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Effects of movement lesson inspired by Feldenkrais Method on thorax and pelvis movement in individuals after leg amputation
Michalová, Petra ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Křivánková, Markéta (referee)
Title: Effects of movement lesson inspired by Feldenkrais Method on thorax and pelvis movement in individuals after leg amputation Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the monitoring of influencing the extent and perception of movement of the chest and masters after the intervention of an exercise lesson inspired by the Feldenkrais method (FM) in individuals after amputation of the lower limb. Method: It is a work with a theoretical-empirical structure, a quantitative approach with a controlled study. The topic of the research was monitoring the influence of the Feldenkrais method on the statics and dynamics of the pelvis, postural stabilization and subjective perception. The accuracy of pelvic reduction, the range of motion of the pelvis and chest were examined. The flexibility of the hamstrings and lumbar region was tested using the Sit and reach test. Subjective perception after the intervention was tested using a survey. A total of five probands were tested, each of whom underwent a separate intervention in the form of a Pelvic Lesson lesson from the Feldenkrais method. Results: After the intervention of the Pelvic Clock lessons from FM, the probands did not increase the smoothness of the stabilizing movements of the pelvis. There have been improvements in changes in...
Volunteering in para-athletics
Tréšková, Běla ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Půlpán, David (referee)
Title: Volunteering in para athletics. Aims: The aim of this master thesis is research and insight into the problems within gaining volunteers in para-sport and further evaluate the volunteers motivation in attending the athletics contests. Methods: The qualitative research used for the examination is based on descriptive analyses. Two surveys and one interview were used for the enquiry of this volunteer phenomenon. To bring up the full picture of the volunteering phenomenon were chosen respondents who are representing three participating groups. First, individuals with volunteering experience, next students of Physical Education in practice and sport for people with specific needs, coordinators of athletes competitions and last para athletes. The research enquiry was based on original self structured surveys and interviews. Surveys were distributed via the electronic program Survio. The interviews were sent by email as a word file enclosure. Results: Results of this pilot research showed the meaning of volunteering in prarasport. The results of surveys for volunteers introduced some important points of motivation. The positive as well as the negative points leading volunteers to the volunteering work at the para athletic contests. The most significant motivation, quoted by the volunteers, is to...
Application of iBoccia as a means of promoting integration
Břehová, Radka ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Křivánková, Markéta (referee)
Title: Application of iBoccia as a means of promoting integration Objectives: The aim of the Bachelor thesis was to examine the effect of participation in the one-off sport inclusive event ,,iBoccia nanečisto" consisting of playing iBoccia on a group of people with and without disabilities. Subjective impressions of the game as well as meetings for both groups and an interest in more experiences for the future were examined. Methods: The qualitative research included the organisation of the "iBoccia nanečisto" event. 6 probands were chosen for the research, of which 3 boccia players with disabilities and 3 non-disabled sport lecturers who have not yet become familiar with disabilities. For both groups, a self-design survey was used to evaluate the action. Using the semi-structured interview method, subjective opinions of non-disabled individuals about the experience of individuals with disabilities and their mobility activities were collected. Results: The survey and interview investigation confirmed the participants subjective positive impressions and pointed to the benefits of inclusive actions. Individual criteria. The individual criteria of the event were rather positive for the probands, with only the duration of the event and the weather being lower rated. The four probandi said that iBoccie...
Physical activities for children with autism spectrum disorder at special primary schools in the Liberec region
Slámová, Martina ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
Title: Physical activities for children with Autism Spectre Disorder at primary schools in the Liberec region. Objectives: This work aims to compare the provision of physical activities for children with ASD at three special education schools. Within the scope of the research, the following areas were analysed: the number of clients, clients' age, a spectrum of physical activities, the program of schools for children with ASD targeted on their physical progress, the number of employees managing physical activities, and their professions. Methods: In the empirical part, two types of research method were used to analyse the approaches of pedagogues to physical activities for children with ASD at special education primary schools in the Liberec region. The first part of the research was conducted via a survey filled out by pedagogue employees. By running semi-structured interviews with three headmistresses of special primary education schools, the second part of the research enabled a deeper qualitative analysis of physical training activities for children with ASD. Interviews were recorded in a redacted version. Results: From interviewing 18 pedagogues and three headmistresses, it was concluded that three tested schools carry out physical education on a regular basis. Schools offer at least two hours...
Virtual Reality in Comprehensive Rehabilitation of People with Spinal Cord Injury
Svobodová, Anna ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: Virtual Reality in Comprehensive Rehabilitation of People with Spinal Cord Injury Objectives: The main aim of this work was to find out how the virtual reality in comprehensive rehabilitation affects individuals with spinal cord injury who took part in social rehabilitation stay at Centrum Paraple, o.p.s. The research was focused on the awareness of virtual reality, probands' subjective reactions to therapeutic video, and comparison of these reactions between individuals with complete and incomplete spinal cord injury. Furthermore, potential interest in this form of therapy within the future comprehensive rehabilitation of probands was investigated. Methods: Twenty seven probands in the 18-70 age range, with complete or incomplete spinal cord injury took part in the quantitative research. During their social rehabilitation stay at Centrum Paraple, o.p.s., probands were shown three and half minute long therapeutic video through VR headset. Probands completed an input and output questionnaire. The input questionnaire mapped previous experience with virtual reality and inquired about probands' interest to try out virtual reality during social rehabilitation stay. The output questionnaire focused on subjective evaluation of perceptions and feelings as well as closer information about probands....
