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The influence of a movement intervention based on developmental kinesiology principles on female athletes in the 18+ category of sports aerobics.
Hotová, Adéla ; Křivánková, Markéta (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: The influence of a movement intervention based on developmental kinesiology principles on female athletes in the 18+ category of sports aerobics. Objective: Determining the effectiveness of a 10week movement intervention based on core stabilization for correcting faulty posture and alleviating back pain in four elite sport aerobics competitors in the age category of 18 and above. Methods: Evaluation of body posture aspects in a static standing position, examination of trunk stabilization, Young Spine Questionnaire survey, and a 10week movement intervention utilizing exercises to strengthen trunk stabilization based on the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization concept enriched with a mobilizing exercise for the Sacroiliac joint. Qualitative research is chosen as the research strategy. Results: The 10week movement program based on strengthening trunk stabilization according to the DNS concept with an element of releasing the SI joint had a positive impact on reducing the frequency of back pain in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of the spine by one degree in 3 out of 4 girls. Reduction in pain intensity in the cervical spine occurred in 3 out of 4 girls by one degree, in the thoracic spine, all girls experienced a reduction in pain intensity by one degree, and in the lumbar spine, 3...
Incidence of pes planovalgus in young school-aged children with anamnesis of developmental dysplasia of the hip
Buzková, Tereza ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Zahradník, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis researches the relationship between developmental dysplasia of the hips in the anamnesis and the occurrence of pes planovalgus in young school-aged children. The first two chapters of the theoretical part of the thesis provide a summary of information about developmental dysplasia of the hip joints and pes planovalgus, which are essential for comprehending the entire issue. The subsequent chapter extensively examines the connection between these conditions, bringing together and expanding knowledge about the factors that support the potential relationship between developmental hip dysplasia and pes planovalgus. Specifically, it highlights the significance of increased femoral neck anteversion and generalized joint hypermobility. The potential impact of gender is also discussed. The theoretical part concludes with a discussion of physiotherapeutic methods used in treating developmental dysplasia of the hip joints and pes planovalgus. The practical part of the thesis is based on data collected using a specially designed non- standardized protocol comprising various standardized tests. The results were subjected to statistical analysis. The study included a total of 40 children of younger school age, ranging from 6 to 12 years. Half of the participants had an anamnesis of...
Impact of food and lower leg massage on postural stability
Novák, Matěj ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Hošková, Blanka (referee)
Title: Impact of foot and lower limb massage postural stability Objectives: Find out what impact does sport massage of foot and lower limb has on postural stability. Methods: The research was realized in the form of a Crossover design experiment and involved 8 subjects. It was a one-group experiment where all participants were part of both the experimental and control groups. The measurement results were based on comparing the input and outcome measurements, with foot and calf massage being performed on the experimental group of subjects, while the control group was passively resting by lying on their backs. A pressure plate called Footscan was used to obtain the results in the Laboratory of Sports Motorics at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University. Results: In the overall comparison of the results of all measured stances it is possible to see that in the first four stances, without the foam pad, experimental group achieved positive results even by ten percent. Only the results of narrow standing with eyes open (USOO) were negative. There was a deterioration of 21% in delta X and 15% in delta Y. However, these results cannot be considered positive since the control group achieved similar results with the same positive or negative tendencies in almost all evaluated...
Regeneration in sports in children
Študentová, Jitka ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
7 Abstract: Title: Regeneration in children's sports. Purposes: The aim is to compare the recommendations literature from a for regeneration of younger school-aged children from with their actual practical application in sports. Another goal is to subsequently evaluate how families approach the regeneration of their children. Methods: This bachelor' s thesis is non-experimental in character. To obtain the required data, methods of literature search, an observation method, and a questionnaire method were applied to a set of 32 sports children aged 6-10 years. The data was processed in exel program in the form of graphs and chart. Results: The conclusions of the questionnaire investigation were presented in the form of well arranged graphs and a chart and they indicate a sufficient transfer of the regenerative means recommended by the literature in children's sports into practical life not only in sports but also in families, personal life. The most frequent means of regeneration was regenration by movement. Key words: Relax, sport, children of younger school age, education, health.
The effect of compensatory exercises on typical muscle imbalances in 12 and 13 years old baseball players
Opršalová, Jana ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Křivánková, Markéta (referee)
Title: The effect of compensatory exercises on typical muscle imbalances in baseball players aged 12 and 13 years Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to verify the effectiveness of the developed compensatory set in baseball players aged 12 and 13 years, in the U13 age category. To prove the effect of compensatory exercises on typical muscle imbalances in boys aged 12 and 13 years. METHODS: In a quasi-experiment, the effect of compensatory exercises in baseball players aged 12 and 13 years was investigated using physiotherapy examinations. The research sample consisted of 33 boys. The research sample was divided into two groups from different baseball clubs. The experimental group of 16 boys completed the compensatory exercises. The control group of 17 boys did not complete the compensatory exercises. The intervention lasted a total of 3 months, 3 times. The compensatory exercise of 15 minutes was applied in the final phase of the training unit. The method of data collection was kinesiological analysis before the project started. A matching examination was performed after 3 months for both groups mentioned above. Results: Kinesiological analysis showed changes in the examination of shortened muscles and examination of breathing stereotype in the experimental group. The changes in this testing that...
