in which the teachers of vocational subjects at secondary agricultural schools feel the need for professional education. The results show that teachers...
The importance and possibilities of career guidance
Kovaříková, Tereza ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis entitled "The importance and possibilities of career guidance" was to find out and describe the position of a career adviser and the possibilities and barriers of career guidance. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, namely: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is focused on three main thematic units. In the first chapter, the concept of career guidance is defined, target groups, forms, diagnosis, limits, possibilities and barriers of career guidance are listed. The second chapter is devoted to a career adviser, code of ethics, competences, specializations, work activities and psychohygiene for career advisers. The third chapter is focused on education of career advisers and their further education. The methodology of the research investigation is described in the practical part. A case study was chosen as the research design. Data were collected through in-depth semi-structured interviews with three career advisers. The interviews were focused on five topics, namely: position of career adviser, possibilities of career guidance, barriers of career guidance, education and further education of career adviser. After using the open coding technique, the analysed data from the interviews were interpreted, the results were summarized and a discussion of...
Construct a methodology for creating a digital lecturer platform
Šišková, Vanda ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
This thesis is devoted to mapping and analysing the current situation of digital lecturer platforms in the Czech Republic and the rules for lectures that educate adults. It offers a brief insight into the subject of adult education, mentions the current legislative situation about adult education in the Czech Republic, offers a concise example of embedding adult education in the entire educational system in Norway, deals with the creation and use of information and communication technologies in education and, above all, the personality of the adult educator. The introductory parts of the thesis provide an overview of the things that are related to adult education and somehow influence it, which leads to an awareness of the complexity and overall difficulty of preparing, implementing, and evaluating such an event. The methodology defines the place where the client could choose a lecturer for the education event. The platform offers a place to search for educational courses, evaluate quality, enter a request for and personalised event, or request a development plan. The main result of the thesis is the design of a methodology for the creation of a digital platform in the Czech Republic, which will offer a certain level of guarantee for the lecturers led by it and thereby offer a certain quality in...
The Czech Companies Acceptation of the International Financial Reporting Standards
Zacharová, Dita ; Rauš, Jiří (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
The work deals with the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by the companies, with the theory of the conversion of financial statements prepared in accordance with Czech legislation to the financial statements being in accordance with IRFS and the work also provides an overview of the most significant differences between the two treatments. The differences in selected areas covered by their own standards are described in detail to illustrate the problem.

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