Psychomotor games as way of development for graphomotor skills by preschool children
Sochorová, Denisa ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Vařeková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Psychomotor games as a mean of graphomotorics development in preschool children Objectives: The aim of this master thesis is to evaluate the level of graphomotor skills in kindergarten for preschool children and also evaluate the effect of psychomotor exercises and games on preschool children. . Methods: This is a quasi-experiment, which works with a targeted selection of a group of probands,children from a specific kindergarten. Twelve children were selected and dividend into research and kontrol group. Both groups included six probands, four boys and two girls.The level of graphomotor skills was tested by using the figure drawing test and tests from the MABC-2 battery. At the same time, it is a qualitative research, where the quality of execution of individual tasks and the hygiene of writing is monitored on the basis of non-standardized observation. Results: The results of the final testing showed an improvement in the control group of children in whom no psychomotor games were applied. Both groups had better final results in figure drawing test and in fine motor skills tests from the MABC- 2 battery. Keywords: psychomotor activities, children draw, preschool age, graphomotorics skills, figure drawing, fine motor skills
Bodyweight training in individuals with spinal cord injuries and the possibilities in usage of outdoor gyms in Prague
Novák, Ondřej ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Pavlová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Bodyweight training in individuals with spinal cord injuries and the possibilities in usage of outdoor gyms in Prague Objectives: The aim of this diploma thesis was to compile a methodical series of bodyweight exercises suitable for people after spinal cord injury. It was also found out which of the Prague outdoor gyms are suitable for performing exercises from this methodical series and thus also for people using a wheelchair. Methods: The method of theoretical-critical analysis was used to compile the methodical series. Theoretical knowledge was applied in the selection and description of exercises. The methodical series is divided into groups of pulling and pushing exercises. Each of them contains descriptions of exercises, their modifications and photographs. Outdoor gyms was deliberately selected for research and quantitatively evaluated in the table. Selected outdoor gyms evaluated as suitable were qualitatively commented and supplemented with photographs. Results: The methodical series contains 12 exercises and photographs. In the description of the exercises, attention is paid to the key points in the implementation, the possibility of regression and progression of the exercise and the goal of the exercise. After the analysis of 39 Prague outdoor gyms, 12 suitable outdoor gyms were...
Diabetes mellitus in equestrian sport in Czech Republic
Mašková, Marie ; Vilikus, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Vařeková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Diabetes mellitus in Equistrian Sport in Czech Republic Objectives: The aim of the literature review part of the thesis was to give an introduction to the issue of diabetes mellitus as well as the effect of sport on the decompensation of the disease, to search for available sources on a narrowly focused topic - the impact of horse riding on diabetes mellitus, and to process the findings in a clear form into the first (literature review) part of the work. The goal of the second (research) part was to map, with the use of questionnaires and interviews, the situation of diabetes patients in the Czech Republic who do equestrian sport actively. In the case study their subjective feelings were reviewed. The main aim was to prove the positive impact of horse riding on diabetes mellitus, or more precisely to find out if it is stress or physical exertion that has a greater effect on the blood glucose (BG) level. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the issue of public awareness of disease management as well as first aid. Methods: The first part of the thesis was carried out in the form of a literature review, for which research articles and other literature sources were found primarily on electronic information portals (mainly Web of Science, etc.) For the second (research) part a questionnaire (on the...
The BanalFatal program in spinal cord injury prevention.
Pokorný, Václav ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Půlpán, David (referee)
Title: The BanalFatal program in spinal cord injury prevention Objectives: The main objective of this diploma thesis is to examine the subjective impressions of participants after the completion of this program (lesson) so that it is possible to assess the emotional impact of the program and its impact on the further behavior of children. Methods: A quantitative strategy was used for the research part of the thesis. For the purposes of the research, two original questionnaires were created. 6 primary schools were contacted, in which the BanalFatal program previously took place. The questionnaire, aimed at school prevention methodologists, was filled in by all addressed school staff, but only in 4 school facilities, it was possible to interview school pupils. Thus, 6 school prevention methodologists and 164 pupils from 4 selected primary schools (Prague 11, 4, Litoměřice, Dačice) were interviewed. The questionnaire for prevention methodologists contains closed, semi-closed, and open questions. The questionnaire for pupils was created in the form of a survey and contained only closed questions. Results: All school methodologists presume that attending the BanalFatal lecture will have a certain effect on students' change in behavior during risky activities. "Certainly yes" was stated by 1 and "rather...

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