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Burnout syndrome among teachers in preschool education
Lazorová, Tereza ; Švamberk Šauerová, Markéta (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the burnout syndrom of teachers in kindergarten. The thesis includes theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part observes basic terms and definitions of the work. It defines the conditions that leads to the burnout syndrome and how can we work with it, what are the consequences and what can we do to prevent the syndrome from happening. The practical part discovers how the syndrome affected the life of the teachers and how often did they came across that issue. It follows particular cases of the burnout syndome and detects why the syndome had happend and how did the interviewee deal with it. The research was assigned as a questionare to teachers in kindergarten.
Use of project method in forest kindergartens
Lyžbická, Olga ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The topic of the thesis is the question of the project method. The aim of the thesis is to describe the potential of the project method and to research the use in pedagogical practise in forest kindergartens. The theoretical part defines the term project, presents the historical and theoretical contexts associated with the creation of the project method, and presents practical procedures for creating projects. The next part of the thesis describes the model of cooperative learning and provides information related to the application of cooperative teaching in pedagogical practice. The thesis describes the concept of forest kindergartens, where the research was carried out. A mixed approach was applied in the practical part. The results of the quantitative research, carried out by a questionnaire survey among teachers, showed that teachers in forest kindegartens include the project method in a targeted manner. They see the main benefits in the overall development of the child's personality. The barriers are time management, team cooperation, and lack of skills in cooperative teaching. The main focus of the research part of the work was devoted to qualitative research. Action research determined the degree of development of cooperative skills in children during four multi-day projects in a forest...
The concept of St. Nicholas Day with elements of drama education in kindergarten.
Kučerová, Ludmila ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the use of elements of drama education in the theme of St. Nicholas Day in kindergartens. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on drama education and different concepts of celebrating St. Nicholas Day in kindergartens. It also touches on the topic of Franz Kett's pedagogy and describes the figure of St. Nicholas and the legends associated with him. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the preschool child's fear resulting from the traditional concept of celebrating St. Nicholas Day and explains the concepts of fear and anxiety. In the practical part, a drama lesson focusing on the feast of St. Nicholas is presented. The drama lesson is implemented in five kindergartens of different orientations. In the practical part, interviews with kindergarten teachers are also conducted and the research method of questionnaire is used. The aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to find out how the topic of St. Nicholas is dealt with by the teachers in the different kindergartens and whether this topic can be treated by means of drama education. Furthermore, the thesis verifies the functionality of a drama lesson dedicated to the figure of St. Nicholas in five kindergartens of different orientations. The...
Familiarization of preschool children with craft activities in framework of cooperation between school and parents.
Mertová, Edita ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
ABSTRCT EN The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the documentation of the craft activities introduction to children in preschool education. The main researched area is the quality of cooperation between parents and teachers and risk perception when introducing preschool children to craft activities in kindergartens of the Říčany region. The thesis is divided into theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part deals with scientific findings and the concept of craft activities, craft activities as such, and their inclusion in preschool education. The historical and geographical context of craft activities is presented here as well as the key concepts and main elements of their potential integration into preschool education. Attention is paid to the influence of craft activities on the child's development and on the relationships between the participants in the educational process of the preschool child. It also explains the relationship between the kindergarten and the parents, the importance of the parent's presence in connection with this direction and the way of their involvement in the running of the educational institution. The practical part of this thesis is devoted mainly to the questionnaire research, in order to fulfill two goals. To map the implementation of the findings from the "We...
Development of pre-school children by environmental education
Češpivová, Marie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with environmental education as a teacher'stool for the development of preschool children in Prague in both usual and unexpected conditions (during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic). The theoretical part of the thesis informs of the content, means and some principles of environmental education. The importance of children's direct contact with nature is verified here and the information of possibilities and limits of a child's development through environmental education in all areas definied by legislation is presented. In the practical part, a research investigation is constructed, in which three methods of qualitative investigative research were used, namely teacher action research, a semi- structured interview and an example of inspirational practice. A lower success rate of children from one of the two classes in the environmental activities was found. Addressed teachers showed knowledge of the importance of environmental education and direct contact with nature, as well as attention to the conceptual framework. It turned out that, according to the majority of interviewed teachers, the conditions for the implementation of environmental education during the covid-19 pandemic were restricted, especially in the impossibility of children being present in kindergarten....

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