Possibilities of influencing dysmenorrhea
Husťaková, Darina ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Hošková, Blanka (referee)
Title: Possibilities of influencing dysmenorrhea Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate what options exist to influence dysmenorrhea and whether physical activity, BMI and stress have an effect on reducing menstrual pain. Methods: This is an empirical research, in quantitative character. A questionnaire survey was used using a non-standardized on-line questionnaire of our own design. There were single- choice or multiple-choice questions as well as an open-ended response option. This questionnaire was completed anonymously. The questionnaire was completed by 138 women aged 18 to 40 years, median 23, during June to December 2022. The results of the study were processed in Microsoft Excel 2016. Results: The following results came out of the survey. Women with higher BMI do not have more menstrual pains compared to girls with normal BMI or underweight. Further, according to the research, no association was found between stress and worsening of menstrual pain. According to the research, women with dysmenorrhea and regular physical activity do not have less menstrual pain than women with dysmenorrhea without regular physical activity. Regular physical activity has little effect on the duration of menstrual pain in women with dysmenorrhea, nor on the regularity of the menstrual cycle in...
Rowing as a means of improving physical fitness in the blind
Kunzmannová, Eva ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: Rowing to improve physical fitness in the blind Objectives: To investigate the effect of rowing training on physical fitness of blind persons and descriptions of a blind rower. Methods: Three probands, men aged 30-50 years, were selected for the research. To collect empirical measurement data, a set of EUROFIT-TEST battery tests and times recorded over 2 km on a rowing trainer were used, these data were provided by the rowing club Paprsek from Ústí nad Labem. Results: During the two-month rowing training, an improvement in the physical fitness of the blind rowers was noted. Testing using the EUROFIT-TEST battery and times recorded over a 2 km distance on the rowing machine showed that, with one exception, there is a correlation between these results. Conclusion: Rowing training can positively affect the physical fitness of blind rowers, and the correlation of these positive changes is also reflected in the times measured on the rowing machine (2 km distance). There is also a positive influence in terms of somatic changes. Keywords: blindness, rowing training, changes in physical fitness, prevention, test battery
Cold in combat sports with a focus on Muay Thai
Klepetko, Vít ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: Cold in combat sports with a focus on Muay Thai Objectives: Based on a review of the scientific literature, determine the effect of cold on markers of muscle damage (CK and LDH) and physical performance, in combat sports training, with a focus on Thai boxing. Methods: The presented study is processed in the form of systematic research. Scientific databases Scopus, PubMed, SportDISCUS and Web of Science were used to search for studies. Using appropriately chosen keywords, a search script was created that retrieved a total of 61 studies. Subsequently, an analysis of the studies searched by the script and their selection using the established criteria was carried out. A total of 9 studies were selected, which were used to fulfill the objective of the study. Results: The results of the influence of a cold environment on the level of CK in the blood have not been clearly determined. More clear results were obtained by comparing the values of the LDH level in the blood, presented by selected studies. In most studies, there was a reduction in LDH blood levels after the intervention and none of them had negative effects. A decrease in performance was found immediately after the intervention, with a recovery to baseline values after 24 h. Greater consistency in the performance of the CWI group than...
Relationship between long-term compensatory exercise intervention and strength-speed parameters in young football players
Pavlík, Michael ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: Relationship between long-term compensatory exercise intervention and strength- velocity parameters in young football players Objectives: Based on the diagnostic examination, compile a compensation program for the intervened group in order to improve the functional state of the locomotor apparatus and monitor whether this intervention is reflected in the performance in the given motor tests that test the strength-speed abilities of the players Methods: The "20-m linear sprint test" was used to measure linear speed and acceleration, which was measured using time photocells (Witty Timing System). In this test, the average times of all groups were monitored at distances of 5, 10, 20 m. Furthermore, with the help of photocells, a 505 agility test was measured to determine the speed of the players' change of direction. The last test was "Standing broad/long jump" measured by the method (Laser-method measurement SDJ) using a laser optical range finder (Mestek GR20). To determine the normality of the data, the Shapiro-Wilk test was used, the results of which do not reject the normality of the data. For statistical analysis was used paired T-test data between individual measurements in individual groups. MS Excel and Jamovi software were used for recording data and their subsequent analysis....
The use of elements of health physical education and dance in preschool children and their effect on posture.
Šťovíčková, Lenka ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: The use of elements of health physical aducation and dance in preschool children and their effect on posture. Objectives: The aim of my thesis is to investigate and find out what is the posture and range of motion in preschool children and to evaluate the effect of dance with elements of health physical education on the posture of these children. Methods: The empirical work is designed as a one-group quasi-experiment. It is a qualitative research where the effect of dance and health exercises on posture in preschool children was investigated. The participants were 8 children aged 4-5 years (4 boys and 4 girls) attending a kindergarten at the DDM in Prague Vinohrady. Qualitative assessment was chosen for the baseline and exit examinations, which were conducted using 4 tests, namely Mathias test, Trendelenburg-Duchenne test, Adams test and Sit and Reach test. Results: The results showed that there was an improvement in posture in the outcome assessment for all the tests. The best results came from the Sit and Reach test, where all eight probands improved. Further, when comparing the results of girls and boys, we found that girls performed better and for the age difference of 4-5 years, it can be concluded that 5 year old children performed better in all aspects. Keywords Dance, body posture,...

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